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Nitin Chandila


Famed bodybuilder and fitness expert Nitin Chandila Gurjar is from Fatehpur Chandela, Faridabad, India. Nitin, who turned 27 on August 14, 1997, is proud to represent his Gurjar origin and Indian identity.

His commitment and love for bodybuilding have brought him many honors and a sizable social media following.

Early Years and Education

Nitin's career started in Fatehpur Chandela, where he attended Karamvir Public School before enrolling at the DAV Institute of Management in Faridabad to pursue a BBA degree. He decided to drop out of college to devote himself to his bodybuilding profession, which changed his entire life due to his enduring love for fitness.

Family Support

Nitin has been fortunate to have his family's consistent support, particularly his mother, Manju Chandial, and father, Mahipal Chandila. His strong relationship with his brothers Rocky and Pawan Chandila has also been a major factor in his achievement.

Individual Information

Nitin Chandila is 102 kg in weight and 6'1" tall. He is wedded to Priyanka Chandila, and the two of them have a son.

Bodybuilding Passion

Nitin's father fostered his bodybuilding passion from an early age. He started going to the gym when he was in grade 10, showing an unshakeable commitment to changing his physique. He soon advanced to become one of India's most accomplished bodybuilders because of his diligence, commitment, and father's instruction.

Fitness Influencer and Entrepreneur

Nitin is a successful fitness entrepreneur and certified personal trainer, in addition to succeeding in competitions. He is also the proud proprietor of "Fitness Garage & Spa." Nitin inspires and motivates aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts through his gym and online platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where he has approximately 1 million followers. His own YouTube channel on health and bodybuilding offers a lot of knowledge and suggestions.

Recognition & Achievements

In the realm of bodybuilding, Nitin Chandila has received numerous honors thanks to his commitment and labor of love. Notably, he took home the gold in Mr. Haryana in 2021 and Mr. India in 2022. He was named Mr. World by NBBUI in 2018 and earned a fourth-place finish in the IBBF tournament in 2019. Nitin's possession of the esteemed Pro Card from the NBBUI is a notable accomplishment in the bodybuilding community. His predicted net worth in 2023 will be around Rs. 2 crore.


Nitin Chandila was the 2022 Mr. India winner, and he was met with controversy and condemnation from several YouTubers. He responded by addressing these issues in reply videos that he posted on his social media channels.

Brand Promotions and Social Media Presence

Nitin Chandila is a brand ambassador in addition to being a fitness influencer. On his well-known social media accounts, he frequently promotes brands that are related to fitness and health. He has a devoted following on Instagram because of his frequent postings, where he provides workout photos and fitness advice.

On social media networks, Nitin interacts with his fans and followers frequently. Over 600,000 followers on his Instagram account show their admiration for and desire for inspiration from his fitness journey. Additionally, he has more than 75,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he posts helpful fitness advice and videos.

Nitin's Net Worth

Nitin Chandila's accomplishments in the fitness sector have made him wealthy. His predicted net worth as of 2021 is $5 million. While he also makes money from commercials and other sources, his biggest sources of revenue are brand endorsements.

Positive reputation and Charitable Donations

Nitin has avoided conflicts and had a positive reputation throughout his career. He is renowned for being a humanitarian as well. Nitin has given huge help to NGOs and trusts, providing many people with educational opportunities; however, he wants to keep his charitable contributions a secret.

An Inspiration for the Fitness Community

Thanks to his commitment, perseverance, and passion for fitness, Nitin Chandila has established himself as a role model for many fitness aficionados, particularly young people. His accomplishments as the youngest Indian bodybuilder and fitness model have inspired numerous people to lead active, healthy lives. Nitin's achievements and success in the fitness sector serve as an example and a guide for prospective fitness enthusiasts who want to pursue their passions.

Less Known Facts

Other than his accomplishments, Nitin Chandila's father played a significant role in motivating him to pursue bodybuilding, and he first became acquainted with the sport through online coaching. Nitin aspires to compete in the famous Mr. Olympia competition on behalf of India.

The Future of Nitin Chandila

Nitin Chandila Gurjar is poised to reach even higher heights in the realm of fitness and bodybuilding because of his persistent dedication and ever-expanding fan base. He will continue to be a force in the industry for many years to come, thanks to his zeal, tenacity, and solid support network.


Nitin Chandila Gurjar's inspirational journey from a small Indian hamlet to becoming a well-known bodybuilder and fitness influencer is a monument to his unflagging dedication and hard work. His kind wishes and celebrity-studded appeal has the ability to make special moments genuinely extraordinary as he continues to create waves in the fitness industry.

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