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Birthday Reminder Application in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Birthday Reminder Application using Python.

The name of our Python script is The following command in our Ubuntu terminal accomplishes this. Then, by using the following command in the Ubuntu terminal, we move the file to the location where Linux looks for its default files. The script that can be run: /usr/bin. This app assists with birthday reminders and birthday notifications for your friends. For System starting notifications, this program leverages Ubuntu notifications and Python.

The script is being added to Startup.

It's time to launch this Python script now that the code has been written. In Ubuntu, you can carry out the following:

  • For our reminder, we must first make an executable file. Python code
  • To achieve this, enter the following command into the terminal.
  • Now we must move this file to the directory where Linux looks for default files:

The following command in the terminal:

. Our executable script will be added to /usr/bin.

  • Go to Google and type in "Startup Applications."
  • Select Add, then give your process the name you want.
  • Write the command down. For instance, our file is called Then click Add after entering in the command field.

NOTE: Every time you start your System, the script automatically executes (once added to Startup). Additionally, if you share a birthday with someone else, both birthdays will be noted in the notification.

Format for the Birthday File:

Birthday Reminder Application in Python

Results of Running the Script:

Birthday Reminder Application in Python


Create a Python program that can determine whether a birthday is occurring today. If the person is one of the people listed, send a notification to the system with their name and the date of their birthday.

For this application, we need a file to keep the date, the month, and the person's name as a lookup file. The file will appear as follows:

Birthday Reminder Application in Python

Here, we'll turn this program into a startup running during system startup.

Steps for Making a Birthday Reminder App:

  • Read from the lookup file that you have.
  • The specified date and month must coincide with the current date and month.
  • Send a system notification with all the names whose birthdays fall on today.
  • Stop


Birthday Reminder Application in Python

How to set the Birthday Reminder to Run by default when the Computer Starts up

Step 1: In order to make the script file executable, use the chmod command.

Step 2: Move the script file to the /usr/bin directory.

Step 3: Find the Startup Applications and launch them.

Birthday Reminder Application in Python

Following the application opening, select Add, then enter the desired name followed by the program name in the command area. And include it as a starter program.

Birthday Reminder Application in Python

This is how we can create and schedule the birthday reminder on the desktop screen.

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