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Manoj Dey

Manoj Dey

Quick Introduction

Real Name Manoj Dey Modak
Nickname Manoj Dey
Profession YouTuber, Vlogger, and Social Influencer.
Date of Birth 12 Jul 1996
Birthplace Jharia, Dhanbad
Home town Jharia
Nationality Indian
Age 27 (As of 2023)
Zodiac sign Cancer
School Government School, Dr. SPM Inter College
Higher Education ITI Degree
Family member Parents and 4 Siblings and Wife
Religion Hindu
Marital Status Married
Native language Bhojpuri, Hindi
YouTube Starting Date 24 Nov 2016
Height 5'7" feet
Eye and Hair Colour Black and Brown/Black
Hobbies Singing and Gaming

About Manoj Dey

Manoj Dey is a social media motivator, blogger, and YouTuber from India, making himself a self-made person. His YouTube account features blogs, technology, and YouTube tips videos. Manoj Dey has two active YouTube channels right now, the first of which has over 45.6 lakh subscribers and is titled Manoj Dey. The second channel is Manoj Dey Vlogs, which has over 11.1 lakh subscribers.

Early Life

Manoj Dey was born on 12 July 1996 in Jharia village in the Indian state of Jharkhand into a low-income household. His mother takes care of the housework, while his father fixes bicycles. He received his primary education from a government school close by due to a lack of funds, and he later received his secondary education from ITI Dhanbad. Manoj Dey excelled in academics immediately and continued to stay at the top.

After completing his studies, his father wanted him to work in the government sector, but Manoj Day had other plans. Manoj Dey joined a telecom business after earning his ITI degree to support his father. After learning about YouTube, Manoj Dey started his own YouTube channel and continued working there and eventually escaped poverty. Not many people know that Manoj Dey Modak is his full name. Since most people refer to him as Manoj Dey, it is the sole reason his YouTube channel name is Manoj Dey.

Professional Career

Manoj Dey began his YouTube career using an outdated smartphone. His video first gained popularity on one channel called Technical Manoj after he used that phone to create two to three other videos on YouTube. On Technical Manoj's YouTube channel, monetization was enabled after a few days, and revenue began to flow. However, all of a sudden, Manoj Dey was having problems as the monetization ads stopped. Nevertheless, Manoj Dey persisted.

Manoj Dey then started his second YouTube channel, which he titled Manoj Dey, on 24 Nov 2016, and after putting in a lot of effort for ten months, he finally got paid. The videos gradually started to become famous as he continued to upload them regularly.

Manoj Dey then launched his blog channel, Manoj Dey Blog, after reaching 50,000 YouTube followers in a year and a half. Manoj Dey now has two YouTube channels, the first of which is simply titled "Manoj Dey" and on which he shares advice on how to make money online and other tech-related topics. In contrast, he uploads lifestyle-related blogs on his second YouTube channel, "Manoj Dey Blog". He also has a viral Instagram account, which has accumulated around 6 lac 50 thousand followers. Unlike many YouTubers, he also has a Twitter handle with over 61 thousand followers.

The overall net worth of Manoj Dey is between 10 and 15 crores. Manoj Dey makes between 5 and 7 lakh rupees in a single month. Manoj Dey gets thousands of dollars per year from YouTube, advertisements, and business promotion. However, as he hasn't yet disclosed the size of his whole network, this information is only an estimate.

Personal Life

Manoj Dey's wife's name is Jyoti Shree Mahto, who herself is known to be a successful YouTuber since she is a vlogger and films her life and daily activities. Both Manoj and Jyoti had previously dated each other for three long years before tying the knot and finally getting married. Their marriage had been a great topic of discussion as it created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers, as getting married is considered a huge occasion in India. Their marriage has contributed immensely to their current follower base, as that event attracted quite a huge fanbase. The marriage was conducted according to the Bengali custom and traditions. Manoj Dey personally traveled to Kolkata, away from his home, to marry Jyoti Shri Mahato on 6 Mar 2023.

Manoj Dey

Facts and Struggles

After Manoj had successfully completed his higher secondary school education, he had an interest in the field of engineering and wanted to pursue a full-time B. Tech Degree, but family money constraints forced him to give up on his dream and pursue an ITI course. Even while pursuing an ITI course, he and his family could not pay the tuition fees, so to continue his college education, Manoj had to sell his computer to pay his fees.

During his graduation period in the ITI course, Manoj had a money crunch and felt wrong about asking for money from his parents, as his family belonged to a lower-middle-class-family and his father owned a small bicycle repairing shop which earned a bare minimum of 200-250 rupees daily. So, in order to sustain himself and handle daily expenses on his own, he used to give tuition classes to younger students. Afterward, to increase the cash in hand, Manoj also worked at a fabric factory located in Gujarat once his ITI course was finished. It was a hard-working job of hours of labor work but only fetched him 10000 rupees on a monthly basis.

Eventually, he did not find the job satisfactory and up to his standards, and hence he quit. After years of living alone, he came back to his native village in Dhanbad and enrolled in a coaching center, but this time not as a teacher but as a student to prepare for a government exam. The name of the coaching center was Success Mantra. During his exam preparation, he came across a video on YouTube that told people how to earn money by making videos on YouTube. Inspired by this idea, he started his own YouTube channel and used to post his singing videos on that channel, hoping to get views. After gaining lakhs of people as his subscribers, he became so famous that he was officially appointed as the brand ambassador of the city of Dhanbad by the district government of Dhanbad in 2022.

Apart from all this, Manoj follows a vegetarian diet and believes in the Hindu belief of not harming animals as they are sacred. Manoj is a hardcore dog lover and even has a pet dog named Max.

His Love for tech products has been very clearly depicted by the type of content he posts on his YouTube. His favorite tech gadget company is Apple, as he owns almost all the latest Apple iPhones, iPads, Macs, and many more accessories. Manoj is also fond of cars and bikes.

As a newly rich YouTube, it was pretty easy for him to get attracted to big mechanical and technical things like phones, cars, and bikes, and he owns almost everything more than one now. He owns a red-colored Royal Enfield Classis 350cc, which he nicknamed 'Lali'. Apart from this, he owns three additional bikes, which include a Yamaha RJ5, a Splendor TVS Apache, and an Activa. Apart from the bikes, he owns three additional vehicles. He has a Tata Harrier XZ, a Hyundai car, and a Maruti Suzuki Gancy in his collection of cars.

Manoj Dey's Favourites

  • Manoj's favorite YouTuber is Technical Guruji.
  • Manoj's favorite bike is Royal Enfield.
  • Manoj's favorite sport is Cricket.
  • Manoj's favorite cricketer is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  • Manoj's favorite actors are Shahid Kapoor and Sushant Singh Rajput.
  • Manoj's favorite actress is Alia Bhatt.
  • Manoj's favorite singer is Sonu Nigam.
  • Manoj's favorite movie is "3 Idiots".
  • Manoj's favorite color is Blue.
  • Manoj's favorite destination is Mumbai.

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