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Robot Framework in Python

In this tutorial, we will see the robot system(framework). We will cover standard libraries and basic capacities. Going ahead, we will likewise cover experiments, watchwords, factors, and lastly, coordinating the experiments.

Robot Framework is a typical open source robotization structure for ATTD (Acceptance Test-Driven Development), Acceptance Testing, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). It utilizes a watchword-driven testing innovation approach, and the abilities can be reached by testing libraries that rpa can execute in Python or Java.

We will discuss the Acceptance Technique, where the ability of the development is tried and the reason for the Acceptance Technique is to assess the framework's capacities as per the business prerequisite.

Robot Framework in Python

Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

This high-level technique is established in business correspondence between clients, designers, and analyzers. They work in coordination and do acknowledgment testing before executing the usefulness.

ATDD tries to encourage joint effort, bringing about a mutual perspective of the framework's prerequisites, as determinations are written in plain English. The details are then transformed into computerized acknowledgment experiments. What is the advantage of doing that?

To get for what reason that is valuable, first consider unit testing. This is a type of testing that, by its temperament, is very engineer-driven. It assists engineers with reporting their presumptions about their code in the executable arrangement.

Notwithstanding, unit tests don't take care of "are we assembling the proper thing?" For that, we'd need to depend on acknowledgment testing, which checks the activities of the application against a bunch of acknowledgment standards found through discussions with an area master.

Acknowledgment test-driven advancement tackles the issue of the improvement group executing highlights that don't address the client's necessities.

A fundamental part of ATDD is robotization: the particulars made from the conversations are transformed into executable tests that guarantee computer programmers carry out the highlights as per the prerequisites.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

It is a course of helpfully diminishes human endeavors in reverberation with programming that utilizations AI and artificial reasoning capacities. RPA handles significant level repeatable errands.

Robotic process automation streamlines workflows, making organizations more profitable, flexible, and responsive. It also increases employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing mundane tasks from their workdays.

RPA is non-invasive and can be rapidly implemented to accelerate digital transformation. And it's ideal for automating workflows that involve legacy systems that lack APIs, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), or database access.

The Architecture of the Robot Framework

The test information is easy to alter the table configuration when the robot structure is begun. It executes the cycle information and produces logs and reports. The center structure is clueless about the objects under test, and the libraries take care of the crossing point with it. Libraries can either straightforwardly utilize the application point of interaction or low-level testing devices as drivers. Robot Framework has particular engineering that can be packaged and extended with self-announced libraries. Whenever execution starts, the system parses the information before it. It then utilizes the watchwords furnished by the libraries to communicate with the objective framework. Libraries can intercommunicate organized with the framework or utilize different apparatuses as drivers. Test or errand execution begins from the order line. As a result, we get a report and sign-in HTML design and an XML yield.

Robot Framework in Python


Step 1: Installation

Check Python is installed on our computer.

Command: Python --version

Command: pip --version

Command prompt:

Step 2: Install Robot Framework

The path to install the framework in Python is to utilize pip. Wes can utilize the under-mentioned commands to install the robot framework.

Command: pip install robotframework

Command prompt:

Step 3: Verify installs

After the installation, we should be able to observe both robot framework and interpreter versions utilizing the Command: --version.

Command: robot --version

Command: rebot --version

Command prompt:

Step 4: Check framework is installed

Command: show robotframework

Standard Libraries in Robot Framework

There are a lot of standard libraries in the robot system. We should examine them individually.

  • A Robot Framework called Builtin, a standard library that gives a bunch of normal catchphrases required all the time, so it is naturally imported and accessible.
  • A standard library called Collection that gives a bunch of watchwords to deal with python records and word references. The library has catchphrases to adjust and get values from records and word references.
  • A robot structure library called DateTime upholds the creation and change of date and time values.
  • A Robot Framework standard library called Dialogs gives a way to stop execution and get input from clients. The discoursed are a piece conflicting relying upon regardless of whether the tests are running.
  • To empower the different working framework-related undertakings which will act in the framework when the robot system is running. In addition to other things, it can also execute orders and make and eliminate records straightforwardly.
  • Process is utilized for running cycles; this library uses python submodules and its open class. The main utilization of the library is to sit tight for the running system in the framework and gather utilizing the run cycle catchphrase. We have started the process on the foundation utilizing the start cycle. Afterward, we start the interaction or end process, or end all cycles involving sitting tight for the interaction.
  • A test library called Screenshot for taking screen captures on the machine where the tests are run.
  • String is a library utilized for string controls and checks.
  • Telnet gives correspondence over a telnet association. The telnet library makes it conceivable to associate with a telnet server and execute orders over an open association.
  • XML is likewise a robot system text library for checking and altering XML reports.

Underlying Tools

There are mostly four inherent apparatuses that are utilized in robot structure that are:

  • Testdoc - It produces undeniable level HTML documentation in light of experiments in Robot Framework Tools.
  • Libdoc - Tools for creating watchword documentation for libraries and asset records.
  • Rebot - To produce reports and logs in light of XML yield and consolidation of numerous results, in Robot Framework Tools, at the same time.
  • Clean - For cleaning and changing the arrangement of information documents in Robot Framework Tools

Experiments like Testcase

The experiments in the robot structure are permitted to write in basic English language as opposed to computerized experiments. It follows a Keyword Test driven approach that resounds with normal language as far as activity as opposed to assumptions. Experiments are made from accessible watchwords in the experiment table, and catchphrases can be imported from the test library or asset record. We can likewise make a watchwords table for the experiment document.

1. Work process Tests

The primary section in an experiment table has the test names. The experiment begins with something in the segment and is persistent with the following experiment name or the table's finish.

2. More Significant High-Level Tests

The subsequent section normally contains a catchphrase name, and the special case for this standard is to set factors with watchword composed values.

3. Information-Driven Tests (Data-Driven Test)

Information-driven testing permits test information to be confined without copying work processes. The [template] setting in the robot structure sets the experiment for an information-driven test.


Experiments in Robot Framework are made with watchwords coming from two sources.

  • Library Keywords: All the most reduced level catchphrases are characterized in the standard library, which can be carried out utilizing programming dialects like Java, Python, etc. The standard libraries are in principle structure, for example, worked in screen captures, and outer libraries are introduced independently like the Selenium library. Robot Framework accompanies test libraries that can be partitioned into standard and custom libraries.
  • Client Keywords: One of the strong highlights of robot structure is that we can make custom significant level catchphrases utilizing different watchwords.

Coordinating Test Cases: An assortment of experiments is known as a test suite. Each document containing experiments likewise frames a test suite. It is feasible to sort out experiments into order by utilizing indexes, all of which structure a more elevated level test suite that gets their names from catalog names. Robot experiments are made in experiment records, yet we can sort out them in indexes that make up the test suite ordered progression.

Robot Framework Advantages

  • It is helpful to utilize and introduce.
  • It is an open-source system. Anybody, regardless of programming experience, can drive.
  • It is fitting to different working frameworks and outer libraries like the Selenium library.
  • The Robot system upholds conduct-driven, catchphrase-driven, and information-driven styles of building experiments.
  • We can utilize any RIDE (Robot Integrated Development Environ) or content tool to compose the experiments.

Robot Framework Disadvantages

  • Need for Qualified Personnel
    For as far back as a decade, makers have found it more challenging to track down qualified staff for explicit assignments in their industrial facilities. The presentation of mechanization adds one more layer to this riddle, as robots require programming and information on the most proficient method to work. This Personnel opens up more doors for existing representatives to prepare and extend their abilities. A robotization organization can assist with beginning arrangement and arrangement, and with the right insight, workers can learn and adjust to deal with the robots in the long haul.
  • Preparing Required
    Like some other sort of innovation, the underlying arrangement of modern robots requires a great deal of preparation and experience since they are astounding at doing many assignments. Great computerization organizations offer a help bundle of their expertise, a critical variable. Be that as it may, architects can be prepared to program the robots to limit dependence on mechanization organizations. However, the help of experienced computerization organizations is expected for the first robot incorporation. Shortage of equal test execution. Redoing HTML reports isn't direct.
  • Absence of Safety
    While incorporating robots into our creation climate, security is important, notwithstanding appropriateness for robots. Moreover, there is a misinterpretation that cooperative robots are just "safe", yet safety should perform a full gamble appraisal to evaluate speeds, resources, and the potential dangers of each end-impact apparatus before they can be carried out. At last, the client should completely assess the machine and give it the CE mark.

Robot Framework Limitations

  • The robot needs support for if-else, settled circles, required when the code gets perplexing.
  • There are still a few restrictions on the kinds of undertakings they can perform. Therefore, we urge organizations to contact computerization organizations before assessing the different choices accessible.
  • The result is quicker than a robot. Not so regularly, everything is incorporated into a robot's Success or disappointment.
  • The well-being of a modern robot framework relies upon how well the encompassing frameworks are coordinated, e.g., grippers, vision frameworks, transport frameworks, etc. Utilize just great, dependable robot integrators for the best outcomes.

Robot Framework Comparisons and Alternatives


Selenium computerizes programs. That is all there is to it! How we manage that power is dependent upon we. Principally, it is for robotizing web applications for the end goal of testing. However, it is surely not restricted to only that. Exhausting online organization undertakings can (and ought to!) be robotized also.


Cucumber is an instrument that upholds Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) - a product advancement process that expects to upgrade programming quality and lessen upkeep costs.


Cypress is a front-end computerized testing application made for the cutting-edge web. Cypress is based on another engineer and runs in a similar run-circle as the application being tried. Subsequently, Cypress gives better, quicker, and more dependable testing for anything that runs in a program. Cypress deals with any front-end structure or site.


It is a trying system intended to work on a wide scope of testing needs. It covers all classifications of tests: unit, useful, starts to finish, combination, etc. Run tests in randomly huge string pools with different strategies accessible (all techniques in their string, one string for every test class, and so on


ThoughtWorks make a gauge. Gauge lets us compose tests in plain talk and refactor courageously. Gauge's pluggable design permits us to modify our current circumstance so we can compose tests in our preferred language and IDE.


The Robot Framework is an open-source test robotization structure for acknowledgment testing and acknowledgment test-driven advancement. The experiments in the robot system depend on catchphrases written in a plain arrangement, which makes it understood and clear and uncovers genuine data about the goal of the experiment. For instance, the catchphrase utilized is "open program" to open a program.

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