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Nita Shilimkar

Nita Shilimkar

Nita Shilimkar is a very popular YouTuber as well as a Social media Influencer. She was born on 5th April 1995 and is currently 28 years old. She started her career as a funny video creator on TikTok along with her Boyfriend. She made funny videos with her boyfriend, which became wildly trending on the short video platform. As soon as TikTok got banned in India, she switched the field to YouTube. After some time, she and her boyfriend broke up, but she continued to make videos with her friend. Even in her one interview, she mentioned that she wants to focus on her Profession.

Nita currently shares her Videos about travelling and Vlogging with her male best friend Rohit. She had over 8 million followers at the time when TikTok got banned but this ban was not enough to stop her from becoming successful as she became famous on Instagram and YouTube very soon. She also performed in a Music video Goli Maar de in a Bollywood movie along with a side role, till now and also became part of a Bollywood movie as a supportive character.

Early Life

Talking about her early life, Nita Shilimkar is from the City of Dreams, Mumbai in Maharastra, and was Born On 5th April 1995 So according to this date, she is currently 28 Years (in 2023). Since her childhood, she has always been selective regarding the choices she makes for her profession and career choices. Nita Shilimkar is a model, dancer as well and actress who is famous due to her lip-syncing as well as prank videos but there are also fun and comedy videos available on her Social Media platforms. She uses a number of different apps such as MOJ, Taka Tak, and Instagram Reels to showcase her talent and also is loved by a vast number of people as an Audience.

Nita Shilimkar's Educational Qualification

As per the records, Nita Shilimkar has done her schooling at Ryan International High School, which is a private school in Munnar, and the rest of her higher studies have been done at Mumbai University. She was not so interested in her studies and thus performed as an Average student in her initial study days.

But since her childhood, she was fond of fashion and acting and this is the main reason why she wanted to become a professional actor or a famous dancer. Due to her excellent dancing skills, she has been a part of various songs as a background dancer in Bollywood movies.

Nita Shilimkar Family

According to a few facts, Nita is living with her family at her parent's house but not much information about them is available. A few days ago, she posted a picture On Her Instagram I'd of her dad and expressed her heartfelt wish for her father's retirement and sending a huge amount of love to him. Also on the pure occasion of Raksha Bandhan, she also shared a picture with her brother on her Instagram ID. We only know that the Name of her brother is Sagar Shilmakar.


Since her childhood, she has been very fond of Dancing and so her dream was to make her career in the same profession. Even though she was in college, she got the opportunity to perform in a dance performance.

As soon as she graduated from college, she came to know about the TikTok app and started making videos with it in 2018.

In starting she was making various prank videos with another creator AJ, Although Nita had a very slow start but slowly she became very famous on TikTok.

The chemistry between Nita and AJ was so great that people started shipping them as partners. But soon, they both had a conflict and stopped being part of each other's video or can say that part their ways apart.

When Nita left making videos with AJ, at that time she already was a famous TikToker and one day when she was scrolling through her TikTok account, she came to know about Rohit. This boy was acting exactly the same as Nita and she was amazed to see his expression. At that time, Rohit himself had around 15 million followers on TikTok.

Nita at that point already wanted to make videos with him but soon she came to know that Rohit was from a poor family and his dad was an abusive and alcohol addict which made Rohit and his mom along with his sister leave home and stay away from him. Rohit used to work at a Saree Shop in Surat and as soon as he got a DM from Nita to make videos with her, he was not able to believe his eyes, as Nita was a very famous creator.

Rohit agreed but now the problem was Nita was in Mumbai and Rohit was in Surat, so now Rohit had to come to Mumbai and soon he even reached Mumbai.

But Rohit was very shy in nature and in starting it was a very tough task for him to make videos with Nita but later He started getting the confidence to perform with her and now they both are working together for a while.

Within some time they both became very popular on TikTok and had a huge number of followers at TikTok in 2020 but unfortunately, In 2020, TikTok got banned. But this ban did not really work on the success path of Nita as Nita and Rohit immediately switched to Instagram, Although they did not have such a vast audience there they again made a huge number of followers there as well. Even Rohit himself has more than 23 Million followers on Instagram. And Nita has more than 11 million on her Instagram Id.

They both also have two different YouTube accounts which are very famous with a huge number of Subscribers. On these channels, you can find vlogs of their personal lives and travel vlogs.

On Nita's YouTube channel, there are more than 1.5 Million people, and on Rohit's the number of followers is more than 3 Million.

Her Personal Life and Boyfriend

Nita was rumoured to be in a relationship with both her co-content creators AJ and Rohit. Although Nita never said anything about her and AJ's bond or relationship so there are no clear details about whether they ever dated or not. Nita a few days ago clearly denied these rumours of her and Rohit's Relationship by confirming that she is dating someone and not only dating but soon getting married to him. She introduced him to everyone She is dating Model Gurdeep Singh Rai and is very happy with him and soon will get married to him.

Fan's Reaction and Accusations of Cheating

As soon as Nita announced Dating Gurdeep, she, and Rohit Shippers started calling her a cheater and another reason for doing so was because Rohit was only creating sad videos at that time. So all the fans made an assumption from Rohit's sad videos and Nita's Marriage that she is cheating on him.

Nita soon came to know about all this and decided to clear all the confusion of her fans through a vlog on her YouTube channel. In her video, she talked about her relationship and told everyone that she and Gurdeep had already been in a relationship for the past few years. Rohit knew from the start and was happy too. Rohit was so younger than her so there was no chance of being in a relationship with him, they were only very good friends. She also told her friends that Gurdeep and Rohit are also very good friends and none of the boys have any issue with the other boy.

After some time as the accessions were still going Rohit decided to clear things and even bought Nita in her video and told everyone that everything was going completely fine between both of them. Rohit told people that Nita always supported him throughout his relationship and even during tough times. He also said that he always got support from the end of Gurdeep for the friendship he shares with Nita which proves that they both are happy and no one cheated anyone. After these two videos, Fan stopped accusing her as it was clear that Nita and Rohit were never in any relationship.

Some Important Facts about Nita Shilimkar

  • Nita is a beautiful girl with a lot of numbers of followers on all her social Media.
  • Nita also has an elder sister, whom she loves to spend time with.
  • Nita first started working as a TikTok Star but later switched to Youtube and Reels.
  • Nita also played supporting roles in various different movies like Tubelight etc. and also played a part in various songs such as Bimarian, Gooli Marde, etc. with his friends and other celebrities.
  • Nita is also a very good dancer and even became part of various different songs as a background dancer.
  • Nita is a very good friend of another TikTok Star Rohit and even acted in a music video with him.
  • She is also fond of travelling and keeps travelling to different places such as Hill stations etc.
  • Nita used to create prank Videos with her past partner A.J.
  • Nita and her long-term boyfriend Gurdeep are getting married very soon.


Nita is a girl with dreams and a perfect example of how someone can achieve her dreams even no matter how hard the situation goes. Nita faced various problems and even her partner AJ left her path in the middle but she still didn't stop and kept on trying. When TikTok got banned, she again started from scratch but at every point, she didn't lose hope for even once. She is also a very good person and friend as She actually started making videos with Rohit when he was just a common boy working in a saree shop. As a female, she faced many accusations and problems but nothing was enough to stop her, she is an inspiration to those who want to do something different and make their own name. If you are someone who loves to keep watching prank and funny videos or daily vlogs as well as travel videos, you can visit her YouTube video and follow her.


Ques.Who is Nita Shilimkar?

Ans. Nita Shilmakar is a YouTuber and creates Instagram Reels for funny videos, She is also a Dancer and worked in Bollywood as a supporting character as well as a background dancer.

Ques. Is Nita Shilimkar Dating Rohit ?

Ans. No Nita is not Dating Rohit but her current boyfriend's name is Gurdeep Singh Rai.

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