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Taking Input from Console in Python

What does Python's Console mean?

In essence, Console (also known as Shell) is a command line interpreter that processes input from the user, or one command at a time. If there are no errors, the command is executed and the necessary output is produced; otherwise, an error message is displayed.

Every time you select the associated command from the Tools menu, the console displays as a tool window.

Taking Input from Console in Python

Simply press the enter key after writing your command in this field for it to be executed.

We need to understand the fundamentals of Python's console to code in the language.

The three larger than symbols serve as the Python console's default prompt.

Only after running the first command do, we have the option of typing the following command into the shell. After the prompt, we can enter commands in Python into the Python Console.

Accepting Console Input

The user has entered the values in the Console, and the software uses those values as needed.

We utilise a built-in function called input to get user input ().

By including the input() method inside of the type, we may also type cast that input into an integer, float, or string.

Typecasting the Input to Integer

The following code accepts two inputs (integer/float) from the output and typecasts them to integer before printing the sum. There may be situations where you need integer input from the user or console. As far as we are aware, Python's built-in input() method always produces an object of the str(string) class. Therefore, in order to accept integer input, we must type convert those inputs to integers using the int() function provided into Python.

Type casting is a technique used to change a varying data types into a particular data type so that users can conduct an action. This article will examine various typecasting techniques.


Typecasting the Input's Type to Float

The following program will function to change the input to a float.


Typecasting the Input to a String

Whether the input is a float or an integer, it can be typecast to a string. To typecast, we utilise the keyword str.


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