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Python Comments

Comments in Python can be used to explain any program code. It can also be used to hide the code as well.

Comments are the most helpful stuff of any program. It enables us to understand the way, a program works. In python, any statement written along with # symbol is known as a comment. The interpreter does not interpret the comment.

Comment is not a part of the program, but it enhances the interactivity of the program and makes the program readable.

Python supports two types of comments:

1) Single Line Comment:

In case user wants to specify a single line comment, then comment must start with ?#?


 # This is single line comment.
 print "Hello Python"


Hello Python

2) Multi Line Comment:

Multi lined comment can be given inside triple quotes.


''' This
    Multipline comment'''


#single line comment
print "Hello Python"
'''This is
multiline comment'''


Hello Python
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