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How to Practice Python Programming?

Get the perfect Python to practice, regardless of whether you're just beginning your learning process or seeking to polish up ahead of a job interview.

Code Everyday

As with acquiring any other skill, persistence is essential while mastering a new programming language. We advise making a daily coding commitment. While it may be difficult to understand, muscle memory is a key coding component. Resolving writing a code each day will significantly help develop that muscle memory as you will use the learned concepts repeatedly in your code. Although it may seem daunting initially, consider starting with writing code for only 25 minutes each day and gradually increasing your time.

Write It Out

You might ask if taking notes is necessary as you develop as a novice programmer. Of course, you should! Studies show that writing down your notes manually is best for long-term memory. This habit will be especially beneficial for anyone looking to join the community of full-time engineers, as many interviews with big companies would necessitate writing a program first on a whiteboard.

Before going to the system to write code, planning and structuring your code on paper or a whiteboard might be beneficial once you start smaller projects and programs, you can spare a massive amount of time by making a list of the classes and functions that are used by programmers very frequently and how they interact.

Go Interactive

The integrated Python shell will be part of your finest learning tools, irrespective of whether you're learning about fundamental Python data structures (like strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries, etc.) first time or you are troubleshooting an application. We use it quite a bit on this website as well!

Before using the Python shell, often known as a "Python REPL," make sure Python has been installed on your computer. We offer a step-by-step manual to help you accomplish that. To start the interactive Python shell, simply launch your terminal and run Python or Python3, depending on the local settings.

Join the Bug Bounty Program

As you develop complex apps, you may inevitably encounter bugs or other code mistakes. Everyone encounters it! Do not let bugs depress you. Instead, take pride in these occasions and imagine yourself as an epic bug hunter.

A systematic approach can help you identify where things are failing while debugging. An excellent method to finding errors in code is to go over your program in the sequence it is performed. Ensure that each section functions appropriately.

After you have a general notion of where something could be failing, execute your script by adding the accompanying line of code: import pdb; pdb.set trace(). This code will put you in an interactive environment and launch the Python debugger. You may also launch the debugger from the command prompt by typing python -m pdb my>.

Interact with People Who Are Learning Around You

Programming may feel like a lonely hobby, yet teamwork is an essential trait for getting success. Coders must connect with other people who are also studying Python when they are doing so since this will help them succeed. Thanks to this link, you can share the information and guidance you acquire along the way.

If you don't know anyone, don't be bothered. There are several methods to connect with those who have a strong interest in studying Python. You can find many community events or Meetups online.


It's been claimed that teaching something to those who want to learn is the most excellent way to learn the topic yourself. When you are studying Python, this approach is very practical. There are other ways to do this, such as whiteboarding with other Python fanatics, writing about the fresh concepts you've discovered, creating videos to demonstrate fresh concepts, or simply chit-chatting with oneself at the desk. Each technique will make the coding ideas easier for beginners to understand while highlighting any places you still have doubts.

Pair Program

Pair programming is a method wherein two coders work together to complete a job in the same work area. The two programmers alternate playing the duties of "driver" and "navigator," correspondingly. The "navigator" writes the program, whereas the "driver" aids in problem-solving and reviews the software as it is created. Swap often to gain from both areas.

Pair programming offers several advantages since it allows you to see how anybody else could approach an issue in addition to having their code reviewed. You will be better able to solve problems when you return to programming on your own if you have been exposed to various concepts and points of view.

Build Something, Anything

By performing numerous small exercises, you may develop the muscle remembrance we described earlier and gain confidence using Python for beginners. After completely grasping object-oriented coding, establishing classes, and basic data structures, it's time to begin construction (strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries, and sets).

The process of development is more important than the final product. The thing that will teach you the most about building a code is building the code itself. Reading tutorials and classes from Javatpoint can only teach you so much. You will gain the majority of your education via building things with Python. You will learn a lot from the difficulties you solve.

There are several lists online with suggestions for simple Python projects. Here are some tips to get you going:

  • Simple calculator software
  • A dice simulator
  • A number guessing game
  • Stocks price notification app
  • Create a Custom Chess Game or Mobile App
  • Make an app for to-do lists.
  • Construct a Weight Conversion Widget
  • Design a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Create a Custom Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • Python Web Scraping Tool

You can watch online videos if you're having trouble designing new Python practice projects to work on or to get an idea. Online you can find many videos that outline a method to come up with hundreds of project ideas you may apply if you're stuck.

Contribute to Open Source

The open-source concept allows source code for free accessibility and collaboration of other coders worldwide on their system. Contributions are requested for several open-source Python libraries. Additionally, several companies publish open-source initiatives. This suggests that you are free to utilise any code written and produced by the developers working for these companies.

Adding code to open-source Python programs is a great way to offer worthwhile educational opportunities. To implement your fix into the code, you must make a "pull request" if you decide to fix a bug.

The project leaders will then assess your work and make comments and recommendations. By doing so, you'll be able to practice speaking with other developers and learn the best practices for Python programming.

Practice with Python Projects

Projects are one of the best methods to practice Python online. Here are several projects that you may utilise to get started right away. You can access a course that includes the project you're searching for by clicking one of the links below.

Jail Break - Enjoy some fun while applying Python on the Jupyter Notebook to analyse a dataset of helicopter jail escapes.

Valuable App Profiles for Google Play and the App Store - In this Python-guided project, you'll perform data analysis work for a firm that creates mobile applications. You will use Python to add value to the market through useful data analysis insights.

Examining posts on Hacker News - Utilise a dataset of articles posted to the well-known technology website Hacker News. You can draw valuable insights like the quality and significant areas of articles.

Analysing eBay's Car Sales Figures - Utilise Python to deal with a collected dataset of used vehicles from eBay Kleinanzeigen, the German eBay website's classifieds area. You can analyse which cars have sold more and where the company needs to work.

Identifying Heavy Traffic Indications on I-94 - Discover how the Jupyter Notebook UI and the pandas graphing tools enable us to investigate data using visualisations quickly.

Data Visualisation that Tells a Story about Exchange Rates - quickly generates one or more criteria and various subsetted charts.

Questionnaires Analysis - Work with departure questionnaires from Queensland, Australia's Department of Education staff, to clean and analyse them. Play the part of a data analyst and make out that the stakeholders are looking for solutions to crucial data queries.

Star Wars - This project aims to use Jupyter Notebook to analyse data related to the Star Wars film series.

Analyse SAT Performance - Using scatter plots and maps, analyse the SAT performance of various demographic groups using data from NYC high schools.

10 Websites to Practice Python Coding Online


You may find multiple-choice and peer-reviewed programming challenges on Geektastic. A thorough explanation accompanies each response to a multiple-choice problem. You may develop and post your tasks with their worldwide community in addition to taking on theirs. If you achieve a specific ranking, you may even be requested to join their exclusive review team, comprised of individuals that analyse programming competition submissions for several of the fastest-growing technology businesses in the world while on the side for pay.


Complete the programming problems, then develop charitable initiatives. This open online coding community provides a wealth of interactive practice possibilities, including training in various coding languages. The website collaborates with organisations to assist users in gaining experience and securing a developer job. Additionally, freeCodeCamp provides validated credentials.


Use the site's online editor to study data science and write code in Python and R languages. Their courses focus on implementing your learning and give concise, high-quality instructions. The site also allows you to apply your skills to real-world problems.


Put your abilities to the test with a collection of the best programming challenges from Coderbyte. Ten distinct coding languages are at your disposal to solve the coding questions online. The website also provides lessons and coding activities on data structures and algorithms.


In the most significant learning and competitive community, practice your coding abilities. The website offers a huge selection of lessons on coding methods and algorithms. Businesses can also employ users as the website links developers and enterprises.

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