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Pragya Mishra Biography

Pragya Mishra Biography


Pragya Mishra is an Indian anchor and journalist recognized for her honest reporting from the field. Pragya's Ulta Chashma also has a YouTube channel called UC, where she exposes her fans to various activities in the country. Pragya's truthful and unbiased journalism is gaining popularity among the general public.

Pragya Mishra hosts the 'Cutting Chai' public show on the Bharat Samachar News Channel. In which public opinion on many issues is shown. Pragya Mishra had previously worked for All India Radio and Doordarshan in Uttar Pradesh. The anchor is also a talented actor. Pragya Mishra is the only journalist of her age who covers all 403 Vidhan Sabha assemblies in Uttar Pradesh. Pragya's crucial interest and desire for learning were evident early, creating the groundwork for her academic success. Her insatiable desire for knowledge and development became apparent as she grew, pushing her to study varied subjects and make substantial contributions across multiple domains.

Early Life

Pragya Mishra was born in Alambagh, Lucknow, on November 13, 1994. She had her early schooling at the City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow. She passed her high school diploma exam at CMS. She then cleared the Navyuga Radiance Girls' College Inter examination. She pursued her degree at IISER, which is affiliated with Makhanlal Journalism University in Bhopal. She earned a bachelor's degree in journalism. She returned to Lucknow after finishing her journalism degree and began working in theatre under several well-known directors.

Pragya Mishra Biography

Pragya began her career in street plays. She used to perform street plays in Lucknow with her crew to raise awareness of society and encourage people to avoid social problems. However, the message delivered by street plays merely reached 100 to 200 people at a time. Seeing this, she used the internet to reach out to many people and worked in a production firm. In 2017, the newly started Bharat Samachar News channel in Hazratganj, Lucknow, sought a bold female journalist. The editor of the station wanted to start a public show titled Cutting Chai, but no female journalist in Lucknow seemed up to the task. Later, someone showed Pragya Mishra's video to the channel's editors, where she worked at a production firm. During a phone discussion with Pragya, the channel looks up her phone number and invites her to audition for her brand-new show, but she declines. Following Pragya's unwillingness, the channels did not give up and made a phone call to Pragya's teacher at IISER college and were tasked with convincing them. After convincing her teacher, she consented to audition for the India News news channel. The channel chose Pragya for the Cutting Tea show after auditioning.


Pragya Mishra is an Indian news journalist recognized for her straightforward reporting. She took time out of her studies to pursue theatre while earning her post-graduate degree before working for the TV channel. From 2013 to 2016, she took part in street plays and theatre productions. She has also worked as a radio DJ for All India Radio in Lucknow. She also hosted several Doordarshan TV series, including Classical Voice of India and Jeevan Ke Rang Filmo Ke Sang. She also started the Ulta Chashma UC YouTube channel. On Bharat Samachar Channel, she hosts the Cutting Chai Public Show. The show presents people's perspectives on many subjects and is well-known for its innovative reporting around the state. Her journalistic style is so fearless that she has gotten numerous death threats. She rose to prominence after reporting on a gang rape of a Dalit girl in Hathras in November 2020, which prompted her to demand justice. In the Hathras case, a Dalit girl was gang-raped and died. Following that, the cops burned the girl's body by pouring petrol on the roadway at night.


Pragya was born into a prosperous Brahmin family in Lucknow. Her entire family practices Hinduism and worships Hindu deities. Satish Chandra Mishra, Pragya Mishra's father, is a music instructor and sitar artist. In 1990, he was a guest on All India Radio. Later, he began teaching music at the City Montessori School and the Bharatkhandey Sangeet Vidyapeeth. Pragya Mishra's mother, Mrs. Rama Mishra, holds an M.Ed in Sanskrit and works as a Sanskrit lecturer at the Central Hindu School in Benaras. Apart from her parents, Pragya has a married sister named Kavya Mishra. Pragya's grandpa was the late Pandit Shiv Bihari Lal Mishra, a sitar artist and the program director at Akashvani Lucknow. Although from a Brahmin household, Pragya's marital status is married by marrying a non-Brahmin boy Bharat Yadav in 2020. Their marriage was a hot issue on social media since they opted for an inter-caste marriage, which is unusual in Uttar Pradesh. Pragya Mishra's husband's name is Bharat Yadav, and the couple has no children yet.


Pragya Mishra began her career with street plays. She used to perform street plays in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, with her crew to raise awareness in the community. And she was used to leaving a note for people to avoid social problems. The reach of street plays could have been improved. The information was distributed to 100 to 200 people at a time. Then Pragya Mishra turned to the digital world for assistance. She worked in her brother's production company. Pragya agreed to audition for the Bharat Samachar News Channel after some days. She first made headlines in November 2020 when she spoke out for justice for a Dalit girl in Hathras. In this case, a Dalit girl was gang-raped by some persons in Hathras (Uttar Pradesh). After that, she died, and the police burned the girl's body by dumping fuel on the roadway at night.

Social Media

Pragya Mishra is active on all social media platforms, where she freely expresses her ideas to the public. She is active on Facebook, where she has over 80k followers. Pragya's verified account can be found on Twitter, where she is highly active and shares her ideas with nearly 200k followers. Apart from that, she is also active on Instagram, which is only known to a small number of people, and as a result, her Instagram followers exceed 10,000. Pragya also has her own YouTube channel, Ulta Chashma UC, where she shares her flawless videos with the public. She still needs to be listed on Wikipedia.

Facts About Pragya Mishra

  • Pragya Mishra is a well-known Indian news anchor noted for her bold reporting.
  • Pragya Mishra is well-known throughout India, notably in Uttar Pradesh for her various sorts of reporting.
  • She took time out of academics and did theatre throughout her post-graduation before working for the news station. From 2013 to 2016, she took part in street plays and theatre productions.
  • Pragya has also worked as a radio jockey for AIl India Radio Lucknow. She has also hosted various Doordarshan TV series, including Classical Voice of India and Jeevan Ke Rang Filmo Ke Sang.
  • Pragya is also the creator of the Ulta Chashma UC YouTube channel. She is the host of the Bharat Samachar News Channel's public show Cutting Chai.
  • Pragya received the eNBA Award in Delhi, India. This honor was bestowed upon her for her program Cutting Chai. Pragya Mishra is the first journalist in Lucknow's history to receive this honor. Who has received this award?
  • She married Bharat Yadav even though she is from a Hindu Brahmin household and her husband is not.
  • Her journalistic style is so fearless that she has received multiple death threats.


Pragya Mishra's story depicts extraordinary endurance, tenacity, and achievement. Despite her poor beginnings, she beat all odds, pursuing her dreams with firm passion. Throughout her life, she has accepted obstacles, learned from her mistakes, and transformed them into stepping stones to achievement. Her constant pursuit of success in her chosen career inspired many and left a lasting impression on those who knew her. Pragya Mishra's story shows the strength of endurance and the ability to overcome adversity, leaving a legacy of inspiration for future generations.

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