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World-Class Software IT Firms That Use Python in 2023

There are currently more than 500 programming languages, and new ones are being created daily. Of course, many of these overlap and were intended to be applied only in a theoretical or laboratory situation. Nevertheless, deciding on the computer languages utilized in businesses and regular coding would be best. Which languages should you study, and why should you spend time doing so?

Since this website is dedicated to Python, we've already shown why it's a fantastic language. Furthermore, Python is arguably the most popular language for the Pic Microcontroller. Knowing that you are aware of the incredible things you can create using a Pi kit and just a little inventiveness. While playing around with Python is simple to understand, you might be asking how this relates to real-world applications and commercial situations.

We'll now discuss eight eminent businesses you may be familiar with that use Python. You may then see the fantastic prospects for Software engineers in the real world.


This website ranked fourth in the United States and seventh worldwide in terms of monthly traffic in 2018, with 543 million visitors. 73.95 million submissions and 82.94 billion pageviews were recorded in 2017. Python served as the software backbone for everything else.

With Reddit Premium (formerly Reddit Gold), users can use the website without being interrupted by advertisements. Users may also receive coins as gifts if another user found their comment or post to be particularly amusing or of high quality. Reddit Premium grants access to features inaccessible to free users, including comment highlighting, private subreddits, and a customized Snoo. In 2018, Reddit Gold became Reddit Premium. Users can provide silver and platinum coins as incentives for high-quality content in addition to gold coins.

Six months after its debut, in December 2005, Reddit underwent a Python recode from its initial Lisp coding. The main justification for the switch was that Python offered more code libraries and greater development flexibility., the web framework that formerly powered the website, is now open-source.

Reddit eventually implements a highly customized version of each selected library, drawing a lot of inspiration from Python and its extensive range of libraries.

Reddit relies on the following libraries to execute its main services:

  • Python's default core services framework.
  • Rollingpin: To enable quicker deployment to different servers
  • pywebpush: Python implementation of Webpush data encryption
  • For administering: AWS Multi-Factor Authentication
  • monitors: To keep track of all operations
  • Gevent: To control concurrency based on coroutines
  • Django-underwear: Supporters merging underpants with Django and numerous other libraries


Google has backed Python almost since its inception. "Python where we can, C where we must," was the initial decision made by Google's founders. In situations where storage control was crucial and reduced latency was sought, C++ was therefore chosen. Python made simple maintenance and comparatively quick delivery possible in other areas.

Even when alternative Perl or Bash programs were created for Google, these were frequently converted into Python. The simplicity of Python's maintenance and convenience of deployment were the causes. Google's initial web-crawling spider was created in Java 2.0, but because it was so challenging, they rewrote it in Python, said Steven Levy, author of "the Plex."

The four Google server-side languages that can be deployed in production are C++, Java, and Go, with Python being one of them. And just in case you weren't sure how significant Python is to Googling, Guido van Rossum, a Python BDFL, worked there from 2006 to 2013.


Just behind C++ and Hack, Facebook's proprietary PHP dialect, Python is the third most used language among production engineers on the social media platform. At Facebook, utilities, and services that manage architecture, a binary distribution, hardware photography, and operational automation have an average of over 5,000 commits.

Because Python libraries are so simple to use, the production engineers can concentrate on getting enhancements live because they can develop or maintain less code. Additionally, it guarantees that Facebook's infrastructure can expand effectively.


  • Facebook stated in a post from 2016 that Python is currently in charge of many infrastructure management functions.
  • These include using Dapper for planning and carrying out maintenance tasks, TORconfig for handling network switch configuration and imaging, and FBOs for white box switch CLlIs.
  • Facebook, including a Py Async IRCbot framework and a Facebook Ads API, has released Openstack Python projects created for Py3.
  • AsyncIO is assisting Facebook's engineers as they transition from version 2 to version 3.4 of its handlers and infrastructure.


Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers, uses Python for application development across several platforms. Amazon analyses client purchasing patterns using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate suggestions for products and discounts.

Python and Amazon both deal with large amounts of complex data. High scalability and smooth integration with other systems in the stack are features it offers. Amazon also uses automation and machine learning in its AWS resources.


The Instagram engineers bragged in 2016 that they were managing the largest deployment of the Python-only Django web framework in the world. This still applies today.

According to Min Ni, a systems engineer at Instagram, their use of Python in production is as follows:

Python's reputation of simplicity and pragmatism, which is in line with our motto of "do the basic thing first," is why we initially decided to adopt it.

Since then, the engineering team at Instagram has dedicated time and resources to maintaining the viability of their Python deployment at the enormous size (800 billion monthly active users) they're operating currently.

We are sure that we will continue increasing our service architecture using Python thanks to the effort we put into developing the performance framework for Instagram's web service.

Important Facts:

  • Instagram switched the majority of its Python code from Python 2.9 to Python 3 in 2017. Watch Hui Ding and Lisa Guo's keynote address at PyCon 2017 to learn more about their success with this significant code migration.
  • Additionally, we've begun to put more money into the Python programming language, and we're looking into upgrading from Python version 2 to 3.


This industry leader in music streaming is a major supporter of Python and uses it mostly for back-end services and data analysis. Numerous services on the back end communicate using 0MQ, often known as Attempt to start, a free software networking module and framework created in Python and C++ (among other languages).

The applications are written in Python because Spotify enjoys how quickly its development pipeline works while using the language. Gevent, which offers a quick event loop and a high-level synchronous API, has been used in all of Spotify's most recent architectural upgrades.


  • Spotify uses a lot of statistics to provide recommendations and suggestions to its consumers. Spotify uses Luigi, a Python tool that syncs with Hadoop, to parse these.
  • The interplay between the libraries is handled by this open-source module, which also consolidates error logs fast to enable troubleshooting and redeployment.
  • Spotify utilizes nearly 6000 Python processes running concurrently across the Hadoop cluster's nodes.


This enormous platform for crowdsourced questions and answers gave careful consideration to the language used for their proposal. Python, C#, Java, and Scala were the only languages left after Charlie Cheever, one of Quora's founders, had made his selection. The lack of type-checking and Python's speed were their major concerns while using it.

How Quora adopted Python?

Adam D'Angelo claims they opted against using C# since it is a proprietary Microsoft language and did not want to be subject to any upcoming changes. Any open-source code also had, at most, second-class support. They were concerned about future support and if Java would continue to develop because the language was still in its infancy at the time. Because they didn't want to be liable for any upcoming changes to the proprietary Microsoft language. Any open-source code also had, at most, second-class support.

Instead, the creators of Quora followed Google's example and created C++ for the performance-critical areas, using Python when possible due to its simplicity of authoring and readability. By creating unit tests that perform essentially the same thing, they were able to work around Python's lack of type-checking.

The availability of several solid frameworks at the time, like Django and Pylons, was another important factor in choosing Python. Having Python and JS work together was a significant plus because they knew that Quora would include server/client interactions that would only sometimes involve entire page loads. That's how Quora started using Python programming language.


Netflix employs Python in a manner that is quite similar to Spotify's, relying on the language to fuel its server-side data analysis. But it goes further than that. Netflix gives its software engineers the freedom to choose the programming language they use, and they have observed a sharp increase in the amount of Python applications.

The standard library, the incredibly vibrant developer community and the wide range of third-party libraries are cited by Netflix engineers as being able to address almost any problem. Additionally, Python has become a key component in many of Netflix's other services due to how simple it is to develop.

Important Facts:

  • The Central Alert Gateway is one of the main applications for Python. This RESTful web app receives notifications from any location and routes them to the individuals or groups requiring them.
  • Additionally, the software can silence redundant notifications that have previously been addressed and, in some circumstances, carry out automated fixes like restarting a process or terminating anything that is beginning to act unsteadily. Considering the enormous number of warnings, this app is a major gain for Netflix. By handling them effectively, redundant calls won't be made to developers and engineers.
  • Netflix also utilizes Python in the monkey programs that monitor historical security changes. These monkeys are employed to monitor and notify any modifications to any group's EC2 security-related policies and any alterations to these environments.
  • They also track the several SSL certificates connected to Netflix's various domains. Since 2012, Netflix has tracked a drop in unexpected expirations from one per quarter to none.


Python is used in the desktop client of this cloud-based storage system. In 2012, Dropbox persuaded Guido van Rossum, the developer of Python and benevolent dictator for life, to leave Google and join the company. This should dispel any last doubts about how involved Dropbox is in Python.

Rossum agreed to work for Dropbox only as an engineer, not as a leader or manager. He was able to contribute to the creation of the Dropbox community's capacity to share data stores with other users during his first year of service.

Although a large portion of Dropbox's libraries and internal parts are proprietary and not freely distributable, the firm has made a highly effective Python API available that lets you peek inside its engineers' heads. You can infer more from interviews with Dropbox engineers' statements that a sizable portion of their server-side code is written in Python.

It's also interesting to notice that the client-side programs employ a variety of libraries on both Mac and Windows computers to enable a uniform experience, even though they are written in Python. This is because Python isn't preloaded on Windows and your Python number will vary based on your Mac.


Uber is the most popular passenger transportation option in several nations worldwide. Its technology stack includes Python, Reactjs, Ruby, and Go as programming languages. Uber employs Python and Tornado to increase concurrency and throughput. For all of its data analytic duties, it also develops frameworks with the assistance of Python, R, and Shiny.

However, Python is used to power most of Uber's user services, including core functionality and calculations such as calculating ETA, ride prices, maintaining car supply and demand, and accurately determining geolocations.

Industrial Light and Magic

In order to produce the special effects for Star Wars, George Lucas established Industrial Light and Music (ILM) in 1975. Since then, they have come to be associated with FX and have won numerous honors for their work in both films and advertisements. Python was used to control an increasing number of ILM scripts, which resulted in a more straightforward, unified toolset and a more efficient production process. Look no further than OpenEXR, an Hdtv file format utilized by ILM, for a real-world illustration. PyIlmBase is included in the package.


  • ILM initially concentrated on practical effects but quickly understood that digitally created effects were the direction FX would go. The Genesis Project's explosion sequence in Star Trek II: A Wrath of Khan was their first effect since their CGI section was established in 1979.
  • ILM's CGI studio initially operated on a Unix shell, although this only managed a small quantity of work. The studio began looking for a technology that could manage the extreme upscaling they anticipated since they anticipated the future of CGI.
  • ILM selected Python 1.5 over Perl and Tk because it was easier to incorporate into their current infrastructure and was faster to learn. Python's straightforward compatibility with C++ and C made it simple that ILM to incorporate Python into their specialized lighting software. As a result, they were able to use Python in new applications, wrap software components in it, and expand their basic graphics programs.
  • The studio has used Python in many other areas of its work. Developers use Python to monitor and audit the performance of the pipeline while keeping a database of each image created for each film.
  • Despite various critiques, ILM still considers Python the best option for their purposes. Python will satisfy ILM's demands for a very long time because of its open-source nature and the flexibility to back-port updates.


Python is one of the best programming languages for various tasks since it is actively utilized by some of the biggest names in the IT industry. Its flexibility makes it even more alluring. Companies chose to utilize Python because of its smaller learning curve, extensive library selection, parallel processing, frameworks, and the language's developer-friendliness and rapid development.

If Python's popularity and significance in the modern digital era intrigue you, we strongly advise you to enroll in one or more courses and explore the Python universe because it offers a wealth of creative potential.

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