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Divyanka Sirohi

Divyanka Sirohi


Indian social media celebrity Divyanka Sirohi gained enormous popularity thanks to the lip-syncing app TikTok. She is regarded as one of India's most popular TikTok stars and has gained a sizable following thanks to her amusing videos. She has appeared as a model in numerous Punjabi and Haryanvi songs.

Divyanka is popular on Instagram and other photo-sharing apps, with a large following of over 1 million users. She routinely posts fashion and lifestyle photographs on her Instagram account, engrossing her followers.

Birth and Family

Divyanka Sirohi was born on November 19, 1996, in Gurugram, Haryana. Divyanka was raised in a Haryanvi family. There is no information accessible about her family, particularly her parents.

Jasmeet Sirohi is Divyanka Sirohi's sister. She also has two brothers, Deepanshu Sirohi and Himanshu Sirohi. Divyanka is currently single. She is very active on social media but very private about her relationship.


In Gurugram, Divyanka finished her elementary schooling before going on to earn her graduation. Since beginning her career in 2016, she has shown her love and skill for content creation. She has amassed a sizable following on Instagram because of her intriguing postings and endearing persona, and she is still thriving there as an Instagram star.

She attended Choudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, and Sikkim Manipal University for her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Her credentials include a distance-learning MBA and a bachelor of commerce in business management.


1) Corporate Sector

Divyanka worked as a facility executive at the Gurgaon-based Kotak Mahindra Bank between 2015 and 2016. She then worked as an administrative executive at Huawei Technologies India from 2016 to 2018.

Divyanka was promoted to a senior executive position in human resources in 2018 at AMB Group, where she worked for 11 months. She then took the client services manager position at Talenzo Media in Gurgaon in 2019 and worked there for two years.

2) Music Videos

Divyanka has demonstrated her acting and dancing skills in several Haryanvi and Punjabi music videos.

  • Haryanvi: In 2022, Divyanka Sirohi made appearances in many Haryanvi music videos, such as "Goli Margi" by Akki Aryan, "Din College Ke" by Vishu Puthi, and "Kaka Aala Chora" by Vinod Sorkhi.
  • Punjabi: In 2022, Sherry Sandhu's song "App Lock" featured her.

3) Content Creator

Divyanka Sirohi has fascinated viewers with her videos on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and Moj. On social media, she frequently posts vlogs about her daily activities, dancing, and lip-syncing videos.

Additional Information

Due to Divyanka Sirohi's dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise, nutritious eating, and healthy living, her figure is adorable and in excellent condition.

Animal lover Divyanka Sirohi considers dogs to be her favorite animal.

Lifestyle blogging, modelling, and Instagram sponsorship are Divyanka Sirohi's primary sources of income, and she makes a respectable amount of money from each of these each month.


Divyanka Sirohi is a well-known figure who is adored by her audience. She strongly connects with her viewers and creates entertaining reels, vlogs, and models. She is a charming and entertaining woman. She puts in a lot of effort and is succeeding in her career.

There is not much information accessible about her private life. Divyanka Sirohi is well known for her influence on Instagram, where she posts peeks into her exciting lifestyle and her distinctive sense of design and fashion advice. She is well-known among Indian social media influencers thanks to her fascinating content and endearing attitude.


1. Who is Divyanka Sirohi?

Ans- Instagram's lip-syncing feature has helped Indian social media sensation Divyanka Sirohi become well-known. She is regarded as one of India's most well-known Instagram stars. She has almost 1 million followers on the photo-sharing app Instagram, where she is extremely well-known. She routinely posts pictures of her style and daily life vlogs on her Instagram page.

2. What is Divyanka Sirohi's age?

Ans- Divyanka Sirohi turned 27 years old on 19th November, 2022.

3. Is Divyanka Sirohi dating anyone?

Ans- Divyanka Sirohi is not married right now and is instead concentrating on her work and career.

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