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Devil Kunju

Devil Kunju

Devil Kunju is a well-known Instagram star, former TikTok celebrity, fashion blogger, actress, and model. Her real name is Anagha. She is admired for her stunning appearance, adorable smile, fashionable sense, and charismatic personality. India is her biggest market for fans. You can see her in photo sessions for fashion magazines. She is mostly well-known for her funny video clips, dance, and lip-syncing videos. Her Instagram typically posts pictures of herself modeling and wearing trendy attire.

Early Life and Career

She was born on 12 April 2000 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Prasadan Kunju, Devil Kunju's dad, is a businessman, and his name is Prasadan Kunju. The mother of Devil Kunju is a housewife by the name of Madathil Kunju. The Brother of Devil Kunju is Aswin Kunji, and her sister is Roshna Kunju.

Although Hindi is her native tongue, she also speaks it. TikTok videos helped Devil Kunju become well-known. She also promoted his brand and collaborated and worked on numerous projects. She has a fantastic fan base on Instagram.

Devil Kunju

Devil Kunju also creates a lot of amusing and thought-provoking videos. She has collaborated with several renowned businesses, and she is renowned for its lifestyle content as well. For her audience to remain engaged, Devil Kunju creates surprisingly familiar stuff.

Favourite Things

Favorite Actor Ranbir Kapoor
Favorite Actresses Alia Bhatt
Favorite Movie Om shanti om
Favorite Singer Neha Kakkar
Favourite Sports Tennis
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Destination London
Favorite Colour Red, Yellow

Net Worth

Devil Kunju is thought to be worth a total of Rs 7 crores. Acting, modeling, and brand endorsements are her primary sources of income.

Some Lesser Known Facts

  • Many people follow her on Instagram and YouTube channel. People like her because she makes videos where she pretends to sing famous songs, does funny skits, and shares pictures of her clothes. She has also been in a couple of TV ads.
  • Devil Kunju began using social media in 2016 by making an Instagram account. People liked her funny and relatable posts, and she got a lot of followers.
  • In 2018, she began her own YouTube channel. On there, she shares videos of herself pretending to sing songs, doing funny scenes, and showing clothes she bought. Many people have watched her videos millions of times.
  • In 2020, Devil Kunju was in a TV ad for a famous Indian clothes company. She has also been shown in a few magazines and newspapers.
  • Devil Kunju is becoming popular on Indian social media. People like her because she's creative, funny, and has great style.


Devil Kunju, a well-known female influencer, has made a big impression online. Her life shows how social media and building a personal brand can be powerful. She has lots of followers online who look up to her. She uses her online presence to talk about important things like helping women, understanding mental health, and caring for the environment. She doesn't just talk online; she also does good things like charity work. Besides her online work, she's also an entrepreneur.

Devil Kunju's internet journey is ongoing, and she makes a big impact. She's a role model for others who want to be influencers, showing you can use your online presence to improve the world. Her story proves the power of the internet, where one person can make a big difference in many people's lives.

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