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Divya Tanwar

Divya Tanwar

Divya Tanwar has brought honor to her district by bypassing the UPSC exam on her first try. She is from a simple family and resides in the Nimbi village. After completing her primary school at the Manu faculty in the village of Nimbi, she was chosen for Navodaya. Divya Tanwar earned an AIR-438 UPSC ranking. She attained this rank in the UPSC at a young age and quickly rose to prominence online because of YouTube and other websites. Divya visited numerous institutes to conduct practice interviews while preparing for the IAS exam.


Divya Tanwar originates from an impoverished background. She has younger sisters and a brother. Divya's younger siblings benefit from free schooling thanks to government programs or scholarships because her family values education despite their financial difficulties. With the loss of her father in 2011, Divya's childhood in a poor home reflects the struggles she had to face. Despite these challenges, she and her mother assumed control of the household's business. Her mother's efforts to support the family financially and provide a better future for her and her sister by working with other families and offering tutoring are admirable.

It is incredibly inspiring to see how Divya overcame adversity to achieve her dream of becoming an IPS officer. Her perseverance in the face of difficulty and commitment to her academics are examples of her strong character. People like Divya Tanwar are role models for others because they overcome adversity and succeed through tenacity and strenuous effort. Their success tales serve as a reminder that everyone can overcome challenges and have a good influence on their own life as well as the lives of others.

Divya Tanwar

As a prospective public servant, Divya's experience can serve as an incentive for people going through similar struggles. It shows that one's past does not dictate their potential and that anyone can achieve their goals with the correct attitude and hard work. Divya Tanwar's tale is a brilliant illustration of grit and tenacity, and it can motivate and inspire many others to strive for success no matter their circumstances.

Background in Education

After passing her 12th-grade test at Navodaya Vidyalaya, Divya attended Government Women's School to get a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. She studied for the UPSC test during her undergraduate years, demonstrating her early dedication to becoming an IPS officer.

Motivating Journey

The fact that Divya Tanwar passed the UPSC exam on her first try and earned an All-India Rank of 438 is impressive. Her dedication, hard work, and tenacity have inspired many prospective civil servants nationwide.

Using Online Platforms

Divya has become a well-known personality among UPSC hopefuls due to her utilization of YouTube and well-known publications to share her journey and study methods. She has been able to interact with a large audience through various channels and offer insightful advice to individuals getting ready for the civil services exam.

Divya Tanwar

Visits to Institutions

Divya Tanwar has given mock interviews at various institutions to prepare for the IAS test. To improve communication skills and gain confidence in front of the interview panel, candidates should participate in mock interviews as part of their civil services exam preparation. The district has benefited from Divya Tanwar's outstanding success, which has made her family proud and promoted her district and the village of Nimbi. Her accomplishment has inspired and filled the town with pride, inspiring young people to set lofty ambitions and work hard to achieve them.

Advocacy and Social Projects

Divya Tanwar, a young and devoted IPS officer, is thought to be active in several social projects and neighborhood welfare programs. Thanks to her position, she has the chance to improve the neighborhood and benefit society.

Future Goals

As Divya Tanwar's journey continues, she may have future goals of serving the country honorably and enacting constructive change where she is stationed. She has the opportunity to significantly impact preserving peace and order and upholding justice as an officer in the Indian Police Service. Long study sessions reflect her dedication to succeeding, significantly closer to the exam dates.

Her admission that she received no UPSC coaching and relied only on self-study to pass the exam demonstrates her tenacity and independence. Self-study is a popular choice among successful candidates, and Divya's success proves the value of organized, laser-focused training. For aspirants in any profession, she advises young people to choose a life purpose and work assiduously towards it while being patient and persistent is helpful. One must be persistent and work hard to achieve one's goals and face problems.

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