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Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

There are many popular games available in the gaming world which was developed using the Python frameworks and its libraries, for example, Battlefield 2, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more. Most of the developers use python language over other programming languages because of its functionalities and add-ons. With the progress in gaming development industries, Python programming is an exceptional choice of the developers for rapid prototyping of video games.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 frameworks of Python which used for game development:

  • Pygame
  • PyKyra
  • Pyglet
  • PyOpenGL
  • Kivy
  • Panda3D
  • Python - Ogre
  • Ren'Py
  • Cocos2d
  • Soya3D

1. Pygame

PyGame is a Python's open - source library which used for making applications and software such as games which are developed using an exceptional SDL library. This library is developed upon C language, Python language, Native and OpenGL. Pygame allows the user to develop full - featured games and multimedia programs as well. This library is highly portable and can be run in any operating system and every platform.

Features of pygame library of python:

  • Multicore CPUs can be easily in this library.
  • It uses optimized C and Assemble codes for core functions.
  • This library is very simple and portable.
  • In this library, very few lines of code can work.
Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

2. PyKyra

The fastest framework of Python language is PyKyra, which is used for game development. PyKyra framework is based on Software and documentational localization ( SDL ) and the kyra engine. Apart from having such standard features, this framework of Python language also supports MPEG video and sounds such as MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, Direct image reading, and much more.

  • Pykyra framework is developed to support side symmetric and top-down translations.
  • In Pykyra, the user can divide the screen into the sub - windows views, and each view of the sub - windows has its own object transformation.
  • Kyra engine is fast and capable which have specialized coded algorithms used for rendering the updates.
  • This framework included the well - advanced toolchains like sprite editor and encoder.
  • The kyra engine also supports the merging alpha values and colour transformations.
  • All objects in this framework are embedded into a regulated hierarchy.
  • Pykyra also has a feature by which complex objects can be pointed up and down whenever they are drawn or mapped in the pre - cached form.
Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

3. Pyglet

Pyglet is a powerful Python library which is an open - source, cross - platform windowing and multimedia framework. This library is used for game development and many other visually - rich applications and software on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. Pyglet is a library of python language, which supports user interface used for handling event, OpenGL graphics, Joysticks, loading videos and image, windowing, playing sounds and music. Pyglet library only runs under python 3.5 or above version of Python. It also works on other interpreters of Python like Pypy. Pyglet allows the users to use it for both open - source and commercial projects and developments with only a little restriction,

Features of Pyglet library are:

  • It has portable native windowing.
  • This library also has a built - in support for images and audios.
  • Pyglet library does not need any installation requirements and also doesn't have any external dependencies.
Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

4. PyOpenGL

The most common cross - platform of Python is PyOpenGL. This framework is a binding Python to OpenGL and related APIs. In the PyOpenGL framework, the binding was developed by using the standard c - types library. This is a standardized framework of Python which is interoperable and has a huge number of external graphical user interfaces, audio libraries of Python like PyGame, Raw XLib, PyQt and many others.

Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

5. Kivy

Kivy library is developed using novel user interfaces, for example, multi - touch applications. Kivy library is used for the rapid development of applications and software. This framework runs on Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, OS X, and iOS. It can naturally use many inputs, devices, and protocols like Mac OS X Trackpad and Magic Mouse, Mtdev, WM_Touch, WM_Pen, Linux kernel HID and TUIO. Kivy library is Graphics Processing Unit ( GPU ) fast-tracked. It also has more than 20 widgets, which are all highly extendable.

Kivy library is free to use under an MIT license starting from version 1.7.2 and LGPL 3 for the previous versions. The toolkit of this library is officially developed, and users can use it in a marketable product. This framework is very stable to use and has a fully documented API and also a programming guide to help users start using it.

Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

6. Panda3D

Panda 3d is a framework of Python language, which is written in Python and C++. It is an open - source and free - to - use engine used for developing real - time 3d games, simulations, experiments visualization and many more. This framework has command - line tools for optimizing and processing the source.

Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

7. Python-Ogre

Python - Orge is a framework used for game development, also known as PyOrge. It is written over C++ language library binding Python for the Orge 3d engine. This framework is a cross - platform and has flexibility and rapidity. It supports a remarkable feature set which has been used to develop exciting games. PyOrge framework actually consist of two libraries called Orge3D and CEGUi. Orge3s is a 3D rendering engine, and CEGUi is an embedded graphical user interface ( GUI ) system.

Orge is used to develop scenes and create all the graphics user wants to import into the game. The PyOrge framework is used for versions developed before the Orge v1.05 version. After that, many other modules are available. The Orge software also contains Python scripts for importing data from Blender to Orge. This Framework makes it easy for the user to create their resources in Blender for their Game and can import data to Orge. Other form of exporters is also available in this framework.

Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

8. Ren'Py

Ren'Py is a Python Framework which is free to use and cross platform. This framework is written in Python and Cython. Ren'Py is used for digital storytelling, which makes it easy for the users to combine words, images and sounds altogether and develop graphic novels and life replication games. As Ren'Py engine supports Python scripting language, which allows the users to work with complex game logic. The biggest advantage of this framework is that it can be used on any operating system of the computer.

9. Cocos2d

Cocos 2D is a Python framework which is used for developing games, applications, software, and many other cross - platform graphical user interface (GUI ) based interactive programs. This framework is a software-based open - source. Cocos 2d is a large family which contains Cococs2D - x, Cocos2D - XNA, and Ccos2D - JS. This Framework is written in the C++ programming language. It has a thin layer of Platform dependency, which can be used to build games, applications and software. Cococs2D - JS is a JavaScript version of an engine that supports the full functionality of Cocos2D - x, including the set of simplified APIs.

Top Python Frameworks for Gaming

10. Soya3d

Soya 3D is a high - level framework of Python used for developing 3D video games. This framework is free to use, which is licensed under the General Public License ( GPL ). This Framework is a multi - platform engine of games development which can be run on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating system. The creator of this framework describes Soya 2D as a game engine that is fully focused on rapid development. It is very easy and simple to use. The basic goal of this framework is to enable amateur users to develop sophisticated 3D games completely in the Python programming language.


As nowadays, Gaming has become an active part of our daily lives, and advancements in the gaming world have led developers to develop high - quality, impressive games. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 Python frameworks that can be used for game development and their specific functionalities that are useful for developing specific functions and featured in video games.

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