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Neetu Bisht

Neetu Bisht

Neetu Bisht is known for her work as a model, vlogger, social media influencer, content creator, Youtuber, Instagram star, and businesswoman. Neetu, an Indian native of New Delhi, has established a name for herself through her intriguing modelling work. She has worked with well-known companies and beauty goods, and she has also appeared in commercials and music videos. She has prominently appeared in advertising for prestigious companies, including Bingo, Livpure, Amazon, Costa, and Pantaloons. Neetu has amassed a sizable following on numerous social media sites in addition to her modelling activities, demonstrating her versatility as a content creator and influencer.

Her engaging travel and fashion vlogs are shared on her YouTube channel, which, as of February 2023, had over 4.81 million followers. Neetu also displays her spectacular images on her Instagram account in posts and reels. This article explores Neetu Bisht's life and accomplishments, illuminating how she rose to fame as an internet personality.

Early Age, Education, and Family Background

Neetu Bisht, a dedicated and gifted person, was born into a Hindu household on December 16, 1997, in New Delhi. As the family's eldest child, Neetu was brought up with a strong work ethic and the desire to succeed. She started her schooling at the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarvodaya School in New Delhi, where she finished her foundational coursework before setting out on a career path that would bring her fame. Despite obstacles, Neetu's perseverance and diligence propelled her toward success as an internet celebrity and model.

Family, Nationality, and Marriage

The influence of Neetu Bisht's family was crucial in determining her path. She was raised in a middle-class household with two younger sisters, Divya Bisht and Poonam P Bisht. When Neetu's father, Pratap Singh Bisht, died in 2009 from a cerebral haemorrhage, tragedy struck young. She was forced to assume responsibility at a young age as a result of this loss, which cultivated her independence and desire for success. Mohini Bisht, Neetu's mother, developed into a pillar of strength, and her commitment to and success in raising her family is obvious. Despite the difficulties, Neetu's tenacity and fortitude allowed her to become known as a model and social media influencer.

Love, Engagement, and Marriage

The personal life of Neetu Bisht has also drawn interest. She fell in love with professional cricketer Lakhan Arjun Rawat, and their union has endured the test of time. On January 15, 2021, the couple announced their engagement in honour of their enduring love. On her social media pages, Neetu posted pictures and videos of their happy occasions. When Neetu and Lakhan got married on February 27, 2023, their adventure came to an end. During the touching Sangeet ceremony that was part of the wedding festivities, Neetu showed her in-laws her appreciation and love by giving them a car.

An Overview of Neetu Bisht's Career and Wealth

In Neetu Bisht's profession, modelling, content development, and social media influence are all combined. Her involvement with well-known fashion labels and appearances in music videos, such as the one for the Punjabi song "Badnami," demonstrates her range of abilities. Moreover, she has amassed millions of fans on social media, with her YouTube channel acting as a hub for fascinating travel and fashion vlogs. As of 2023, Neetu's net worth is projected to be between 8 and 10 crores (about). She can now live a luxurious lifestyle while still producing interesting content and working with other influencers because of her popularity.

Facts about Neetu Bisht

On TikTok, Neetu Bisht is well-known for her ability and has developed a sizable following thanks to her hilarious videos. She doesn't smoke, and nobody knows how much alcohol she drinks. She considers Virat Kohli to be one of her favourite athletes.


From a driven young woman in New Delhi to a well-known Indian influencer and model, Neetu Bisht's story is one that is characterised by tenacity, family support, and unwavering determination. Her versatility and ingenuity are demonstrated by her success as a fashion model, social media influencer, content developer, and businesswoman. Neetu's tale serves as an example for many of how commitment, perseverance, and family values can produce great results in the digital age.

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