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Eight Amazing Ideas of Python Tkinter Projects

These days, a great many people who need to become Python developers know the linguistic structure of Python. Because of the plenty of instructional exercises accessible on the web. Some people have zero ideas about making projects. In any chance that you're also one of them, how about we adjust that outlook. In this tutorial, I will rattle off some simple-to-make project thoughts that you can do with the assistance of the Tkinter library of Python. Alongside the thoughts, I likewise attempted to incorporate a few assets to assist you with doing these activities.

Tkinter is a GUI (graphical user interface) module of Python, which we can utilize to make work area applications with a UI. Interestingly, Tkinter is straightforward, and you can learn it quickly, assuming you know the essentials of Python and article arranged programming.

1. Rock Paper Scissors Game using Tkinter

We as a whole realize the game Rock Paper Scissors, correct? It is one basic game that we play with our hands. Imagine a scenario in which we robotize that game and make an application. It is an intriguing undertaking that you can do.

In this way, we should make an application utilizing Python's Tkinter library. We will create a UI wherein we can put 3 buttons: paper, rock, and Scissors. Clients of the application can press any button to go with their decision.

In this game, clients will play against the PC. We will compose Python code in the back-end to ensure that the PC can likewise choose its decision naturally.

It is a game with three decisions: rock, paper, and scissors. Any 2 people can play this game at a particular time. Everyone needs to browse the three accessible choices.

In this way, both the clients and the PC will pick their choices. And afterward, we will apply the accompanying standards.

  • Assuming that one player picks the stone and the other picks the scissor, the rock wins.
  • Assuming one player picks the stone and the other picks paper, paper wins.
  • Assuming one player picks the scissor and the other picks paper, the scissor wins.
  • In the event that both the decisions are something very similar, nobody will win. Both the PC and the user won't get any focus.

Paper Scissors Rock Game is a cool undertaking, and you will appreciate doing this venture.

I will likewise assist you with changing the Python code you've composed into a work area application, which you can immediately utilize by tapping the symbol. You don't have to go to the order line and run the code each time you need to play the game.

Ensure you look at this instructional exercise and do this tomfoolery project. Then, at that point, you can play the game at whatever point you need and show it to your companions also.

2. Age Calculator App using Tkinter

If you're hoping to make a fundamental application in Tkinter, which does a few computations toward the back, then attempt this venture. It is an age mini-computer application that we can make quite effectively and quickly.

In this age number cruncher application, clients can type in their date of birth, and the application will ascertain and show their age naturally. Isn't so cool?

You will figure out how to involve a few superb libraries too. Python has a DateTime library, which does the procedure on date and time. The DateTime module supplies classes for controlling dates and times in straightforward and complex ways. Thus, utilizing this library, an individual's age can be effortlessly found with a couple of lines of code.

Doing this will show you how the structures and fastens work in Tkinter and how you can perform important computations utilizing Python. Likewise, you'll figure out how to add delightful pictures to your Tkinter application to make it look rich.

Python embeds pictures into the application with the assistance of a Pillow library, otherwise called the Python Imaging Library (PIL). You will figure out how to utilize this library by doing this undertaking.

PIL is a free library for the Python programming language that adds support for opening, controlling, and saving a wide range of picture record designs.

Straightforward Accurate Age Calculator App utilizing Python with Free Source Code Features:

  • Programmed Calculation
  • The undertaking contains a programmed highlight that will consequently ascertain your inputted information.
  • Essential GUI
  • The task contains fundamental UI-like buttons and textboxes.
  • Fundamental CRUD
  • This task contains essential CRUD works that, in a general sense, need for building an application.
  • Easy to understand Interface
  • This task was the plan in a basic easy, use interface web application so that you effectively changed.

3. Graphical Register and Login System

A login and register framework is something key that you ought to learn, regardless of which language or structure you are learning. You can likewise utilize Tkinter to make a perfect graphical UI and fabricate a login framework.

Thus, in this undertaking, you will be to figure out how to make a minuscule login and register framework with Python. You will compose the code which will permit clients of the application to make their records on the product.

Afterward, these clients who, as of now, have made the record can sign on to the product straightforwardly. It is an incredible component to have for any product.

The undertaking will likewise tell you the best way to execute essential elements into the product utilizing modules, for example, OS for doing capacities with the working framework.

This undertaking will provide you with a decent comprehension of how the login and register framework functions. We, as a whole, utilize these frameworks on different versatile applications and web applications.

This undertaking will show you what's behind when we register and sign in on a framework like this. It will help you when you learn other web structures and construct your applications later on.

Login and Registration structure in Python utilizing Tkinter Overview

  • The Login and Registration structures are made utilizing the Python library 'Tkinter.' [Read more about Python Tkinter]
  • Tkinter permits making GUI-based applications and is rich with supportive gadgets.
  • For the information base, we have utilized SQLite3, which comes pre-introduced with Python. It is a lighter form of SQL and can hold 281 terabytes of information.
  • We have included approval of all the Entry Fields in the venture that implies giving all the information is obligatory. Not doing so will provoke a mistake message.
  • Special case controllers are utilized to try not to break the program; likewise, you will see the mistake of utilizing a message box.
  • The dropdown shows the names of the relative multitude of nations in the 'North America' mainland. To add more nations, supplant countries.txt with your text document; however, make a point to change the name in the code at line 129. A simpler way is altering the information inside countries.txt.
  • Here is the portrayal of gadgets utilized in the program. Likewise, we have a committed segment for every gadget utilized in the undertaking, and we added a connection before each.

4. Pharmacy Management System using Tkinter

If you have any desire to do a somewhat more high-level task, then, at that point, check it out. This undertaking is to make a drug store the executive's framework, which will deal with every one of the necessary exercises in a drug store. The application will have an extraordinary-looking UI made with the Tkinter library of Python.

This task will show you how to make a drug store the board framework utilizing different Windows, with Login System in Python. The parts utilized incorporate Frames, Labels, Entry, and Buttons.

To a greater extent, this application is a major undertaking, and you will glean some significant knowledge more things by building this application. This product has three modules: a login framework, a patients' enlistment framework, and a clinic the board framework.


  • As a matter of some importance, the objective is to give a one-day conveyance framework as it has neither rhyme nor reason in the event that the client needs the medication today, and it will be conveyed tomorrow.
  • It flows on the part that most costly prescriptions are not generally accessible in numerous clinical shops because of fewer purchasers. Hence, individuals need to look through different stores to find the medication. It invalidates that work. The medication will be conveyed close to home.
  • Each medication looked through on the site accompanied a showcase of point-by-point clarification, so the client getting it had a reasonable thought of the item.
  • To give limits to the clients when contrasted with the clinical shops.
  • It is 24x7 hours of the specialist co-op.

5. Restaurant Management System using Tkinter

This application is one more high-level venture which you can do utilizing the Tkinter library of Python. This product is the eatery the board framework, which has an incredible-looking UI made with the Tkinter gadgets.

Cafés can utilize this application to compute the bill of their clients easily. You can enter the quantity of everything requested by the client and afterward click a button.

Then, at that point, the Python program behind the product will do every one of the computations and show you the aggregate sum, alongside the assistance charge, state charge, and so forth. This application will help eatery proprietors a ton in doing their math.


  • The application likewise contains a different mini-computer that the eatery proprietors can use for doing a few fundamental computations.
  • Elements of Restaurant Management System Project in Python
  • The capacity for the client to enter charge costs.
  • Work out the bill's general expense.
  • Duty and administration expenses are added together.
  • Everything's cost is set separately in the framework.
  • All menus and orders ought to be reset.
  • A different mini-computer might be utilized to play out extra estimations related to the product.
  • Add an amount of everything in every menu accessible component
  • Include that permits the client to enter administration charge costs physically.

6. Tic Tac Toe Game using Tkinter

We've all played spasm tac toe utilizing paper, isn't that right? It is, to a greater degree, a tomfoolery venture do. In this task, you will make a spasm tac toe game utilizing the Tkinter library of Python.

Spasm tac toe (nought and cross , or X's and O's) is a pencil-and-paper game for 2 players, O and X, who alternate denoting the spaces in a 3×3 network.

You want some system, strategies, and perception to dominate this match. Presently, we should utilize programming methodologies and strategies to mechanize this game with the goal that we can play it on our PCs.

You can utilize this application to play the game with your companions without utilizing paper and pen. Likewise, doing this venture will make you more positive about your programming abilities.

7. Snake Game using Tkinter

Snake is an old exemplary game, which we as a whole could have played with our old cell phones. It is a computer game idea where the player moves a line that develops long, with the actual line being an essential obstruction. Imagine a scenario where we make that game utilizing Python and Tkinter.

In this game, the player user controls a digital snake. Each time the digital snake eats food, its body develops. The snake should stay away from the dividers and its own body. The goal is to eat whatever number of apples as could be allowed.

We want to manage a ton of things while fostering this game. Even though it is a tomfoolery game, we could have to compose a ton of code to finish the undertaking. In any case, it will show us a ton of things like a software engineer.


  • Snake Game is one of the conventional 2D games that is played by each millennial.
  • In this amazing game, there is a digital snake who is inconsistent with movement.
  • The user needs to confirm that the snake may not reach the stopping points or shouldn't crash in itself. Played have some control over the snake with Left, Right, Bottom, and Top keys.
  • The snake begins the second in right bearing naturally.
  • There is an object on the screen alluded to as 'food'. Each time snake crashes into the food, the food vanishes, and the snake's body size is expanded.
  • There is a score for each effective crash of the snake with the food.

8. Color Game using Tkinter

This game is intriguing, and it will deceive the player's psyche a ton. In color game, the user needs to enter the shade of the letter that shows up on the console screen. The score increments by 1, and the all-out chance to play this color game is 20 seconds.

The game purposes an assortment of varieties like Red, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Brown. These varieties are reciprocally shown to deceive the player's psyche.

The graphical UI (GUI) will show the name of various varieties in various tones. The player needs to recognize the variety and enter the right variety name to dominate the match.

An Udemy Course

We need to end this rundown by acquainting you with an extraordinary course that we got on platform Udemy. If we need a total course that will assist us with making ten astonishing Graphical user interface applications, then this udemy course is perfect for us. This Tkinter course called "The Art of Doing: Create ten Python Graphical user interface with Tkinter Today" will assist you with building the accompanying applications:

  • Metric Helper
  • Agenda App
  • Adding machine App
  • Scratchpad App
  • Variety Theme Maker
  • Morse Code Translator
  • Simon Memory Game
  • Gravity Simulation App
  • Weather conditions Forecast App
  • APOD Viewer (Astronomy Picture of the Day)


Might it be said that you are prepared to begin a tomfoolery programming project utilizing Tkinter? Take any of these thoughts and begin doing projects. Since, in such a case that you want a programming position but have no work in sight, doing projects is the best thing that will assist you with finding a new line of work.

Do you have some other thoughts about doing projects in Tkinter? Add on, by chance that we may feel somewhat unsure or inquiries, we can go ahead and ask us.

Cheerful coding!

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