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Chandler Kamenesh

Chandler Kamenesh


Chandler Kamenesh is a popular YouTuber recognised for his episodes dealing with frightening creatures. Chandler enjoys keeping reptiles with his grandfather, and the two frequently handle deadly creatures for their YouTube videos. His videos inform viewers about animals and increase public awareness.

His bravery is displayed in his most recent YouTube video, "World's Most Dangerous Job," in which he faces off against crocodiles, camels, and snakes. He has thrilling encounters with other dangerous species as well.


Chandler Kamenesh was Born on January 27, 1998. He is an American citizen of the Christian faith who was born and raised in the United States of America. He is currently 24 years old. There is no information known on Chandler Kamenesh's academic history. At this time, it is unknown which college or university he attended. The 24-year-old has not yet made his educational background clear.

The details of Chandler's family background are unknown. There is no information about the parents' real names or identities. Additionally, Chandler has not publicly discussed having any siblings. Chandler occasionally includes his grandfather in his videos.

Chandler's Career in the Wild

Long ago, Chandler developed a fondness for animals. He was capable of handling venomous snakes, alligators, sharks, and many other animals by the time he was 17 years old. To save the creatures, he also risked his life.

Before he became well-known, he launched his YouTube account in 2013. He displayed the pets he owned there and kept a wide variety of dangerous and exotic creatures. Later, he opened his wildlife, which also functions as an animal shelter.

His present occupation is making animal-related YouTube videos and spreading awareness.

YouTuber Chandler's Wildlife from the United States might be single. His love life and personal life are kept secret and out of the public's view on YouTube.

Chandler's Wildlife Social Media Handles

Chandler's Wildlife has a sizable following on social media. His biggest source of revenue is his YouTube channel, which has 1.7M subscribers, and he has 150K followers on Instagram. At the age of 21, Chandler ranks among the most well-known people on social media.

Chandler Kamenesh

Chandler Kamenesh is a zoo or wildlife refuge employee. The man has a deep love for King Cobras. The harmful snakes, alligators, and reptiles there, such as rattlesnakes and black mambas, are handled freely by him. To free 10 King Cobras who were imprisoned in concrete and wire housing, he recently travelled to Thailand. He uses the revenue from his YouTube channel for such causes.

Chandler, who is in his early twenties, keeps everyone amused by being a little silly but in an interesting manner. It is obvious that he sincerely likes reptiles. He has been doing this for most of his life and is regarded as a reptile expert.

Chandler has gone on some amazing excursions, from exploring the depths of the Amazon rainforest to climbing the highest peak in the Himalayas. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, frequently going on long hikes and camping excursions in remote areas. Chandler undoubtedly has a crazy and great time everywhere he goes!

Source Of Income

The YouTube sensation's net worth is reported to be between $1 million and $5 million. His principal source of income is his YouTube stardom. It still hasn't been determined how many sources of income he has or what other undertakings he is involved in.

The Disappearance of Chandler Wildlife

For both wildlife specialists and conservationists, the strange disappearance of Chandler Wildlife from its natural habitat has been a cause of uncertainty and concern. The adored species has long been an important component of the neighbourhood environment, but recent years have seen a sharp decline in sightings.

Chandler Kamenesh

Researchers are striving to put an end to their struggle even though the precise cause of their disappearance is still a mystery. They have found several potential contributory variables that may be to blame.


The animals of Chandler can be found everywhere. He enjoys travelling a lot and is constantly looking for new challenges. As a result, he makes both video and audio recordings of his encounters available to the public. Chandler Kamenesh's knowledge of wildlife is simply astounding.


Q. Where does Chandler come from?

A. Chandler, a minor adversary in the anime Urban Rescue Ranch, lives in Florida's Everglades National Park. His efforts entail the confinement of amphibians and aquatic species.

Q. What makes Chandler's Wildlife so well-known?

A. He is well-known for being a popular YouTuber.

Q. Why was Chandler confined to a wheelchair?

A. Chandler was in a wheelchair because of a vehicle accident when he was a teenager. The vehicle accident left him with significant spinal cord injuries that hindered his leg and foot movement.

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