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Som Tyagi

Som Tyagi

Som Tyagi is renowned as one of the speakers of Jeevan Vidya. This life research effort promises happiness, courage, wealth, and harmony in a way that no university can. Som Tyagi has become an everyday name in both the academic and professional worlds. Tyagi has made a name for himself as a rising star thanks to his enthusiasm for invention and relentless commitment to his art. He used his education as a Drexel University student to launch a prosperous career.

Early Life

Som Tyagi was born and grew up in a little Indian town. Even as a kid, he showed smart thinking and was always curious about everything. His family cheered him on, and he did well in school. He got interested in science and technology.

Som Tyagi loved learning new things, so he decided to go to Drexel University. This famous school is known for letting students learn by doing things and developing new ideas. He joined their special College of Engineering and studied Computer Science.

While he was at Drexel, Tyagi didn't just sit in classes. He also worked on different research projects and did activities outside of regular school stuff. He was good at solving hard problems and finding new ways to do things. He did so well in his classes that he got noticed and won many awards. This made a great start for his amazing career.


From 1989 to 1992, Som worked as a Customer Support Engineer in Delhi for companies like Nelco, Tata, and Crescent Computers. At the young age of 24, he had what people call a good job. He was happily married and had a little son. He enjoyed all the nice things that come with a steady income - like a car and a house. Despite everything seeming to go well, he had a really strong feeling that bothered him. He felt he was only being used to make other people more money.

So, he decided he needed to start all over again to understand what facing challenges and difficulties is like. From the beginning, he wanted to build his own life to have a meaningful and purposeful life. He aimed to use his skills, hard work, and creativity to discover who he was and what he could achieve.

Som Tyagi

In 1992, he quit his job and started working with the Youth Association for Rural Development (YARD) group in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, India. They got money from a Swiss group called SDC (Swiss Development Corp.) through another group called CAPART, which is connected to the agriculture ministry.

He realized that just giving money doesn't help improve things overall. Most groups are run by just one person, with many paid workers. But without a team of dedicated and capable people, it's really hard to achieve big goals. He began to feel like he was doing a regular job, following a routine.

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