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How to Learn Python Online

Python is one of the most trending programming languages right now. Learning Python is not as hard as learning any other procedural language, given its simplified syntaxes, dynamic typing, and oops nature. There are a lot of sources on the web providing beginners a get start to their programming journey with Python.

For instance, JavaTpoint provides tutorials on almost all the basic, medium, and advanced topics of all programming languages, including Python. You can find different tutorials for different frequently asked questions by most beginners and programmers.

This tutorial is made to help a student to find the best resources to learn Python.

Before just searching for topics and learning them, it is best to have the basics and a view of the big picture. Learn about concepts like:

  1. What is a programming language
  2. Why do we need programming?
  3. What is the specialty of Python language that made it famous?
  4. Well-known applications of Python around us.
  5. Why makes learning Python simple than learning other languages? Why should you learn Python?

Finding answers to these questions helps a beginner in programming to understand the exact route they are in. Just learning concept-wise without even understanding why you are learning will keep you in ambiguity the whole time.

To get the proper fun and knowledge from the learning journey, you have to know the goal of every concept.

Choices to opt:

  1. Websites with tutorials like JavaTpoint.
  2. Online courses like Coursera.
  3. Youtube series of videos.


If you like to read and understand, websites suit you, and if you choose reading, reading every concept by yourself helps your brain grasp and store the concept better than just watching a video.

Small-time research learning is an effective way for effective grasping. Reading also increases your doubts, so your research gives you more knowledge. Animations in the tutorials also help the process of understanding.

Website options: JavaTpoint, TutorialsandExamples, Tutorialspoint, W3schools, Geeksforgeeks, etc.

  • Choose a topic and explore all the knowledge available on the websites to get the most out of every topic.

Online Courses:

If you think that rather than reading concept-wise, you need a teacher, tons of online courses are available all over the web. You can find different free as well as paid courses. For basic learning, free courses can get the same as paid courses.

Paid courses will have good quantity and quality of content. Finding the one for you needs a little research.

  1. Read the reviews,
  2. ask your seniors which course helped them,
  3. Look up the tutor's profile,
  4. Look at the alternatives and choose the right one.
  5. Some courses only provide reading material; see if your chosen course is what you want.

Choose a certification from a reputed website like Coursera and udemy, along with the knowledge. The certificate will be useful in your resume if you are a fresher. Don't lie in the resume in the certifications, as the interviewer chooses topics from your specified certifications to test your knowledge.

Youtube Series of Videos:

If you already have the basic knowledge and trying to hunt for solutions for doubts, you can go for:

  1. Programming forums
  2. Tutorials

A lot of talented programmer-creators make videos on different topics and doubts. If you couldn't find any solutions, you have another option - youtube. Remember to check twice with examples if the information you are learning is right.


  1. Choose an online course if you want to learn fast from the right source.
  2. If you have time to read and learn every subject, do a little research by reading tutorials.
  3. Make good notes with all the points, as with the increasing number of concepts and sub-concepts; you'll need to refer back for pre-requisite knowledge while starting advanced concepts.
  4. For simple doubts, go for tutorials as they are simple to find with accurate answers, and forums help you with expert answers.
  5. The main goal of doing a certification must be to gain knowledge and not just for a certificate. A certificate without anything in mind will not help you in any way.

Gain as much knowledge as possible and keep in mind not to go theoretical. The theory is just for understanding. You need to gain a logical view of every real-life problem. That is the main goal of programming. Try to solve as many problems as possible. Get a logical point of view on every topic.

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