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Sampat Nehra

Sampat Nehra


Athlete turned criminal Sampat Nehra was influenced by mobster Lawrence Bishnoi. He attended DAV College, where he became president of the SOPU (Student Organization of Panjab University).

Ramchander, Sampat's father, is a former police inspector. It's interesting to note that Nehra won the silver medal in the national decathlon competition.

Sampat met Lawrence while still in college and began working with him. As a result of Lawrence's involvement in different crimes, everything started to fall apart.

According to court records, twenty-five cases have been brought against Sampat in Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan. He is Lawrence's right hand and a skilled shot.


Sampat is the Chandigarh-born son of a former police officer. Sampat is the son of former Chandigarh Police Assistant Sub Inspector Ramchander.

According to the source, Sampat, who is 28 years old, has won a silver medal in the decathlon (hurdle race) at the national level.

He attended DAV College to study. Where he rose to the position of President of SOPU (Punjab University's Student Organization). Sampath was actively involved in student politics as well.

He began his criminal career after meeting infamous mobster Lawrence Vishnoi while still in school. Sampath is allegedly Lawrence's right-hand man. He is a Lawrence Gang sharpshooter.

Sampath was initially detained in a vehicle robbery case in January 2016 when the victim was threatened with a pistol. Following this, he and another prisoner managed to escape in June 2017 after the policeman had been doused in chili pepper.

Lawrence is the right hand of the gangster who threatened Salman. In January this year, Lawrence Gang's gangster Sampat Nehra, who came into the limelight by threatening to kill Salman Khan, was arrested by Gurgaon's STF from Hyderabad. Dozens of cases of murder, robbery, and extortion are registered against this criminal in 4 states. Sampath was also very active on social media. He used to post updates on Facebook after taking betel nut.


Real Name Sampat Nehra
Date of Birth 22nd February 1990
Birthplace Rajasthan
Profession Former Athlete, Gangster
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
School Sachkhand Convent school, Abohar
DAV school, Sector 15 (2007-2009)
College Panjab University, Chandigarh
Educational Qualification Graduation

Family & Girlfriends

He was born into a Rajasthan-based Bishnoi family. Ram Chandra Nehra is Sampat Nehra's father. His father was an ASI who worked for the police. His mother is a housewife.

Sampat Nehra

He is not dating at the moment. Sampat Nehra is rumored to date several women and has a large number of girlfriends. Due to this practice, he frequently found himself in hot water since one of his lovers had told the authorities where he kept hiding.

Father Ram Chandra Nehra
Mother Sunita Nehra
Brother Anmol Nehra

Physical Appearance

Sampat Nehra weighs about 80 kg and has a height of 5.10 feet. He has a strong physique and has spent a lot of time working out and in the wrestling ring. Most of the time, he has a Mustache and a short beard.

Weight (approx.) Kilograms: 80kg
Pounds: 176 lbs
Height (approx.) Centimeters: 177 cm
Inches: 5 ft 10 in
Meter: 1.77 m
Figure Measurements (approx.) 32-26-34
Shoe size 8
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Career as an Athlete

Sampat had a brief professional athletic career during his time in college. He was an excellent athlete who competed in a variety of events and had kept his fitness in fantastic shape.

However, he became associated with criminals while in college and discovered how to commit crimes to acquire money quickly.

In Bishnoi's gang he was charged with extortion and faced several allegations of intimidating the business sector in an effort to extract money. Sampat Nehra also participated in gang battles and killed a lot of people this way. Although the authorities had been tracking him for many years, he was able to get away thanks to his network in many states.

Sampat Nehra

He had planned the assassination of star Salman with Lawrence Bishnoi and had even done his research. After touring Mumbai and inspecting his residence, he intended to kill the star in front of the public. After the event, he even intended to prepare his escape route and travel abroad using his agents.

Sampat Nehra

However, he was unsuccessful in 2022, as one of his lovers revealed to the authorities where he was hiding in Hyderabad. He was living in this city like a regular person and told people he was looking for work. From here, the police could make an arrest and simply detain him.

Crime History

In Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, and Rajasthan, Sampat is the subject of 25 separate cases. Twelve murder cases have mentioned Sampat by name, and an FIR has been filed against him. Six culpable homicide instances have an FIR filed against him. An FIR has been filed in incidents where two businessmen were held for ransom.

He was a talented athlete who won medals in contests at the national level, but when he became involved in Panjab University's student politics, he turned into an infamous mobster. This offender goes by the name Sampat Nehra. Yes, the very same Sampat Nehra had been identified as planning to assassinate Salman Khan, a popular Bollywood star. Lawrence Vishnoi was the brains behind the entire incident.

Sampat Nehra

Sampat Nehra is a Raigarh, Rajasthan native. Ramchander, Sampat's father, retired as an ASI from the Chandigarh Police, and Nehra was a star athlete. After joining the student government, Sampat gave up athletics and became mired in criminality at Panjab University.

Lawrence Vishnoi, one of the most sought criminals in Punjab and Rajasthan, gave him help in this situation. Sampat Nehra started engaging in criminal activity from this point on.

This includes a 3 crore rupee ransom demanded from a Chandigarh medical shop owner. In addition, 5 robbery instances have also been reported. A 2 lakh rupee bounty was placed on this gangster's head. Punjab, Rajasthan, and the Haryana Police each contributed Rs. 50,000 and Rs.1 lakh (which was contributed together by Rajasthan and Haryana), respectively.

Lawrence Bishnoi's junior at Chandigarh's DAV College was Sampat Nehra, who gained notoriety after being detained for planning to assassinate Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan.

Sampath, an athlete with awards from national athletic contests, was involved in Punjab University student politics with Lawrence. After a confrontation with Lawrence, Sampath picked up guns and became a mobster. The plan to assassinate Salman Khan, a famous Bollywood actor, was orchestrated by Lawrence Bishnoi.

According to preliminary questioning conducted on the flight from Hyderabad, Salman Khan was on the gang's hitlist, and Nehra alone had been tasked with carrying out the mission.

According to Satheesh Balan, deputy general inspector of the Haryana STF, the man traveled to Mumbai for two days, took pictures, and observed how the actor moved about the balcony and home at the Galaxy Apartment. He may have done this to determine the necessary distance and arsenal.

According to a police official, Ramchander, Sampat's father, was an ASI in the Chandigarh Police and was originally from the Rajasthani town of Raigarh. Lawrence and he met at Punjab University.

Sampath abandoned the game after this. Sampat Nehra, after that, began conducting criminal offenses. In the auto robbery case, Sampat Nehra was reportedly detained for the first time in 2016, according to the police officials. Nevertheless, he managed to flee in June 2017 by spitting chili in the officers' faces.

Sampat Nehra

According to police officials, Nehra shared a rental property in Hyderabad with two young people who were enrolled in MBA programs. They had no idea of his criminal history and considered him a buddy because he was always on his phone, sending texts and placing calls.

The housing for Nehra had been provided by mobster Lawrence Bishnoi's brother, who resides overseas, according to Dayanand Reddy, additional director general of police (special operations), Hyderabad.

According to Satheesh Balan, deputy inspector general of the special task team in Haryana, Nehra kept a low profile for a month while continuing to plot the assassination of his competitors. When the criminal left the residence for a nighttime walk, Hyderabad police helped catch him.

An officer involved in the case claimed that wanted mobster Sampat Nehra was planning to expand his criminal activities in Gurugram and had even established a base there. Nehra, a native of the Churu area of Rajasthan, was influenced by gangsters with connections in Gurugram.

Sampat Nehra

Nehra had teamed up with the Rohtak and Sonepat-based Anil Chippi and Kala Jatheri gangs to extend his activities in the Haryana and Delhi areas. According to the police, Deepak Kumar alias Tinu, one of Nehra's assistants, was related to these gangsters by his propensity to share pictures with other criminals on his Facebook page while occasionally in custody.

Together, they sought to topple the Kaushal and Amit Dagar gang, which presently controls most of the criminal underworld in Gurugram.

Ankit Badu, Akshay Palda, and Raju Bisdoi, three of Nehra's assistants, are still large in Abohar and Sonepat. Gangsters from Punjab named Sukhpreet Singh and Dilpreet Dhahan also spoke with Nehra under the identity of Bhudha Khosa.

Net Worth

Sampat Nehra has an estimated $4 million in personal wealth. He is a well-known mobster in the North Indian states of Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana and has amassed substantial wealth from illegal activity. He also has additional properties in Rajasthan and Punjab, including a fleet of luxury automobiles, some of which are bulletproof.

Some FAQs About Sampat

  • He has reportedly been directly involved in roughly 20 killings in recent years, according to police sources. Numerous more cases were started by the murder of singer Moosawala, for whom the Bishnoi gang claimed responsibility.
  • It's interesting that the gang doesn't operate covertly and has frequently been vocal about their atrocities. They have posted the news on social media to instil terror among the public about their authority.
Sampat Nehra
  • According to police sources, he is also well known for having a weakness for women, which is what caused his detention. Sampat Nehra has amassed a sizable fortune and maintains a strong network among several criminal organizations in the North Indian region.
  • It's interesting to note that for many years, his father was a sub-inspector with the police force. He is not connected to his son's recent legal troubles, though.

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