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Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr


Herald Baldr, a well-known Norwegian travel vlogger, is well-known for the way he describes his trips across the globe and his tours of various locations. His humorous and incredible YouTube content has captured millions of people's hearts. So far, his journey has been pleasant. The audience adores him for his excellent material and work with poor people around the globe. Along with traveling, he enjoys working out and caring for animals. Harald Baldr is one of the most well-known and wealthy YouTubers and Vloggers.

Harald Baldr's Early Years

The well-known Vlogger Harald Baldr was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1980. Along with his parents and brothers, he was sent to Oslo. The vlogger has not provided any other details regarding his family. There is no information available regarding Harald's education. However, he was an enthusiastic traveler and decided to explore the world when he graduated in 2001. He wrestled and played football, which made him physically busy when he was in school.

Harald Baldr's Age

As of 2023, Harald Baldr will be 43 years old because he was born on 23rd October 1980. Being a well-known Norwegian travel vlogger and YouTuber, he still explores and documents his trips in his 40s. He has inspired numerous viewers by Travelling to exotic locations like Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, all due to his passion for adventure. It is quite amazing how he manages to accept his age with wisdom while maintaining a youthful spirit.


Harald Baldr began his career as a travel Vlogger; then, in March 2015, he launched his own YouTube channel. Harald informed and confirmed that he started his journey in October 2001, utilizing the money from his college loans to pay for his travel costs. At 18, Harald left for a journey around the world after completing school to explore the world. When Harald began his tour from Perth and uploaded Vlogging footage of his travels to his self-titled YouTube channel Harald Baldr, he began to gain fame and popularity.


Speaking of Harald Baldr's YouTube adventure, he launched his channel in 2015. His debut video, "Piotr's House Ukraine," which has already received over 197K views, was then posted. Harald became well-known on YouTube for his frank evaluations, discussions, and interactions with locals worldwide. Additionally, he has helped many people in need while traveling, for which his fans frequently give him credit.

On his YouTube channel, a vlog named "Thailand Green Paradise" currently has over 13 million views, making it his most popular video. Harald is quite popular with a huge global fan base, including many viewers of all ages. Presently, he holds over 2.11 million subscribers and 286 million views across all his videos. Harald is admired for his versatile personality and willingness to communicate with anybody, regardless of class, race, or anything else.

In 2019, his video of giving $400 to an Indian barber went viral. He received criticism for being a fake or for producing videos that appealed to the Indian audience, nevertheless. Despite the hate, Harald has made videos and contributed money to locals in several nations.


Harald is active on Instagram in addition to YouTube. However, currently, his Instagram account is suspended or has been deleted. He shares films and pictures from his journeys with people he encounters. He has more than 165K Instagram followers as of 2023.

Leap to Popularity

He traveled from Perth, Australia, to the United States and Canada. The blogger and traveler from Norway visited several important countries, including Japan, Australia, the United States, Russia, China, England, Turkey, France, and India.

He probably visited every location in North America in a short period. As more people began to appreciate his videos and vlogs, Harald acquired over 2.35 million followers and over 296 million overall views on his well-known YouTube channel. Along with donating to people experiencing poverty, he supports and promotes neighborhood restaurants, barbershops, and other shops.

He visited most Asian, American, and African nations, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Peru, Nepal, Russia, Germany, and the Philippines. He also visited much of South Asia. Harald keeps making trip videos for YouTube, where he makes significantly more money and uses it to pay off his student loan.

Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr's Relationship status is unmarried. He is single, too, and does not have a girlfriend. He is avoiding connections and emotional ties, evident through this. Perhaps Harald is preoccupied with his profession and plans to start a committed relationship when he is in a better situation. In any case, he is a remarkable man with a remarkable physique. Thus, he has the power to charm everyone.

Physical Qualities

A charming YouTuber named Harald Baldr used to amuse viewers with his videos. He is approximately 177 centimeters, 5.10 feet taller, or 1.77 meters. In addition, he weighs 72 kg or 158 lbs. Overall, he has an incredible physical appearance.

Height In Feet and Inches: 5'10"
In Meters: 1.77 m
In Centimetres: 177 cm
Weight In Kilograms: 72 kg
In Pounds: 158 lbs

Appearance on Social Media

Harald Baldr is a well-known YouTube personality with a large social media following. He is an incredibly well-known figure. At the moment, Harald Baldr's Instagram account has been suspended or deleted. He runs a YouTube account where he frequently posts videos regarding travel. Speaking of his social media following, it ranges widely and is typically in the thousands.

Controversies of Harald Baldr

Harald uploaded a video titled India Bus Chaos Jaipur with a friend in 2018. He spoke about being scammed by Indians in the video. He demonstrates how they were victims of a sock scam since they purchased six pairs but only received five. But his audience quickly picked up on the fact that he was hiding the sock under his butt.

This backfired on him, and people began exposing him for the lies he had created to grab attention. In 2019, a video that claimed Harald Baldr was a fake person and a racist went viral. The speaker discusses his history of mistreating and exploiting women worldwide in the video.

Additionally, he got caught up in controversy after sharing a video of an assault on him in Atlanta. Many people and YouTubers noted that the video had been created and was not a real incident. Harald, though, has not yet commented anything on the incident.

Net Worth

One of the most well-known travel YouTubers, Harald Baldr, is especially known for the videos in which he interacts with individuals worldwide. Harald's income comes from his YouTube videos, paid advertisements, and sponsorships. He is making between $75k and $100k a month from his YouTube channel as of 2023. Harald Baldr is believed to have roughly a USD 1 million net worth as of 2020. Most of the funds he receives go towards helping those in need, i.e., charitable organizations.

He primarily opened a Patreon account to use fan donations to pay for his trip expenses. But by the end of 2017, he had begun to generate respectable income from his YouTube channel. As a result, he began to donate his Patreon earnings to total strangers. He has currently closed his Patreon account due to his excellent financial standing.

Information on Harald Baldr

  • 1980-born Norwegian travel blogger and YouTuber Harald Baldr is well-known for his daring content.
  • In March 2015, he began his YouTube journey, exploring the world and recording his experiences.
  • Baldr earned millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 296 million overall views.
  • Harald Baldr is still single and unmarried as of 2023, concentrating on his career despite his achievements.
  • He is well known for assisting small businesses and charitable organizations during his travels.
  • Baldr's expected net worth of $2 million in 2023 mostly comes from his YouTube career and brand endorsements.
  • After graduating from college, he started traveling in 2001, paying for his adventures with student loans.
  • Although he does not disclose much about his life, his fascinating adventures through Asia, the Americas, and Europe are documented on his YouTube channel. Despite being well-known, Harald Baldr has deleted or had his Instagram account suspended, but he still maintains a significant following on YouTube.

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