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Pranika Dhakshu Biography

Pranika Dhakshu Biography


Pranika Dhakshu (Paavam Ganesan Actress) is a model, TikTok artist, and Influencer most known for her Lip Sync videos. She has also appeared in several short films, including 143 Web Series, Relation in Peace, Maya Ulagam, and others.

She is now starring as one of the key protagonists in the Paavam Ganesan serial alongside Kpy Muralidhar, Shimona Maria James, and Neha Gowda. She plays Neha Gowda's younger sister in that serial. Let us know about Pranika Dhakshu's Age, Biography in Tamil, Movies, Wikipedia, career, Husband, Serial, etc.

Pranika Dhakshu Career

Pranika Dhakshu debuted her career as a Lip Sync performer on India's recently banned TikTok app. Later, she appeared in short films such as 143 Web Series, Relation in Peace, Maya Ulagam, 1024kb, and Varam, Vechi Senjitaa.

Pranika Dhakshu Biography

She is now playing a supporting part in the Paavam Ganesan serial, which airs on Vijay TV every Monday through Friday at 6:30 p.m.

Pranika Dhakshu Shows List

  • 143 web series - 2020
  • Maya Ulagam - 2020
  • Varam - 2020
  • Vechi Senjitaa - 2019
  • RIP - Relations In Peace - 2020
  • Kal Kilo Kadhal - 2020
  • 1024kb - 2020

Unknown Facts About Pranika Dhakshu

  • Pranika is also a model and a social media influencer.
  • On Instagram, she has 735 posts and 476 followers.
  • She also appeared as a Lip Sync Artist in the Moj App.
  • She has effectively used the TikTok app to advance her profession.
  • On January 4, 2021, she made her television debut in the film Paavam Ganesan.

Social Media Account

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Pranika Dhakshu is a multi-talented artist who has risen to fame as a TikTok star, popular social media figure, talented artist, and appealing model. She has developed an irresistible following and left an unforgettable impression on social media thanks to her contagious charisma, talent, and dedication. Pranika's ability to grow across several entertainment genres demonstrates her versatility and dedication to her work. She will undoubtedly be a prominent star in the entertainment world as her career progresses and succeeds.

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