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You can discover many Python Integrated Development Environments and code editors for both beginners and experts in this manual.

A tool for writing and editing code is called a code editor. They are frequently portable and beneficial for learning. Using IDEs becomes necessary when your program grows since you have to debug and test your code.

A text editor is better at understanding your code than an IDE. Typically, it offers functions like test automation, program linting, construction automation, and troubleshooting. Your work may be expedited as a result. The drawback of IDEs is that they might be challenging to use.

How do you pick a Python IDE or code editor that works for you?

We developed this tutorial to help make this task simpler. All the discussed tools are accessible on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


To begin with, this IDE makes learning Python simple. This makes learning Python simple to begin with. Some key features are the Python shell screen (interactive processor), auto-completion, syntax highlighting, smart formatting, and a simple integrated debugger.

Since IDLE is user-friendly and easy to handle, it makes a good IDE for learning. It could be better for bigger jobs, though.

Sublime Text 3

Popular code writer Sublime Text covers many languages, notably Python. It has a sizable community, is quick, and is very customizable.

When you download it, it comes with basic built compatibility for Python. However, we can install software packages for troubleshooting, auto-completion, code highlighting, etc. Additionally, there are many tools for scientific development, including Django, Flask, and others. We may customize sublime Text to provide a fully functional Python programming environment for your needs.

Sublime Text is available for downloading and evaluation at any time. But periodically, a pop-up will appear suggesting that "you need to buy a license for continuing use."


Github created Atom, an open-source coding writer we may employ for Python development.

Its characteristics are comparable to those of Sublime Text. Atom can be easily customized. We can install packages based on your needs. Python developers frequently utilize tools like autocomplete-python, linter-flake8, and python-debugger in Atom.

In my opinion, Atom is superior to Sublime Text editor for Python programming.


An IDE for experienced coders is PyCharm. It was produced by JetBrains, a business renowned for its fantastic tools for software development.

PyCharm comes in two different variations:

  • Community - Lightweight, accessible, free, and suitable for Python and research programming.
  • Professional - Full-featured IDE with a premium edition that also supports Web development.
  • Code automation, code audits, error highlights and solutions, troubleshooting, version management, and code reworking are all things that PyCharm offers in abundance. These features are all pre-installed.
  • The main criticism of PyCharm is that it uses many resources. Your system may lag if it has a tiny quantity of RAM (often less than 4 GB).

Visual Studio Code

Python development can be done using Visual Studio Code, an unpaid and open-source IDE developed by Microsoft.

In VS Code, users can add plugins to build a Python programming environment that meets their needs. It offers smart code completion, error-checking, troubleshooting, unit testing, etc.

Lightweight and loaded with useful features, VS Code. It is growing in popularity among Python programmers for this reason.


A popular open-source Integrated Development Environment for scientific programming is called Spyder.

Installing the Anaconda distribution is the quickest way to get Spyder up and running. If you didn't know, Anaconda is a well-liked software for machine learning and data analytics. Numerous programs, such as NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, and others, are available in the Anaconda distribution.

The iPython shell, troubleshooting, and auto-completion are just a few of the fantastic features of Spyder. However, relative to PyCharm, it needs more features.


The text editor Vim comes pre-installed on UNIX and macOS platforms. You must download it for Windows.

While some developers detest Vim, some truly like its keyboard shortcuts and extensibility.

Vim can be useful for Python programming if you know how to utilize it. If not, you must familiarize yourself with Vim's functions before using it for Python.

Vim can be used as a Python IDE by adding extensions for syntax linting, code generators, troubleshooting, refactoring, etc.

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