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Wish Rathod

Wish Rathod

Wish Rathod, also known by her birth name Vishwa Rathod, is well-known in the social media world. She was raised in the warmth of a modest middle-class home despite being from the dynamic state of Gujarat in India.

Wish Rathod entered the internet world and began a path that helped her establish herself as a well-known TikTok phenomenon, alluring model, and charismatic influencer on numerous social media platforms. Her appeal extends beyond the virtual world as a result of her natural beauty and endearing personality, which have won her many admirers.

The pages that follow go more into this compelling star of the digital age's interesting story. Learn about the fascinating elements that contributed to her meteoric climb to fame on the huge Internet. Wish Rathod was born into a household with two brothers and a sister, but when she was just two years old, her parents divorced, changing the course of her early years.

Her path to fame began on TikTok, where her engaging personality and relevant material rapidly drew her a sizable following. This encouraging neighbourhood has been at her side the entire way, encouraging her at every turn.

Personal Life

Wish Rathod is currently 21 years old and has developed quite a name as a well-known TikTok phenomenon. She creates a variety of videos for TikTok that range from funny sketches to heartwarming moments, all of which have connected with her passionate fan base. Numerous people who fervently like her persona and material make up her fan base.

Wish Rathod strongly identifies as a Gujarati and hails from the culturally diverse state of Gujarat. She has a strong attachment to our canine pals as well, showing that her love is not just for people. She becomes even more relatable because to her love of dogs, which makes her fans adore her even more.


Wish Rathod and Shivam Singh Rajput regularly appear on our screens together, and their friendship exudes a warmth that is difficult to ignore. Through the numerous TikTok videos they make together, they exhibit their vibrant bond. Beyond TikTok, their friendship extends to YouTube, where they create and collaborate on compelling videos.

Although neither has publicly acknowledged their relationship, their behaviors, and conversations have led their devoted followers to speculate. Many admirers think that they are more than simply buddies since they can sense their true chemistry.

Wish and Shivam act as each other's pillars of support during the ups and downs of life. Their enduring friendship and mutual support have built a solid foundation that is evident even through screens. Their undying support from their admirers, who shower them with love and appreciation from all around, furthers their quest.

Genuine relationships are uncommon in our world, thus Wish Rathod and Shivam Singh Rajput's connection has a profound impact. Whether they are friends or more, their chemistry and constant support continue to win over the hearts of their innumerable admirers and weave an intriguing and wonderful story.

Wish Rathod's previous romantic interests or crushes are still mostly unknown. It might be difficult to piece together her past to identify her first crush or relationship. The details of her previous relationships are also still a mystery. The collective wish of her admirers and well-wishers is that she finds a spouse who sincerely loves and cares for her despite this uncertainty.


Wish Rathod, whose name is well-known on the TikTok platform, started her ascent to fame in the alluring world of video sharing. Her love of getting tattoos left a special stamp on her identity, drawing admiring glances from an audience as her body was covered in these complex works of art. Her tattoo-themed films' attraction made them impossible to refuse, resulting in an ever-growing swarm of fans and a rise in her notoriety.

Wish Rathod gained the charming title "Tattoo Girl" on TikTok, but her artistic endeavours go beyond ink. Her wide range of content, which includes both humorous sketches and captivating performances, successfully connects with a wide range of viewers. Her films capture a sense of pleasure and community as they are filled with friendships shared with friends, other TikTok enthusiasts, furry buddies, and her devoted fan following.

Wish Rathod has a talent for hairstyling that draws in large crowds in addition to her many other talents. Her innovative experimenting with hairstyles has won her a lot of admiration and added another dimension to her huge renown throughout India. As a powerful person, she motivates the following generation of TikTok aficionados to pursue their own artistic endeavours rather than only gaining followers.

Wish Rathod's path essentially serves as an example of the strength of connection, passion, and creativity. Her unusual charm has cemented her position as a respected and admired presence in the hearts of people throughout India. It is displayed via her tattoos, amusing films, adaptable fashion, and sincere interactions.


Wish Rathod had several difficulties as she shared unfavourable opinions on the well-known YouTuber Carry Minati. It all began when she responded to Carry's song "Yalgaar" with a response video on Shivam Singh Rajput's YouTube channel. Shivam Singh Rajput disabled comments on the video to prevent future disputes, but her prior statements on Carry Minati's work aroused questions. Additionally, this choice didn't sit well with some viewers, who reacted negatively to Wish Rathod.

Additionally, Wish Rathod publicly supported the TikTokers in the "TikTokers vs. YouTubers" trend. She expressed her support for TikTok while also having some negative things to say about YouTube. This attitude sparked yet another huge backlash, leading to harsh criticism and hostility from YouTube users and other groups.

Wish Rathod's path has been characterised by both achievements and admiration as well as situations in which her words and deeds drew criticism. Her journey has been formed by the challenges of navigating the online world, with its many vibrant communities, and serves as a reminder to us of the challenges of expressing one's thoughts in the social media age.

Interesting Facts about Wish Rathod

Wish Rathod's birthday is on July 6th, 1999. She was born in Gujarat's lovely town of Gandhinagar.

Her roots are in Hinduism, a religion that she treasures deeply. She proudly declares that she is an Indian and that she is from the lovely state of Gujarat. Her fluency in Hindi, English, Marathi, and Gujarati, her native tongue, is a reflection of her varied cultural experience.

Wish Rathod possesses the emotional depth and sensitivity of the sun sign of Cancer, and the fiery of the Aries moon sign.

Wish enjoys a wide variety of things, from tattoos and delicious cuisine to the artistry of making TikTok videos, among her hobbies. Her love for motorcycles and dogs goes well with her keen sense of fashion and enthusiasm for beauty.

Her eating preferences skew non-vegetarian when it comes to nourishment. She has established herself professionally as a TikTok Star, attracting viewers with her intriguing content.

Wish Rathod's enthralling journey is distinctively embellished with a variety of approximately 50 tattoos that adorn her body like works of living art. She regularly searches out opportunities to add new, detailed designs to her collection, each of which has a unique narrative to tell. Her enthusiasm for tattoos has no boundaries.

Rahul Gaikwad, a reputable figure in the tattoo industry headquartered in the vibrant city of Mumbai, has expertly stitched a key chapter of her tattoo story. She has worked with him to create a variety of eye-catching tattoos that highlight her uniqueness and ingenuity.

One of these, a specific tattoo of the Illuminati Sign that was put purposefully on her breast, has sparked curiosity and rumors, leading her supporters to theorize about its meaning.

Wish Rathod began her digital adventure in 2016 as an Instagram Influencer, launching her online profile and laying the groundwork for her future endeavours. This was prior to her spectacular climb to prominence.

Wish has a special bond with dogs when it comes to friendship. She develops an unbreakable link with her devoted white dog buddy, which is a clear indication of her love for these obedient canines. Her encounters with a cute pug further highlight how much she adores dogs, and she lovingly shares these experiences with her audience.

Wish has a variety of interests, including motorbikes, where her love of two-wheeled excursions shows. She easily combines her love of speed and her adventurous personality while riding her KTM, exhibiting her enthusiasm for life and her thrill-seeking temperament.

Each detail of Wish Rathod's life, from her tattoos to her cherished pets to her passion for motorcycles, is a vivid stroke that illuminates her path. These elements form part of the intriguing mosaic that characterises her distinct presence on the social media and beyond as her tale develops.

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