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David Michigan

David Michigan

Michigan is an actor, international coach, and model. He has launched an online academy and cellular application called Michigan Academy, which focuses on transforming people's lives in every possible way, including the person's mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

This 34-year-old renowned coach is marching ahead in the world with a resolve to integrate the globe by educating revolutionary ideas that our present education lacks, avoids, and is disinterested.

His Michigan Academy is overwhelmed with more than 170,000 students, present everywhere across the world. It has led to being one of the largest online personal growth platforms.

Students are at liberty to opt for their growth courses programs and incredibly transformative rich content, which is mentored by David Michigan personally. These programs are believed to be result-oriented in nature.

Michigan dominates the social media platforms, and it commands massive followers on its combined social media platforms, namely YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. He gives motivational speeches and aids and advises people to gain a better life.

He is a unique content creator on social media. His social media is flooded with unique, artistic, and amazing content. The actor has also walked on the Red Carpet of the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. He has succeeded through his films directed by Jim Winter, a French director.

David Michigan is the recent Jury President of Miss Tattoo Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. He is well-known for his long beard and hair and has fit body and tattoo figures dominating the left shoulder of his body.

Journey Details

The influencer was born on 11 February 1989. His place of birth is Paris, France. His information related to family, friends, and relatives is limited available in the public domain. Since his mother was an athlete from childhood, he was intrigued and fascinated by the athletes.

He has been the cover story of major publishing houses such as Just Urbane, Global Man, QCEG MAG, Men's Fitness, and Crush. Other journals have also written stories about him, such as Florida Times, FOX News, Forbes, TED IBTimes, USA Today, Huffington Post, CNBC, and USA Today.

Affairs and Dating

He is in a relationship with Eloise Von Velvet at the contemporary stage. Eloise Von Velvet is a motivational speaker and a fitness trainer. Apart from having these qualities, her girlfriend also possesses some other talents, such as being a make-up artist and professional tattoo. David keeps his followers aloof from his past relationship and does not open up much about it.

Social Media Achievement

David Michigan
  • Instagram: The name of the Instagram Handle account is davidmichigan. He follows 3,166 accounts on Instagram, and 18.6 million users follow him on his Instagram handle. He has uploaded 380 posts on Instagram. His Instagram space is filled with pictures of his body and reels. Some of the posts have received huge numbers of likes and comments.
  • Twitter: His username on Twitter is @david_michigan. He joined this social media platform in May 2011. Having 58.9k thousand followers and 48 users following on Twitter is a sign of clout. However, he is less active on Twitter and tweets at regular intervals of time.
  • YouTube: @DavidMichigan is his channel name on YouTube and has 1.07 lakh Subscribers. The channel description: David Michigan is an entrepreneur who shares all the secrets to getting the business and life of your dreams. Discover right now the unknown advice on business and personal growth. He joined YouTube on 4 June 2014 and has received a cumulative 64,61956 views on his channel. He has shared 1.7K videos on YouTube.
  • Telegram: The entrepreneur is also active on Telegram. The link for his telegram channel is 2.3k telegram users have subscribed to his channel.
  • Facebook: He doesn't follow anyone on Facebook; he commands a cumulative 1.6 million followers. The username of his Facebook page is David Michigan.

Michigan Academy

The Michigan Academy will take you to self-development at personal and professional levels with an unimaginable level of online material to meet the requirements of your areas of life:health, well-being, couple goals, relationships, business, and well-being.

David Michigan

Connect to Academy

Disremember the traditional educational methods. The Michigan Academy gives programs specialized in professional and personal development. Shunning away from traditional thinking is one of the ways to boost and develop your potential. This program provides an atmosphere you will never experience in that old system. The Academy is committed to helping you learn the world's techniques to make your life happy, prosperous, extraordinary, and filled. It also teaches the art of living.

People spent all their childhoods, teenage and youth preparing for the jobs. The School Education System fails to teach about real things. The Academy employs powerful techniques assisted by a learning platform that will continuously optimize your professional and personal life, leading you to realize your limitless potential.

The learning experience will be truly adventurous and enriching by associating with Michigan Academy. Learners will enjoy knowing how to tap the full potential of your mind, heart, and spirit, how to like your work, and will be the ultimate creators of your success.

You feel happiness and can control and neutralize those things that trigger stress. People will also get to know the feelings of love in their lives and won't suffer. They will also learn about serenity and divert themselves toward prosperity. It will help you to form a deep and real bond with the people and community.

Online Courses at the Michigan Academy are Business Investment, Seduction and Relationships, Social Networks, Weight Loss, Fitness, Personal Development, Marketing and Online Advertisement, and Therapy.

A Few Programs of the Michigan Academy

Develop your Spirit and your Mind

  • Michigan Spirt: Expand Your Mind
  • The Secrets to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety: Feel Again the Freed Sensation
  • The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis & Meditation
  • The Secrets of Charisma, Persuasion and Influence: Become Magnetic
  • Personal development: Become the best version of yourself
  • The Secrets of Healing


After joining the Academy, you will be able to access the following items

  • Learn Directly from the best coaches in the globe
  • Privileged Accessibility to David Michigan
  • Unbridled Access to 700 Training videos with David Michigan
  • Learning is supported on the computer, tablet, and phone
  • New episodes have been added that can be used to improve your life

Courses Fee

  • Monthly Fee: $19,99/ Month
  • Features: You can stop anytime

Annual Charge/ Subscription

Annual Subscription Charge: $99/year

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the subscriber have immediate accessibility to content?

Answer: Yes, it is. After subscribing to the course, you will immediately access content and all training courses from the Academy. After signing up, check your inbox for the personalized notification and login information.

Questions: Is a refund available for Academy membership?

Answer: No, the refund option is not present for this program. You can cancel the subscription at any point in the billing section of the Michigan Academy Account.

Question: Which devices are required for the smooth streaming of the courses?

Answer: Membership of the Michigan Academy will offer you an immersive virtual experience. The programs are recorded in video format, and the user can see the video at any given time. The user also has the option to pause and see the video multiple times. The video can watched on the Android phone and tablet, Apple phone and tablet.

Brief Details

  • Original Name: David Michigan
  • Other names: David
  • Profession: Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Nutritionist, Actor, Motivational Speaker, Musical Artist.
  • Cause for Popularity: Motivational Speeches
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Religion: Christianity

Physical Measurement

  • Eye Color: Black
  • Weight: 85kg
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Biography

  • Affairs: Engaged
  • Girlfriend: Eloise Von Velvet
  • Qualification: Graduate
  • School: Local Private School


  • Source of Income: Business Activity
  • Net Worth: $ 3-4 million US Dollars
  • Chief Executive Officer: Michigan Academy


David Michigan's personality is admirable and inspirational. His zeal for fitness is infectious, adorable, and laudable. Youths of today want to remain motivated, fit, and energetic as the demand from the individual is increasing.

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