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Ankita Agarwal UPSC

Ankita Agarwal UPSC

Ankita Agarwal is a Kolkata native who, on her third try, earned AIR 2 in UPSC exam..

Ankita graduated from high school in Kolkata and went to St Stephen's College of Delhi University to acquire her bachelor's degree in economics. She decided to take International Relations and Political Science as electives.

In 2019, 2020, and 2021, Ankita took the UPSC Civil Services Exam three times. She earned the AIR 236 Rank in 2019 and is presently completing her training at Faridabad's Indian Revenue Services Customs and Indirect Taxes. She chose to study harder in order to enter the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), despite being chosen for the IRS.

When asked how she felt about achieving the second rank, she responded that while she had anticipated passing the civil services test, receiving the second position seemed unlikely and had come as a surprise.

Ankita Agarwal IAS Topper Family Background

Ankita was raised in a joint family under the supervision of her grandparents, uncles, and aunts. The Ankita family hails from Bihar. Her father is a successful businessman who owns a local hardware store in Burrabazar. Her mother is a housewife.

A Delhi-based MBA student is her brother. The family calls Kalindi home. Ankita claims that her family was very supportive of her efforts to become an IAS official. They never put pressure on her or made her work hard in class. She thanked her family for helping her through the challenging process of completing the UPSC Exam.

Ankita Agarwal UPSC Education

  1. Ankita Agarwal, the UPSC topper from Kolkata, went to both primary and high education there. She started attending DPS Ruby Park in 2003 and completed her studies there. Her professors recalled her as an honest and knowledgeable student.
  2. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Economics (Hons) from Delhi University's St Stephen's College.
    Ankita Agarwal UPSC
  3. She had previously worked for a corporate business before quitting her job to pursue her goal of joining the federal service.
  4. She did whatever coaching was required in addition to self-study to get ready.

A few Tips for UPSC exam preparation from Ankita Aggarwal

1) Action Plan

Allocate at least a year to CSE preparation, and draw an action plan as soon as possible.

2) Plan Thoroughly

When getting ready for the UPSC CSE, always have a workable study schedule in place. It also helps to create a calendar and keep track of your objectives.

3) Limit the number of Books you read for Study Purposes

Choosing many books and resources and sticking to them as closely as possible will help you prepare for the test more effectively.

4) Use the Internet Wisely

Despite the fact that it is an excellent source of information and study material, she advises students to use it sparingly because it can lead to distraction.

5) Remain Calm

Developing a CSE preparation schedule that works for you may take time. If a subject seems challenging and you get stopped, do not panic; if you carefully consider it, you will discover how to grasp that particular concept.

6) Know Yourself Well

This will help you concentrate on your preparation as you will know your advantages and weaknesses. In order to improve each stage of preparation in accordance with your requirements, this focus and clarity will be very helpful.

7) Test-taking Strategy

Take practice tests for the prelims and mains exams before the real thing. Your ability to structure your replies effectively will grow as a result of this.

8) Stay Focused

Remain motivated and upbeat despite the challenging nature of UPSC test preparation. Always look on the bright side of things to succeed in the UPSC CSE 2023 exam.

Ankita Agarwal UPSC Journey

Ankita spent a year working for Dalberg Consulting after graduating from college. She resigned this employment and began her UPSC preparation after giving it much thought. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, she made three appearances for the Civil Services test. In 2019, he achieved AIR 236 rank and completed customs and indirect taxes training with the Indian Revenue Service. Despite being chosen for the IRS, she made the decision to put in more effort to enter the Indian Administrative Service. Ankita desired a career in engineering. However, later started studying for the Civil Services Exam and placed second in the Union Public Service Commission competition. Given that his family is from West Bengal, she selected it as her preferred cadre.

Ankita Agarwal UPSC

What the student's motivation is to be made apparent upfront, according to IAS Ankita Agrawal. It would be best if you had a plan before you can prepare. Be persistently self-motivated since lack of preparation sometimes causes applicants to lose motivation.

How many attempts did she take to clear the UPSC examination?

To pass the UPSC test, she took three tries. While she only had a little time to study for the UPSC test prior to her first try in 2018, she passed and was hired as a revenue officer but was unsuccessful in obtaining an IAS officer position. She failed her second try in 2019 because she did not prepare adequately, but in her third attempt in 2020, she passed the UPSC test and received the second-best overall Indian rank (AIR).

Ankita Agarwal's UPSC Preparation Strategies

Ankita Agarwal said that she self-studied and received tutoring as part of her preparation process. She thinks both have equal significance in a candidate's life. By maintaining a balanced approach to her preparations, Ankita defied UPSC clichs. During her breaks, she would go out with her buddies.

  • She started preparing for the UPSC four years ago, and in addition to reading fundamental texts, she also kept up with current events.
  • She invested all of her available time in studying for the Exam.
    'I studied as hard as I could while still making time for her friends, family, and health. I made an effort to fit in as many hours as possible to study for at least 8 to 12 hours every day'.
  • She read monthly publications and newspapers to stay up to date on current affairs.
  • She used a computer to create her notes since digital format makes note organisation simpler. She used to learn from sources that she had translated into her own tongue to make revision simpler.
  • She completed a few test series to assist her gain sufficient practise before to the actual examination, and for Mains preparation, she focused on answering writing practise. She chose "Political Science and International Relations" as an optional subject for the Mains.
  • She used to devote as many hours as possible to test preparation rather than keeping track of the number of hours.
  • She created a schedule for her study time, but she said she was selective about the sources she used and only added new readings or study materials throughout the revision period.
  • Ankita maintained a balanced schedule while studying for the Civil Service Exams, taking breaks to rest and socialize with her friends. She also acknowledged deactivating all of her social media accounts to prevent distractions as she prepared with complete focus.
  • When she was asked about her motivation for Exams, Ankita said-
    "More than strategy, someone who wants to work in government should be absolutely clear about why they want to, since only that will keep you motivated on challenging days. The secret is consistency.
  • In order to obtain a sense of the types of questions asked in the UPSC prelims test, she worked through past years' UPSC prelims question papers.

Ankita Agarwal IAS Topper 2021: Motivation

When she was a sophomore in college, she began preparing for the UPSC. She didn't know for sure at the moment, so she spent a year working in the private sector. She subsequently left her job to focus only on IAS Exam preparation.

UPSC Toppers Ankita Agarwal's Hobbies

She claimed that they were worthwhile although she couldn't pursue her interests too much. During the preparation, there were several learning curves. She said, "You have to make sacrifices in order to achieve anything in life, but they seem insignificant when you get the right result."

Ankita Agarwal UPSC

Ankita Agarwal Boyfriend, Dating

Ankita is a capable and diligent woman. She is more worried about her career. However, Ankita's love life and relationship status have yet to be specifically known.

As of May 2023, Ankita is single and doesn't have a boyfriend, according to our study. She also devotes a lot of her time to learning. She likes to converse with her family and write poetry in her free time.


Ankita had a job in the business sector before she started studying for the UPSC CSE Exam. According to the article, she reportedly served as a summer intern for a business named CRY. She spent two months there as an intern. She later served as a Pratham Education Foundation intern. The three months she spent there, from May to July 2016, were.

In June 2017, she began a new position as an analyst at Dalberg in New Delhi. Ankita made the decision to start UPSC CSE Exam Preparation after a year of employment at Dalberg. Thanks to her diligence and hard effort, she was successful on her third attempt in the IAS UPSC test. She is an IAS official at the moment.

Ankita Agarwal's Net Worth

Ankita had a lucrative analyst wage package, according to reports. She is currently focusing on her government career while living in New Delhi. As an IAS, she will be paid well and have additional perks. As of March 2023, Ankita Agarwal's net worth is projected to be between INR 65 and 80 lahks.


We hope Ankita Agarwal has helped you learn how to be devoted, focused, and diligent. You can imitate Ankita's techniques if you wish to stay motivated and conquer the difficulty of the intense competition in this Exam.

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