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Learn Python from Best YouTube Channels in 2022

So, do you need to learn Python without burning your time and cash on low-quality assets? Congrats! YouTube is an extraordinary spot to figure out how to code - yet what are the best YouTube channels to learn Python for novices? I realize it can feel overpowering to track down the best Python instructional exercise when you are new to coding. There are, in a real sense, many extraordinary recordings on YouTube.

To assist you with finding the right assets immediately, I set up this rundown of my #1 bit-by-bit Python preparing recordings and channels I follow. These are the channels I've been watching the most over the recent years. You are perfectly located on the off chance that you are thinking about how to learn Python quickly. It has never been more straightforward to track down Python web-based, preparing to gain it from Scratch.

You don't need to peruse many recordings to learn Python programming for the outright amateur. Just pick a video underneath and begin learning immediately. Whether you need to learn Python for web advancement, information science, or AI, I got you covered! We should make a plunge!

Best YouTube Tutorials for Learning Python

Assuming you are new to programming and Python, ensure you look at the fast authority Getting Started Guide for a few supportive assets.

Additionally, you will track down savvy, viable tips in my article on the most proficient method to begin figuring out how to code from outright Scratch. Whether you need to learn Python or another programming language, the tips will assist you with saving time and spotlight learning the right devices that will assist you with accomplishing your objectives.

Okay, we should jump into our Python YouTube channels now. To explore effectively through them, utilize the anchor joins underneath.

Here are the best YouTube channels to learn Python programming for amateurs:

  1. Chris Hawkes
  2. Christian Thompson
  3. thenewboston
  4. CS Dojo
  5. Clever Programmer
  6. Corey Schafer
  7. Telusko
  8. Traversy Media
  9. Derek Banas
  10. Data School
  11. freeCodeCamp
  12. Pretty Printed
  13. Programming with Mosh
  14. PyData
  15. Real Python
  16. Al Sweigart
  17. Socratica
  18. Anaconda Inc.
  19. Sentdex

Al Sweigart

Subscribers: 68K

Videos: 88 videos

Al Sweigart is one of my go-to YouTube channels to rehearse and learn Python programming. Albeit the determination of recordings isn't monstrous, it's an incredible spot to learn Python on the off chance that you are new to coding and web improvement.

You can likewise master programming essentials with his novice Scratch instructional exercises. They're perfect for learning the essentials of how programming functions and how you can utilize code to fabricate commonsense activities like games, for instance.

Likewise, in the event that you're not comfortable, look at Al's book Automate the Boring Stuff With Python.

Anaconda Inc.

Subscribers: 14K

Videos: 167 videos

To learn Python for information science and AI, Anaconda Inc. offers a decent choice of talks with middle-of-the-road and high-level Python applications.

If you are not comfortable, Anaconda is the world's most well-known Python information science stage. Also, even though their YouTube channel isn't the ideal spot to gain Python without any preparation, they have a few significant talks on the best way to involve the language in information-driven projects.

Chris Hawkes

Subscribers: 150K

Videos: 959 videos

Chris Hawkes has a pleasant choice of fledgling Python instructional exercise recordings for the outright novices. To gain Python without any preparation and you are searching for a solitary go-to asset, give his channel a fast attempt.

Assuming you are new to Python, you will find the first experience with Python programming recordings accommodating and exceptionally simple to follow. Bit by bit, you will figure out how the language functions and how you can utilize it to tackle issues by composing little projects of your own.

Christian Thompson

Subscribers: 30K

Videos: 219 videos

Christian Thompson's YouTube channel is certainly one of the most mind-blowing spots to gain Python programming without any preparation. If you are new to coding, here's the greatest aspect: he's an educator, so he knows precisely how to make sense of things obviously and completely.

Begin with Christian's Python essential instructional exercise recordings to learn how Python functions and why you can utilize it. At the point when you feel alright with the punctuation, look at his reasonable video instructional exercises to fabricate fun game activities, for example,

  • Space Invaders
  • Snake Game
  • Spasm Tac-Toe

Clever Programmer

Subscribers: 488+K

Videos: 345 videos

Clever Programmer is one of my number one YouTube channels to learn Python and programming.

With almost a portion of 2,000,000 supporters and new recordings transferred week by week, this is one of the most mind-blowing channels to get everything rolling with figuring out how to code.

Subsequently, on the off chance that you have never picked up programming, you will discover a few truly supportive recordings to respond to major inquiries, for example,

  • What programming language would it be a good idea for you to learn? (Python, obviously!)
  • How might you, at any point, manage Python?
  • How to find a new line of work as a Python engineer?

Qazi's channel is loaded with simple-to-follow recordings for Python web-based preparation.

Corey Schafer

Subscribers: 444+K

Videos: 222 videos

Corey Schafer's YouTube channel is loaded with free Python instructional exercise recordings for amateurs and halfway Python engineers.

Assuming you are new to Python, begin by introducing and setting up Python for your Mac or Windows. Then, at that point, follow Corey's video instructional exercises individually to figure out how Python functions and why you can utilize it.

At the point when you feel certain working with the linguistic structure, you will track down bit by bit instructional exercises for applying your new abilities to functional ventures. For instance, look at Corey's free instructional exercises for:

  • Django and Flask for web advancement
  • Matplotlib and Pandas for information examination
  • Software engineering basics
  • SQL instructional exercises

CS Dojo

Subscribers: 1.3+ million

Videos: 87 videos

CS Dojo is a channel with code-along Python video instructional exercises for fledglings and moderate understudies.

Once more, assuming you are new to Python and coding, begin with the unmistakable and compact presentation recordings. YK works hard to make sense of the language's functions without carefully describing the situation to confound you.

In addition, CS Dojo has recordings with accommodating methods for beginning with programming, by and large, how to approach tackling issues with code, and considerably more.

When you're prepared to begin going after your most memorable engineer position, look at the vocation way guidance videos for a few additional tips.

Derek Banas

Subscribers: 1 million

Videos: 1,023 videos

Derek Banas is one of my #1 YouTube channels for fledgling programming instructional exercises where you can realize every one of the rudiments in a solitary meeting.

His channel covers a modest bunch of famous programming dialects and instruments, along with website composition essentials. If you are 100 per cent new to coding, his recordings are loaded with involved instructional exercises where you advance however much as could be expected in a brief time frame.

To get everything rolling, look at Derek's Learn to Program playlist for a careful prologue to Python programming. Then again, watch his well-known one-video Python instructional exercise for novices.

Data School

Subscribers: 126K

Videos: 88 videos

If you are new to Python programming and keen on AI, Data School has some extraordinary novice recordings to assist you with a beginning.

This Python YouTube station shows you the nuts and bolts of information science. Assuming you have a confounded outlook on what you ought to realize, Data School will assist you with zeroing in on the right subjects - no matter your instructive foundation.


Subscribers: 1.67+ million

Videos: 1,000 videos

freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel isn't only perfect for learning Python programming, coding, and overall web improvement. You will track down lengthy, full-scale courses in famous apparatuses and dialects, like Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS, and more.

If you're not comfortable, freeCodeCamp is truly outstanding. Most straightforward stages to figure out how to code without any preparation. If you are beginning and would rather not put resources into online courses, look at to begin advancing today.

Concerning learning Python, look at their full-length free internet-based Python course for fledglings.

Pretty Printed

Subscribers: 46K

Videos: 393 videos

Pretty Printed makes them astonish amateur recordings to gain Python programming without any preparation. New recordings are added week after week.

Anthony makes sense of Python and programming ideas plainly and briefly. If you are new to coding, look at his channel to begin correctly. You will learn everything you want to be aware of to construct your own web applications with Python and Django.

Programming with Mosh

Subscribers: 891+K

Videos: 144+ videos

Programming with Mosh is undoubtedly one of my #1 puts to get the hang of programming and Python on YouTube.

Mosh's recordings are generally clear and straightforward. He essentially takes you by the hand and strolls you through everything you want to be familiar with Python to begin building coding projects alone.

(To that end, Mosh's channel is developing quickly!)


Subscribers: 88+K

Videos: 2,034+ videos

PyData is an instructive program of NumFOCUS, which work with nearby client networks all over the planet.

They arrange occasions for Python and information science fans to unite them and to discuss and foster prescribed procedures, for instance. This YouTube station has a few extraordinary recordings with talks and introductions for anyone interested in information science and information examination.

Real Python

Subscribers: 73+K

Videos: 180 videos

Real Python is Dan Bader's really useful YouTube channel, where he strolls you through Python coding for amateurs bit by bit.

You won't just track down an incredible Python essential instructional exercise to begin gaining it from outright Scratch. However, Dan will likewise help you out with lots of different inquiries, for example,

  • The most effective method to compose perfect, intelligible code
  • The most effective method to bring in cash as a Python designer
  • What Python undertakings to work to find a new line of work
  • Where to begin getting the hang of coding as a flat-out fledgling

Real Python is an extraordinary go-to asset for an exhaustive prologue to Python programming. Besides, you will track down bunches of supportive recordings to respond to your inquiries concerning beginning a lifelong in tech and significantly more.

Look at the Real Python site and blog for considerably more supportive tips. (I'm a major fan!)


Subscribers: 814K

Videos: 1,1901+videos

Sentdex offers a decent determination of involved video instructional exercises to learn Python programming for novices.

Suppose you have any desire to learn Python to begin a lifelong in tech and become an information researcher, for instance. In that case, this channel is an extraordinary spot to begin learning the nuts and bolts.

Besides, you will track down supportive recordings and playlists to figure out how to apply your Python abilities to tackle pragmatic issues in a couple of regions:

  • AI
  • Information investigation and perception
  • Advanced mechanics (and the Raspberry Pi)
  • Money and financial planning


Subscribers: 493+K

Videos: 576+ videos

Socratica has a lot of recordings for learning Python as well as other math and science subjects, as well.

Assuming you are new to programming, their Python essential instructional exercise begins with the basics to tell you the best way to introduce Python and how the language functions. You will then, at that point, continue to compose your most memorable little projects bit by bit.


Subscribers: 827+K

Videos: 1,300 videos

Telusko has over 800K devotees on YouTube, and the recordings are focused on the outright amateur. Assuming you have never done any programming, no problem! The recordings start at the earliest reference point of how programming and Python work and what punctuation is like. Then, at that point, you can step up your abilities from that point.

In short: With this Python video instructional exercise playlist with 100+ clear and concise recordings, you will gain Python programming without any preparation from beginning to end. Have a great time!


Subscribers: 2.39+ million

Videos: 4,300

thenewboston is one of the greatest YouTube channels to master programming, with over 2.3 million endorsers. With north of 4,300 recordings, you will find many supportive instructional exercises for learning Python programming for the outright novice.

Aside from Python, thenewboston offers involved instructional exercise playlists for learning HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Java, for instance. Considering everything, if you are significant in viewing simple-to-follow Python web-based preparing assets, this channel may be the best free web-based Python course for novices.

Traversy Media

Subscribers: 997+K

Videos: 766+ videos

Traversy Media is another of my number one YouTube channels to pick up programming free. Brad has an incredible Python intensive lesson for fledglings to assist you with moving began with the language immediately.

What's cool about his Python instructional exercise recordings is that you can begin constructing your most memorable little Python projects after a solitary intense training video. It will show you the rudiments of Python sentence structure and how the language functions.


There you have it! That is all there is to it for the best YouTube channels to learn Python programming for fledglings this year!

On the off chance that I missed your #1 Python video instructional exercise, if it's not too much trouble, leave me a remark, and I'll add it to the rundown.

Assuming you are new to coding, the most effective way to learn Python is, to begin with, it and find out how things turn out. Python is one of the most straightforward programming dialects for fledglings, so you will not need to invest much energy investigating your code or figuring out how the sentence structure functions.

You can get results quickly and begin fabricating your most memorable little projects sooner than you might suspect.

This tutorial will suffice if you are searching for significantly more assets to learn Python. For considerably quicker progress, utilize these demonstrated learning methodologies to draw nearer to your objectives speedier.

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