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Afsha Khan

Quick Introduction

Full Name Afsha Khan
Nickname Afsha
Family Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister
Father Ajaz
Mother Tabassum Khan
Gender Female
Date of Birth 12th March 1995
Religion Islam
Education Graduate
Net Worth 70 Lakhs (Probably)
Relationship Status Divorced
Former Husband Jubin Shah
Daughter Inayaa Shah


Afsha Khan

Afsha Khan is a popular Influencer, YouTuber, Instagram Fashionista, and now also an Actress. As a celebrity, she is almost always in the limelight, surrounded by controversies. Her stardom took flight when she starred in the music video called "Chandni Raatein".

Her YouTube channel is named after her. Since 31st March 2018, Afsha has attracted many followers on social media through lip-syncing videos. She became an instant hit on TikTok. There are many other Influencers, models, YouTubers, and TikTokers, such as Anna Shumate, Renesha Fornier, Rohit Zinjurke, and Muskan Sharma.

Early Life

Afsha was born on 12th March 1995 in Mumbai, India. She got her secondary education degree from Marol Education Academy's High School. After accomplishing her 10+2 certificate, she got admission to Mumbai University for her undergraduate degree. Later when she graduated, she started her career as an air hostess. She spent a few years in a lower position in the aviation sector and was later promoted to a higher post. When TikTok was launched in India, many influencers like Afsha gained popularity and fame through lip-syncing videos and talents.

How did she become a famous influencer?

Showcasing her various talents in the videos, such as dancing, singing, reactions, and hilarious pranks on TikTok, was the beginning of her long journey toward prominence. As 2018 was the era of TikTok feeds and lip-sync videos, the popularity of the content creator skyrocketed without any obstacles. During the pandemic, social media sites became the ultimate source of income for influencers. In a brief amount of time, Afsha was able to gather a huge audience; her content was going viral, gathering millions of views, and her channel was trending. Afsha had almost 50K followers in just two weeks of creating a TikTok account, and in just a few months, she gathered a million followers.

Afsha Khan

Eventually, TikTok got prohibited in India. However, till then, Afsha was able to gather millions of likes and followers from it. Then, she started uploading her pictures and lip-sync videos on Indian variants of TikTok platforms, including MX Taka Tak and Instagram.

Modeling Career

Like many other models and influencers, Afsha started her journey by using easily available social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Especially on Instagram, she is known for sharing her beautiful and breathtaking photos, be it makeup and fashion tutorials or lifestyle videos. Noticing her increasing popularity, many top skincare, fashion, makeup, and gadget brands and online designers and artists, such as Shaista Ali Khan Official, Adhya, and Sallu Boutique, had offered her sponsorship to promote their products. At this point, it won't be surprising if we see her all over Vogue and lifestyle magazines and tabloids.

Afsha, as a YouTuber

When TikTok was banned in 2020, many influencers lost their followers and switched to other platforms. After almost a year, Afsha Khan launched her YouTube channel named after herself on 31st March 2021. Her first video, called "Life of Afsha", came out on 2nd April 2021, and the actress received a lot of praise for it. On her channel, she mostly posts videos about lip-syncing, fashion tutorials, and, later, music videos.

Her video with her daughter Inaaya Khan was posted on her channel titled "Inaya Itna Kyu Royi", which scored millions of views, and now, it is the most-watched video on the channel from 2021. Her music video from last year, "Mitti De Tibbe," has more than 150 million views. Another of her videos, titled "Bombay Nu Baaraat", garnered over 2.7 million views, earning her the status of an actress.

Afsha Khan's Married Life

On 7th March 2019, Afsha Khan got married to Jubin Shah, also a renowned social media influencer and fashion designer. The interesting fact is that she met him for the first time in the hospital, where she went to see her mother, who was admitted there. After almost a year of marriage, the couple welcomed their first and only daughter Inaaya Shah into the family on 17th December 2020. Unfortunately, due to some misunderstandings between them, the couple mutually decided to get a divorce. After the divorce, Afsha now has full custody of the daughter, Inaaya.

Afsha's Family

Afsha is the daughter of Ajaz and Tabassum Khan. Not much has been revealed about their life and profession as they stay away from the limelight. The same is the case with her siblings. According to sources, she has a brother and a sister.

Net Worth

Afsha Khan's primary source of income is YouTube. However, she earns through various social media sites as well. This can be considered as their second source of income. Her second source of income is beauty brand promotions, advertisements, and fashion blogging. As per the records, the net worth of Afsha Khan would probably be more than 70 lakhs.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Up till now, she has more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram.
  • She aspired to be a model and an actress from a young age.
  • She was highly inspired by the TikTok content creator Awez Darbar.
  • As a private car, she owns a Range Rover.
  • She came under controversy when she was featured in the music video titled "Tere Laare."
  • Among many other brands, she is also the promoter of "Itel mobiles".
  • Afsha is a tall woman with a height of 5 feet 7 inches.
  • She loves to play many different musical instruments.
  • She is famous for her confident personality and amazing looks.
  • Her hobbies are reading books and watching movies.
  • On Facebook, she has more than 4.7K followers.


Afsha Khan's story is an inspiration for many young social media aspirants who want to gain fame and success at a young age. She started as an air hostess, then, to follow her passion, switched to creating lip-syncing videos and vlogs on TikTok. After that, she also took part in other social media platforms. Now, she is one of the well-known influencer fashionistas and rising models, aside from being a single mother.

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