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Shipra Goyal

Shipra Goyal

In the vast expanse of the Indian music industry, a luminary has adorned the realm of melodies with her exquisite voice and versatile artistry. Shipra Goyal, an accomplished Indian singer, has cast an enchanting spell on audiences with her resonant tunes that traverse genres and touch hearts. The enchanting world of music has been illuminated by the radiant presence of Shipra Goyal, an Indian singer whose melodious tunes have stirred souls and touched hearts.

With a repertoire of hit songs including "Ishq Bulava," "Angreji Wali Madam," "Ungli," "Tutti Bole Wedding Di," "Yadaan Teriyaan," "Lovely VS PU," "Mainu Ishq Lagaa," and "Paro," Shipra Goyal's journey in the world of music has been a symphony of passion, talent, and transformative artistry.

Harmony of Early Beginnings and Musical Exploration

Shipra's rendezvous with music commenced during her formative years, infusing her life with the cadence of melodies. Early on, her innate affinity for music was unmistakable, becoming the foundation for her musical journey. As she delved deeper into the world of melodies, her dedication to honing her vocal skills and understanding the nuances of music laid the groundwork for her artistic future.

As her journey unfolded, her paternal roots in Mansa, Punjab, her upbringing in Delhi, and her migration to Mumbai became integral threads of her narrative. Through collaborations, experimentation, and musical explorations, Shipra Goyal's voyage in the world of music remains a testament to her remarkable talent, ceaseless dedication, and the power of melodies to touch lives.

Growing up, Shipra's connection with music was nurtured by her parents' live shows and recordings. Her early exposure to these musical landscapes laid the foundation for her journey. From her school days, she showcased her brilliance not only in academics but also in music competitions. Excelling in both realms, she topped her school in 12th standard Board Exams (Arts) and clinched the 1st prize in a state-level music competition during her 6th standard.

Her academic pursuit in Indian Classical Music led her to complete her graduation from Hindu College in Delhi. All these experiences, whether in competitions or academic endeavors, contributed to her preparedness for her first show while in 12th standard. Already well-known in Delhi's music scene, she relocated to Mumbai at 21 to chase her Bollywood playback singing aspirations.

Shipra's journey with music began in the tender moments of her childhood, infusing her existence with the enchanting rhythm of melodies. From the outset, her natural connection to music was evident, forming the cornerstone upon which her musical odyssey unfolded. As she continued to explore the intricacies of harmonies, her commitment to refining her vocal prowess and unraveling the intricacies of music set the stage for her creative destiny.

Navigating through the symphonies of life, Shipra's dedication and passion for music propelled her forward, unveiling new dimensions of expression with each note she sang. Much like an intricate composition, her journey evolved with every beat and lyric, shaping her into the artist she is today.

Whether it was the resonance of her voice in a quiet room or the shared melodies of collaborations, Shipra's musical path was one of growth, evolution, and harmonious resonance. As she embraced the nuances of different genres, her musical identity blossomed, capturing the hearts of those who encountered her performances.

With every musical note that resonates from Shipra's soul, a story intertwines her past, present, and future aspirations. Her journey reminds us that music isn't just an art form; it's a conduit for emotions, memories, and the extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

And so, Shipra's musical expedition continues, weaving tales of passion, persistence, and the unbreakable bond between an artist and her craft. As she stands on the cusp of limitless possibilities, her melodies echo the sentiments of countless hearts, proving that music is a language that transcends barriers and connects us all.

Crescendo of Stardom: A Journey of Hit Song

Mumbai became her new canvas of exploration, and her debut in 2013 with Vishal-Shekhar's "Ishq Bulaava" marked the inception of her musical journey in the industry. Since then, Shipra Goyal has become a prolific voice in both Bollywood and Pollywood, with hit songs that have resonated deeply with audiences.

Shipra Goyal's arrival on the music scene was marked by a crescendo of melodies that resonated with a diverse audience. A pivotal juncture in her journey, the ethereal "Ishq Bulava," garnered adoration and acclaim, heralding the inception of a budding star.

The music industry was soon captivated by Shipra Goyal's entrancing voice. The crescendo of her stardom was initiated by the soul-stirring "Ishq Bulava," a song that resonated deeply with listeners nationwide. This marked a pivotal moment in her journey as she entered the spotlight with a melodious flourish. With each subsequent release, she continued to capture hearts, painting emotions with her lyrical palette.

Shipra's repertoire is a vibrant spectrum of songs that elicit various emotions. Tracks like "Angreji Wali Madam" and "Tutti Bole Wedding Di" became joyful anthems, infusing celebratory occasions with rhythm and energy. Her ability to infuse her melodies with emotions, forging a connection with her listeners, underscores her prowess as an artist who goes beyond mere notes.

Diverse in genre and rich in sentiment, Shipra's catalog of hits is an intricate tapestry that paints a myriad of emotions. Tracks like "Angreji Wali Madam" and "Tutti Bole Wedding Di" swiftly became musical anthems that ignited dance floors and evoked joyous celebrations.

A Sonic Voyage of Exploration and Collaboration:-

Shipra Goyal's artistic journey is marked by her willingness to explore diverse musical territories and collaborate with fellow maestros. Her versatility shines as she seamlessly transitions between genres, showcasing her adaptability and penchant for experimentation. Collaborations with renowned musicians have expanded her horizons and enriched her musical narrative with diverse hues.

Certainly, Shipra Goyal's artistic journey can be likened to a sonic exploration characterized by her boundless curiosity to traverse diverse musical landscapes and her inclination to engage in harmonious collaborations with accomplished musicians.

Her ability to seamlessly transition between genres demonstrates remarkable adaptability and a penchant for pushing the boundaries of experimentation. Through her partnerships with renowned artists, she broadens her horizons and enriches her musical narrative with a vibrant spectrum of musical influences.

Shipra Goyal's artistic trajectory is akin to embarking on a captivating voyage of soundscapes, perpetually poised to embark upon uncharted musical horizons. The most intriguing facet lies in her adeptness at forging musical alliances with fellow virtuosos.

This dynamic adds a layer to her artistic persona, where she emerges as an intrepid musical voyager forming profound musical connections, resulting in compositions that resonate deeply with the listener's emotions.

What truly sets her apart is her unparalleled versatility that effortlessly navigates through various musical genres, akin to a musical chameleon. Seamlessly transitioning from soulful ballads to electrifying pop anthems, Shipra Goyal displays an astonishing ability to embody the essence of different musical styles, each an instrument for her to channel her emotions.

Her collaborations extend beyond mere musical coexistence, blossoming into authentic dialogues between artistic souls. Her collaborative endeavors blend her voice with others and fuse her artistic essence with theirs. This synergy transforms her work into an intricate tapestry woven with emotions, experiences, and harmonies, resulting in truly captivating compositions.

Moreover, these collaborative endeavors infuse a diverse palette of hues into her musical canvas, adding depth and complexity to her artistic narrative. Each partnership contributes a distinctive brushstroke to her evolving story, creating a mosaic of musical expressions that exemplify her growth and passion for novel sonic experiences.

In essence, Shipra Goyal's sonic exploration and collaboration voyage is a testament to her unwavering artistic curiosity and innovative spirit. Her eagerness to venture into unexplored realms and her ability to harmonize with fellow artists positions her as a trailblazer in the realm of music. With every melody, she not only pushes the boundaries of her artistic journey but also leaves an enduring impact on the tapestry of global music.

Resonating Influence and Resplendent Impact

Beyond the music, Shipra Goyal's influence extends to the emotions her songs evoke and the memories they etch. Her melodies resonate with individuals, becoming the backdrop to their celebrations, cherished moments, and heartfelt emotions. Her impact isn't just in the airwaves; it's in the hearts and minds of those who have found solace, joy, and connection through her music.

Certainly, Shipra Goyal's resonance goes beyond the realm of music, extending into the realm of emotions and the imprints of memories. Her melodies possess an ability to deeply connect with individuals, becoming the backdrop to moments of celebration, cherished experiences, and profound emotions. Her impact isn't confined to the auditory; it dwells within the inner sanctums of those who have found solace, happiness, and connection within her musical creations.

The fascinating aspect lies in how her compositions are intricately woven into the fabric of people's lives. Her music, far from being merely an assortment of sounds, evolves into vessels that carry sentiments across the expanse of time. Her melodies possess an uncanny power to access the heart's deepest recesses, evoking emotions that might have remained dormant otherwise.

What truly captivates me is how her music assumes the role of a life's soundtrack. It accompanies individuals through elation and desolation, occupying an integral space in their experiences. Her compositions serve as capsules that encapsulate the essence of cherished memories. It's as if her songs can transport listeners to moments that have etched themselves onto their souls.

However, her influence isn't confined to sonic waves or radio frequencies. It's a synergy of sound and sentiment that embeds itself in the corners of the mind. It's a harmonious fusion that resonates through the ears and the core of the human experience.

Consider those instances when a particular melody perfectly encapsulates an emotion that words struggle to convey. In these moments, Shipra Goyal's voice becomes a vessel, adeptly expressing feelings that might be challenging to articulate. Her musical expressions act as a translator, converting innermost thoughts into harmonies that resonate with many listeners.

Thus, her impact radiates like ripples in a pond, expanding beyond the initial point of contact. Just like a pebble creates concentric waves, her music reverberates and touches countless hearts. Shipra Goyal transcends being a mere artist; she's an emotion weaver, leaving an enduring impression on the intricate canvas of our lives.

Culmination and Continuation

Shipra Goyal's journey is a harmonious amalgamation of dedication, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Her voice has transcended barriers, touched souls, and weaved threads of connection among people from different walks of life. With every note, she weaves a narrative that reverberates with authenticity and emotion, leaving an indelible mark on the music canvas.

Indeed, her journey unfolds like a finely orchestrated symphony composed of dedication and an outpouring of creative energy. She appears as an unwavering force, ceaselessly chasing after the pinnacle of musical excellence, continuously expanding the horizons of her talents.

What stands out as truly exceptional is the profound impact of her voice?it's not just an auditory experience but a conduit that bridges hearts across diverse cultures and backgrounds. Her melodies possess an inherent universal language that strikes a chord with individuals from every facet of life.

"She captured hearts with the soulful rendition of 'Ishq Bulaava' from 'Hasee Toh Phasee.' However, this time, Shipra Goyal is all set to get you dancing in your shoes with the upbeat track 'Tutti Bole Wedding Di.' The song is a part of the movie 'Welcome Back' and is composed by the Meet Brothers, who have also lent their vocals to the lively number.

Goyal shared, "I received a call from Meet Brothers' office to sing this track, and the only directive was that it's a lively Punjabi wedding song. Being Punjabi myself, I instantly connected with it. We completed recording the song in a single session, and after a few days, I got the news that my voice had been chosen for the song."

Goyal has been an active presence in the Punjabi music industry in recent years, contributing her melodious voice to over 14 songs for Punjabi films. She even earned a nomination for Best Duet at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards for her single 'Lovely vs. PU' in collaboration with Ravinder Grewal.

Her introduction to performing on stage happened at age five when her mother taught her a song that led to her receiving an accolade. Coming from a family of musicians, music runs in her veins. However, her parents never pressured her to pursue music as a profession.

Goyal explained, "When I expressed my interest in learning music, my parents gave me the basics without delving too much into technicalities. Our singing style, known as 'gayaki,' is rooted in the Punjab gharanas." She remained an integral part of her school choir and college band.

Goyal moved to Mumbai a few years ago to chase her musical aspirations. She considers singing for Vishal-Shekhar as a pinnacle moment in her career. She fondly recounted, "One evening, I visited Vishal and Shekhar at their studio, and they asked me to sing a song. Almost immediately, they decided to have me sing 'Ishq Bulava.' Within three days, I received the news that my voice had been chosen for the track."

Presently, Goyal eagerly awaits the response to 'Tutti Bole Wedding Di' and hopes listeners will embrace the track as fervently as she does. She has also lent her voice to the track 'Yaadan Teriyaan' from the film 'Hero.'"



Shipra Goyal's musical journey has been punctuated by many singles showcasing her versatility and talent. Over the years, she has contributed her melodious voice to various tracks that span genres and capture hearts.

In 2017, she enchanted listeners with tracks like "Akh Jatti Di" under White Hill Music and "OMG (Oh My God)," released by Zee Music Company. The same year, she collaborated on "Choti Choti Gal" with Akhil, which T-Series released.

Her momentum continued in 2018 with "Viah Wala Joda" and "4 By 4," demonstrating her vocal prowess under the composition of Mike Randhawa and Alfaaz, respectively. The subsequent years saw Shipra lending her voice to a myriad of tracks like "DJ Te," composed by Veet Baljit, "Main Teri Rani," composed by Nirmaan, and "Ik Din," composed by Babbu Maan.

2020 witnessed Shipra's powerful contribution to tracks like "Patola" with Veet Baljit, "Haye Tauba" with Parmish Verma, and "BBC" composed by Raana. The following year, her musical journey continued with collaborations like "Koke" with Arjan Dhillon and "Tohmat" featuring Gauahar Khan.

Shipra Goyal's discography is a testament to her ability to breathe life into diverse musical compositions, infusing each track with her signature style and emotion-filled vocals.

Duo Collaborations

Shipra Goyal's artistic journey is also marked by captivating duo collaborations that have created musical magic. In 2014, she joined forces with Ravinder Grewal for "Lovely Vs. PU," a vibrant track released by Tedi Pag Records. The collaborative efforts continued with tracks like "3 Saal" featuring Sukhpal Channi and "Angreji Wali Madam" alongside Kulwinder Billa.

Shipra's collaboration list grew throughout the years, showcasing her ability to blend her voice with fellow artists seamlessly. "Naraan" with Sajjan Adeeb, "Bulgari" with Kulwinder Billa, and "Kharche" with Gurnam Bhullar were some of the mesmerizing musical rendezvous that solidified her position as a versatile vocalist.

Shipra Goyal's duo collaborations aren't just about music; they are dialogues between artists, weaving unique narratives through their harmonious voices and shared creative expressions.

Soundtrack Albums

Shipra Goyal's musical journey has also graced the silver screen, contributing her vocals to various Bollywood and Punjabi film soundtracks. Her voice has resonated through theaters, creating emotional and memorable moments in cinema.

In Bollywood, Shipra's voice adorned the 2014 film "Hasee Toh Phasee" soundtrack with the melodious track "Ishq Bulava." The magic continued with "Tutti Bole Wedding Di" from "Welcome Back" in 2015 and "Yaadan Teriyaan" from "Hero" in 2015, capturing the essence of these films through her vocals.

In the Punjabi film industry, Shipra's voice lent depth and emotion to soundtracks like "Mainu Ishq Lagaa" from "Shareek" in 2015 and "Gabru Di Gall" from "Saak" in 2019, leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic experience.

Filmography and Awards

Aside from her musical contributions, Shipra Goyal has appeared in films such as "Laiye Je Yaarian," adding an extra layer to her artistic journey. Her talent has garnered recognition in the form of awards and nominations. She won the Best Duet Vocalist award for "Naraan" at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards in 2018. Shipra also graced the nominee lists for Best Female Playback Singer at the Mirchi Music Awards Punjabi and PTC Punjabi Film Awards, showcasing her versatile and celebrated artist prowess. In her journey, Shipra Goyal has created musical masterpieces and etched her name in the annals of recognition, embodying the essence of a truly exceptional artist.

Shipra Goyal


In the grand tapestry of the music industry, Shipra Goyal stands as an artist who creates musical masterpieces that resonate far beyond the realms of sound. Her journey, a testament to her unwavering passion and transformative talent, showcases the magical power of music to touch hearts and unite souls. With each song she lends her voice to, Shipra Goyal reaffirms the timeless truth that music is not just a melody; it's an enchanting journey that traverses emotions, experiences, and the essence of life itself.

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