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Harshvardhan Jain

Quick Introduction

Name Harshvardhan Jain
Nickname Harsh
Date of Birth 21 April 1980
Place of Birth Village near Jaipur, Rajasthan
Age 42 years
Mother's Name Not known
Father's Name Not known
Educational Background Philosophy (Graduate)
Nationality Indian
Profession Motivational Speaker, Businessman, YouTuber
Wife Sushila Jain
Children 2
Hobbies Cricket and Swimming
Zodiac sign Cancer
Height 5 feet 6 inches

About Harshvardhan Jain

Harshvardhan Jain

In this era of anxious youth, people look for various ways to get out of work-related problems and find a way to a successful life. Motivational videos and live workshops are now expanding as a booming profession. As the name suggests, a motivational speaker provides ideas and inspiration to their struggling audience through long speeches and pep talks. Their ultimate goal is to help the people they interact with by making them realize their full potential and how to live a better life. Some motivational speakers help you grow psychologically, while others assist in trading and marketing strategies.

Harshvardhan Jain is one of the renowned motivational speakers of India and a successful businessman who works for Network Marketing MLM. Through YouTube videos, he spreads his thoughts among viewers commonly associated with digital marketing and business. He organizes seminars throughout India to encourage future entrepreneurs to know the boons and curses that come along with a career in network marketing.

Early Life

Harshwardhan Jain was born on 21 April 1980 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. From a young age, he was a curious child, and this curiosity made him proficient in many activities. Till the age of three, he had learned to swim in a pond in his village. Swimming has been one of his many talents; he has been an expert swimmer for the last ten years. As a child, he also spent a lot of time playing cricket with his friends. Taking part in various physical activities developed his confidence and decision-making ability.

He accomplished his secondary education at St. Anthony school and then transferred to Bikaner for further education at Khandelwal school. It came out as a surprise that Harsh didn't enjoy studying but actively took part in extracurricular activities organized in his school. He still has a hobby of playing cricket whenever he finds time from his busy schedule.


After completing his intermediate studies, he enrolled in a university to attain a B.Sc. degree. However, due to the lack of his own findings in his research, he failed in the first year of graduation. After he realized his inaccuracies in the field of B.Sc., he changed his course to philosophy and conducted remarkable research based on this subject.

Personal Life

Harshwardhan Jain was married to Sushila Jain in 2010 and is the proud father of two children. Not much information is available about his children, but his social media posts suggest that one of them is a boy.


Harshvardhan's speeches and ideas are complemented and considered by his listeners. But he couldn't have supported the masses without experiencing life and failure to its fullest. To make a name in multilevel and network marketing, he had to go through many shortcomings.

His first encounter with the network marketing world was through a friend who invited him to a symposium. When he got there, he saw people dancing, and in reality, they were the seminar's guest speakers. Harsh was fascinated by the ways and principles shared by the performers and wanted to follow in their footsteps. However, he neither had the experience nor knowledge required to develop a successful business.

He started his journey by establishing a direct Selling Business on 19 September 2000. However, he had no volunteers for almost a month. Due to the lack of information, he and his friends couldn't attract the public. For them, it was more like a "Join us and become a millionaire" scheme without any process. But soon, Harshwardhan learned more about the process and thoroughly studied it. As a result, his company started to gain clients, and business took off. He and his friends earned a lot of profit from this expedition.

In 2001, he tried to acquire an MLM company. His effort remained unsuccessful as the company closed down in 2006. Soon, he started a new company and earned almost double the profits of his previous company. This organization also came to an end tragically in 2011 as the Indian government found errors in money circulation processes. He was also arrested and locked up for around 37 days.

Journey Towards Success

In 2016, when the government issued guidelines for multilevel marketing, many MLM companies in India found recognition, and it became easier for MLM company owners to expand their business.

At the present day, Harshwardhan Jain is the name that all MLM enthusiast knows and praises and learn from his failures as well. One of his many successful ventures is his prominent training program, High Caliber Training Foundation. Through this foundation, he reaches out to young minds and helps them to use their full potential to gain what they want and how MLM can be the door to prosperity. Due to his gift of public speaking, he himself conducts many exclusive seminars for his training programs. The best thing about these programs is that the participants can put out their doubts directly in front of the mentor, and along with his motivational speaking skills, they feel comfortable conveying their ideas.

Tye's motto of his campaign has always been "walk the talk", which means that just talking about the ideas and plans wouldn't be enough; we need to take action if we want to make a change. As in, "Don't just talk, also walk on the path towards your dreams."

The main headquarters for his training campaign resides in Jaipur, but its branches are spread all over India, and through the means of Internet/YouTube, anyone can get more information about network marketing and business development.

Net Worth

His net worth is more than 50 crore INR, earned through various income sources. His YouTube earning is approximately 2 Lakh per month, and through his business and public speaking events, he earns over 10-15 Lakhs per month.

Social Media Presence

He created a YouTube channel on 5 April 2016 in his own name to impart intellect among his peers. He has over 5.20M subscribers at the present day. He has over 721K followers on Instagram and 1.2M followers on Facebook.

An Inspirational Life Journey

Being a businessman is no easy job, especially in an overpopulated country like India. You have to take risks and be ready for failure, and expecting good results is a rarity for startup businesses. However, if you choose the right mentor who gives you all the important information that you require to get into the trading world, you will at least know what to expect from your efforts. Motivational speeches and training sessions provided by him are a great help. If you want to start something of your own in the field of network marketing, then his training session and guidance will surely help you to understand how and where to start.

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