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Nagarjuna Gowda IAS

Nagarjuna Gowda IAS


Achievers can be seen everywhere and every achiever has a unique and inspiring story. Previously working as a doctor, Arjun B Gowda also known as Dr Nagarjuna Gowda is a very popular IAS officer who got an All-India Rank of 418 in the Civil Examination of the UPSC India in 2018.

So now you already know that Arjun Gowda is an IAS officer and like any other IAS officer he also has a story full of various hard situations and struggles to get what he wanted in his life. If you are someone who thinks life is unfair to you and it is so tough to achieve anything in life, we are sure his story is going to teach you a lot.

Dr Arjun Gowda was born into a middle-class family in Karnataka, And no matter how unfair his life was he kept doing hard work and achieved what he always wanted.

Dr. Arjun Gowda scored the AIR 418 which is very hard to score in UPSC Civil Examinations in the batch of 2018. Also later from the batch of 2019 at Manipur Cadre, he also qualified as an IAS officer. Let's talk about how he achieved his goals and what were his strategies.

Early Life

Dr. Arjun Gowda was born on 9th May 1992 in a small village in Karnataka. His full name is Dr. Nagarjun B Gowda and he is currently living in Madhya Pradesh. There is not much information available about his childhood but it is very clear that he was a really bright student from his childhood, and the monetary conditions of his family were not so great. This was also a big reason why he wanted to be a government official since his childhood. He went to a private school for his schooling. He later finished his graduation in MBBS and became a full-time doctor in 2016. He didn't stop there and later also started for preparing the IAS examination.

Unfortunately, his dad passed away and he had to keep his IAS officer preparation on hold due to the responsibilities of his family and didn't even complain much. Even after having so many problems, he was not ready to lose any hope, even after having so much on his plate, he still kept working hard and put all his hard work into becoming an IAS officer. As we already know, IAS is one of the toughest examinations in India and this takes a lot of hard work and effort. It is also a very popular and respected job as well. There are almost lakhs of students who every year appear for the IAS exam; anyhow, only a few numbers actually get successful in clearing the exams.

His Journey to Become an IAS

The journey from an MBBS degree to a UPSC exam was never easy for him, he put a lot of effort into it, and surprisingly only 2 years, he achieved what he wanted.

He never took any coaching classes to achieve his goals, As In Karnataka after completing his degree of MBBS at Mandya Medical College, he immediately got a job from college and in order to take care of and provide for his family he took it. So he completely had to rely on his own self-study without any help from coaching or guidance. He did all his studies with the help of mock tests and available books in the market for UPSC Examinations.

Educational Information and Facts about Dr. Arjun Gowda

  • During his schooling at a private school, he was a good student a loved to perform in various school activities.
  • In 2009, While he was a part of the National Junior Championship, he not only performed very well but also won the Silver medal.
  • After getting his MBBS degree, he started preparing for the IAS exam.
  • In the IAS exam, he ranked 413 in the whole of India with a score of 977 as well as interview marks were 193.

IAS Exam Strategy

According to Dr Arjun, if someone wants to clear the UPSC exam, they can choose to study by themselves or choose to go to coaching classes. It completely depends on which kind of person you are. If you select coaching classes, for sure you will get good guidance, test series, and further study items. These institutions also will help you in studying all the syllabus before exams. Anyhow, it doesn't mean that if you do not choose coaching you cannot achieve your dream of becoming an IAS officer. There are various such examples where the officers with the highest ranks cleared the exam without any coaching or institutions.

If you are someone who is planning to take the IAS exam by yourself then you really should check about all the details. You should always be careful before making any choices and should be really determined towards your choice.

What Arjun Gowda IAS Wants to Say to the Students

These days Arjun Gowda IAS is inspiring a huge number of students who are attending different kinds of seminars in various educational institutions. As achieved by himself Dr. Nagarjun B Gowda always motivates students to study by themselves. In all the sessions he took, he always said that it is not important that everyone needs to take a coaching class for qualifying the exam.

Dr. Arjun Gowda inspires people to work really hard and always stay committed to achieving the ultimate goal (i.e. crack the exam). Also, he suggested not to get influenced by your past as well as always staying confident and happy.

Social Media of Dr. Nagarjun Gowda

IAS Dr Arjun B Gowda these days is working as a famous social media influencer so that he can inspire more and more students to be social servants in India. There are more than 16k Followers on Twitter, You may be thinking this is a really small number but we all are not aware of the fact that UPSC students do not prefer to use social media, so this is a number we can not ignore.

He is very active on Twitter as well as prefers and keeps sharing about the different activities of his department as well as keeps retweeting different necessary tweets on his account. A few days ago, he shared an image in which he was holding the Karnataka flag and praying to Bhawani on the specific celebration of Karnataka Rajyotsava.

As of August 2023, he has 423k followers on his Instagram ID and posted approximately 125 times since he joined Instagram.

He also has a Facebook Page but it appears that he has not posted anything till now on these pages since they were created.

Personal Life of Arjun Gowda IAS

IAS Officer Arjun Gowda is One of the most reputed and loved IAS officers in India and he is married to our Srishti Jayant Deshmukh, one of the most beautiful IAS officers in India.

In 2018, after qualifying UPSC exams, Nagarjun started his training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy Of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. There he met Shristi Deshmukh.

After dating for a few years, in 2021 they both got engaged, and soon in April 2022, he got married to her. Currently, both Dr. Arjun and Shristi are posted in Madhya Pradesh. They keep sharing pictures together about their personal as well as professional lives.

About IAS Shristi Deshmukh

Nagarjuna Gowda IAS

The wife of Naragjun, Srushti Deshmukh, is not any average woman, she herself is an IAS officer, as well as a very popular social media sensation. Shristi was born in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh on 28th March 1996. She did her graduation with Btech and later in 2018 she cleared the UPSC Examination. She scored very well and ranked 5th in all over India. According to reports, that year there were over 750 positions only and approximately 8 lakh people took the exam. She scored highest as well as became the first woman who ever qualified UPSC Exam and became an IAS officer from Maharashtra. In 2019 she started her training in Uttrakhand and there she met Nagarjuna who also was there for training.

She is a young and talented woman who is also an inspiration for various Indian females who dream of achieving higher positions and qualifying for the UPSC exam. Nowadays, Srushti Deshmukh is trying to inspire a lot more new talents to be IAS aspirants and serve the nation. According to the couple, this is how they can make a good change in society and help the youngsters to achieve their goals.


Talking about the Interest of Doctor converted IAS officer Arjun Gowda is fond of travelling as well as is a huge fan of sports. He is a foodie who loves to try eating different types of food. He is also fond of dancing and loves to watch various dance performances.

Some Interesting Facts to Remember about Arjun Gowda

  • Arjun Gowda is also an influencer and doctor along with IAS officers.
  • The complete name of Arjun Gowda is Dr Nagarjuna B Gowda.
  • He became an IAS officer from the 2018 batch.
  • He got a good 418 rank in All around India.
  • For his initial posting Arjun Gowda was placed in Manipur Cadre and later was placed as an IAS officer in the batch of 2019.
  • Soon he was sent to the Madhya Pradesh cadre and is still working there.
  • He did his graduation in 2016 with an MBBS from MIMS.
  • He got married to Srishti Jayant Deshmukh in 2022, she is also an IAS officer
  • Arjun Gowda is the winner of various honours including the Esprit de Corps Award Gold Medal.
  • Arjun Gaura was born on 9 May 1992 in a middle-class family in Karnataka.
  • He has a huge number of followers on every social media including Twitter as well as Instagram.

Key Takeaways

Till now it is very clear that Dr. Nagarjuna Gowda IAS has a beautiful story to tell, a story full of perfection, an inspiring journey of success. If you read his story carefully you will find out that no matter how hard situations get, if someone has good determination to get anything, nothing in this universe can stop him from getting his goal. Dr Arjun had a very tough life but still, his hard work and his bravery made him an inspiration for all the young struggling kids in India.

There is no one in this world who has a perfect life, negative thoughts will always be there but one should always clean his or her mind. You should always be worried about what is very important as well as always keep in your head that even if talent fails, your hard work will still work and so the only way to achieve success in life is by doing a lot of hard work only without caring about what result it will bring to you. Failure is also a stair of success and brings you closer to your success and gives you a memorable experience.

Dr. Arjun Gowda was born into a middle-class family so poverty and financial crisis never left his way, still Without leaving any responsibility and taking special care of every need of his family, he still stayed very determined to his dreams and achieved them.

If you are someone who wants to become an IAS officer, you should not listen to others, stop thinking about what you will lose, and only focus on what you want to achieve and how you can get it.

We are not saying that everyone who tries to become an IAS gets successful on the first try but failure can make you stronger as a person and who knows maybe you are the next IAS officer of India. So you should be motivated and keep reading and following such inspiring stories like Nagarjuna Gowda and Shristi Deshmukh and be successful.


In the end, we want to say that the journey to be an IAS officer has never been easier but after hard work as well as special efforts you can fulfil anything you want. After reading the entire story of Dr Nagarjun B Gowda, it is very clear that no matter how many responsibilities you hold, you still can achieve your goals and do whatever you want to do. He wanted to become an IAS officer and so he became one of the most popular IAS officers. The way Dr. Arjun dealt with his hardships with bravery and is an inspiration for everyone, especially for the youth of India. His hard work and commitment are the hero of his story which brought him closer to his dreams. Also, the way he is now working to inspire youngsters to follow their dreams and overcome hardship through social media is also incredible and he is trying to help by providing help such as strategies and preparation for the exams.


Ques. Who Is Dr Nagarjun Gowda?

Ans. Arjun Gowda is one of the most famous IAS Officers in India, he became an Officer in 2019, by the batch of the 2019 Cadre at Manipur.

Ques. How old is Arjun Gowda currently?

Ans. Currently, He is 31 years old (born in 1992).

Ques. Apart from being an IAS, what else degree does Nagarjun Gowda own?

Ans. Dr. Nagarjun Gowda is an MBBS holder, an IAS officer, a businessman, and a popular social media influencer.

Ques. What was the rank of Arjun Gowda in the IAS Exam?

Ans. He ranked 418 All over India in his IAS Exam.

Ques. Are IAS officers Shristi Deshmukh and Dr. Nagarjun Gowda dating?

Ans. They dated for some time but in 2022, they got married. So currently they are Husband and Wife.

Ques. How many stages are there in the UPSC IAS Exam?

Ans. In UPSC exams, there are three main rounds, which are as follows-

  • Preliminary
  • The mains
  • Interview Round

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