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Alya Manasa

Alya Manasa

Introduction and Early Life

Alya Manasa, a well-known television personality and actress in the Tamil film industry, has lately attracted a large fan base and increased her popularity. Alya Manasa struggled to become an actor; her career began as a radio DJ, moved on to dance, and settled into the acting field.

Alya Manasa, an actress, was born in a Tamil Nadu-based family on May 27, 1992. She began her career as a radio jockey after completing her education. Still, because she enjoys dancing, she audited for the dance reality show Maanada Mayilada, which helped her gain fame.

With the release of the 2017 film Juliem 4 Perum, she made her acting debut in the Tamil film industry. After playing the character of Semba in the television series Raja Rani, she became well-known. She has amassed millions of social media followers and is one of Tamil cinema's emerging stars. She currently has close to 4 million Instagram followers.

Educational Qualification

Campion Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, is where actress Ayla Manasa finished high school. She also earned a degree in computer science from Ethiraj College for Women in Chennai.


Alya Mansa, an extremely skilled actress, entered the television and YouTube world and has succeeded in both. Alya is a superstar and a well-known name in the Southern region of India, but she is a rising star now gaining popularity nationwide.

1. Career as a Dancer and Actor

Alya worked as a model for well-known companies before she started acting, and she was frequently portrayed as a typical South Indian woman for various brands. Alya's success as a radio host afterward led to the growth of her fan base.

Alya made her television debut in Kala Master's reality dance competition Manada Mayillada, where she performed while dancing with her ex-boyfriend Manas Sathish. Alya gained recognition as a gifted dancer and was lauded for her unique movements.

Following the dance reality show, Alya joined the Vijay Television Network. She appeared in several shows, including Ready Steady Po, Julieum 4 Perum, and ultimately Raja Rani, for which she received ongoing recognition and support. For the serial's second season, she continued to play her role in Raja Rani.

2. Career as an Influencer

Alya had brand sponsorships when she was a successful actress and later was an ambassador for numerous companies. She developed a following on social media and expressed her views on products and current events. On Instagram, Manasa has a sizable following, some of whom are fans from her time as a radio jockey.

3. Career as a YouTuber

Alya became popular recently due to the SANJIEV&ALYA YouTube channel she and her family created. Where they post vlogs about their daily lives, travels, and other intriguing things.

Their YouTube channel is growing, and as a result of the popularity of their channel, some new fans have started tuning in to the Raja Rani show. The family launched their YouTube account on March 16, 2021, with around 1.62M subscribers.

Ex-Boyfriend and Relationships

In 2015, Alya Manasa dated Manas Satish, a well-known dancer and actor she had previously danced with at Maanada Mayilada. The pair had wrist tattoos of each other since they were so close. But despite appearing to be close, the pair split in 2017.


The actress Alya Manasa resides with her family in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and is from a middle-class family. Social media has a limited amount of information on Alya Manasa's parents.

She has a younger sister named Janani Manasa, who is currently completing her studies in Chennai, where she was born. In addition to being his co-star in the television series Raja Rani, actor Sanjeev Kathick also married Alya Manasa. They have two children, a daughter Aila Syed and a son Arsh Syed.

Husband and Children

Since signing to the show Raja Rani as a lead cast member in 2017, Ayla Manasa has been dating co-star Sanjeev Karthick. On May 27, 2019, Alya Manasa and Sanjeev Karthick secretly wed. A few months later, they announced their marriage via an Instagram post. Aila, their daughter, was a blessing in the year 2020. Actress Ayla routinely updates her Instagram account with pictures of her daughter and son. Alya promotes brands through her daughter Aila and accepts endorsements and commercials for accessories and child care.

Net Worth, Salary, Car, and House

Alya enjoys enormous success as a model, actor, and influencer, and she and her husband jointly own the enormous bungalow where she resides. She enjoys driving and has a large fleet of vehicles. On July 25, 2016, she purchased a brand-new Maruti Alto K10; on March 19, 2020, her husband and the family purchased a Mercedes. Alya Manasa's net worth is reportedly between INR 4-6 crores (approximately).


As an actress, influencer, dancer, and YouTuber, Alya enjoys success. Many people adore her. She is devoted to her family and her job. Her supporters adore her and have a strong interest in her life. She has put in much effort and is now enjoying her ideal life.

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