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get_screenshot_as_file Driver Method - Selenium Python

Python automated testing can be done with the Selenium Python Module. Python-based Selenium WebDriver bindings offer a straightforward API for creating functional and acceptance tests. Visit Navigating links using the get method - Selenium Python to learn how to open a website using the testing tool. Simply being able to travel isn't all that useful. What we'd like to accomplish is interacting with pages-more particularly, the HTML elements contained within a page. See Locating Strategies for more ways to use Selenium to locate an element. Numerous practical methods to manage the session or browser are provided by Selenium WebDriver. Adding a cookie, using the back button, switching between tabs, etc.

Selenium with Python's get_screenshot_as_file method is a useful feature for taking a screenshot of a web page in a WebDriver-controlled browser. Here is a brief explanation of its function and application, not a code or headings:

Selenium has a built-in method called "get_screenshot_as_file" that lets you take a screenshot of the web page currently viewed by the WebDriver and save it to a file on your local system. By providing a snapshot of the webpage's appearance at a specific point in your automation script, this method aids in visual validation and debugging.

You can utilize this strategy by conjuring it on the WebDriver occurrence, trailed by giving the record where you need to save the screen capture. Selenium will take a picture of the contents of the current page and save it in the specified location as an image file in a format like PNG.

This feature is especially useful when automating a webpage's visual state to find problems or ensure the page looks how you expect it to. It is useful for web automation testing with Python and Selenium because it helps with reporting and troubleshooting.

The Selenium driver method get_screenshot_as_file is the focus of this paper. The get_screenshot_as_file method creates a PNG image file from a screenshot of the active window. If there is an IOError, it returns False; otherwise, it returns True. S



The get_screenshot_as_file method can now be used as a driver method, as seen below:

How can I utilize the Selenium Python get_screenshot_as_file driver method?

Use the WebDriver's get_screenshot_as_file method in Selenium Python as an example. Let's use the driver object from Take a screenshot now.



Screenshot added -

get_screenshot_as_file Driver Method - Selenium Python

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