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Collections.UserString in Python

Strings are the bytes that represent Unicode characters. Characters are strings that are of length one. The problem is that Python doesn't support this data type character.



String with the use of Single Quotes: 
JavaTpoint is the best platform to learn Python

 String with the use of Double Quotes: 
JavaTpoint is the best platform to learn Python


Python provides a String as a container, referred to as UserString, included in the collection module. This class functions as an additional class that wraps around string objects. This class is helpful in the case of creating strings of their own that have been modified or even with new features. It is an option to create new features to the string. This class can be used to take any argument that could be converted into strings and create a simulation of an unstructured string with its contents stored in a regular string. The string can be accessed via its data attribute.


The syntax for UserString is:

Example 1: (User dictionary with value and empty)


UserString 1:  123546
UserString :  

Example 2: Mutable String (Append function and Remove function)


The Original String:  JavaTpoint
String After Appending:  JavaTpointing
String after Removing:  JvTpointing


In this tutorial, we have discussed how to use UserString function of "collections" module in Python.

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