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Snehal Tarde

Snehal Tarde

Snehal Tarde is a very popular actress in the Marathi film industry. Apart from being a wonderful actress, she is a poet. She writes on different topics on her Instagram. Snehal has a very pretty and amazing voice. She is simple and elegant. She is authentic and cultural and loves her traditions. She looks stunning in traditional attires. She loves wearing sarees and traditional clothes. She is the type of girl who is out of modernity. She represents herself in the original form and not in fake talks. A pure-hearted woman in the industry is Snehal Tarde.


Snehal did share much information about her family, friends, and close ones. By sources, we know she is loving, caring, and supportive towards her family. She often posts pictures about herself and her family and friends. Snehal Tarde exchanged wedding vows and tied the knot with Pravin Vitthal Tarde. He is an Indian film director, actor, producer, and scriptwriter. Currently, she is working in the Marathi Cinema. He is best known for his Marathi films. His films include Deool Band, Mulshi Pattern, and Sarsenapati Hambirrao.


Snehal began her acting career in 2012. She belongs to Maharashtra and is very popular in the Marathi film industry. She is a brilliant actress and a very supportive co-actor. She is very down to earth. She worked in Chintoo in the year 2012, Chintoo 2: Khajinyachi Chittarkatha in 2013, Deool Band in 2015, Ventilator in 2016, Dharmaveer in the year 2022, Sarsenapati Hambirrao in the year 2022, and most recently Chowk in the year 2023. All the movies are great hits. Fans loved her acting and the stories. She is good at emotional scenes. Her voice and innocence give her a wonderful touch. She attends mostly all the award ceremonies and mega-events. She has even been spotted with her husband, Pravin, and mother-in-law. She is very close to her in-laws. She is also making her debut in direction. Soon, she will be starting her career as a director in the Marathi film industry.

Pet Lover

Snehal Tarde is a pet lover. She has a cat in her house. She usually shares the reel and short videos and clips of her cat. The videos show cats sleeping, playing with toys, and doing funny actions.

Net Worth

The net worth of Snehal Tarde is around $300000.

Awards and Achievements

She has won many awards, including the Golden Woman Icon Award 2023. The award for most versatile actress of the year. She attends various events and programs. Like recently, she attended the Business Excellence Sarees Award event organized by Maharashtra Ladies Business Network (MLBN). On this esteemed platform, Snehal Tarde felicitated successful woman entrepreneurs.


The username of Snehal Tarde on Instagram is snehprat1311. She loves sharing original content. She has 9012 followers with only 53 following accounts on Instagram. She has shared around 98 posts as of September 2023.


Snehal Tarde is a Marathi actress and wife of a very popular Marathi actor and director, Pravin Vitthal Tarde. They both have done a couple of movies together. Snehal is a very talented actress. She writes and sings, too. Her voice and accent are amazing. She debuted in the Marathi film industry in 2012. She loves her family and friends. Overall, she is a brilliant human being and always has an impact on the audience. She gives total justice to every role she plays. Snehal Tarde is a multifaceted talent in the Marathi film industry. Her journey from acting to venturing into direction showcases her dedication and passion for the world of cinema. With a strong family bond and a penchant for traditional values, she represents authenticity in an industry often associated with glamour and modernity. Snehal's remarkable performances in films like "Deool Band" and "Ventilator" have earned her critical acclaim, while her recent awards and recognition reflect her growing influence in the industry.

As she continues to make her mark as an actress and director, Snehal Tarde remains a true icon of authenticity and talent in Marathi cinema. She lives a simple and happy life with her husband with almost zero boastfulness. With her remarkable acting skills and authentic presence, Snehal Tarde has left an indelible mark on the Marathi film industry. From her early career in movies like "Chintoo" to her recent directorial aspirations, she has consistently impressed audiences with her performances. Snehal's social media presence shines through her dedication to her craft, love for her family, and genuine connection with her fans. Her recognition in various awards ceremonies and continuous involvement in events celebrating achievements and entrepreneurship highlights her influence beyond the silver screen. As she continues to make her mark as an actress, director, and woman of substance, Snehal Tarde inspires those who appreciate talent, authenticity, and the power of staying true to oneself.

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