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Screen Manager in Kivy using. kv file in Python

Kivy is a platform-independent graphical user interface tool in Python. because it is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. It is generally utilized in the improvement of Android applications, however, that doesn't block its application to work area programs.

Widget for Screen Manager:

A widget called the screen manager is utilized to deal with a few screens in your program. The default ScreenManager just shows each screen in turn and switches between screens utilizing a TransitionBase. There are a few changes upheld.

Imported are the ScreenManager and Screen classes. The ScreenManager will be utilized in the following ways by the root:

Note: SlideTransition with parameters for direction and duration is the transition type used by default by ScreenManager.

Basic Method:

The code's implementation using a .kv file in .py file is shown below.


Transitions That Change:

As a matter of transitions, you have various changes available to you, including:

  • NoTransition immediately and without any animation changes screens.
  • Using the slide transition, The screen can be moved in any direction.
  • CardTransition relies upon the mode, the new screen either slides onto the bygone one or the old screen slides off the upgraded one
  • The implementation of the iOS swap transition is called SwapTransition.
  • Screen-fading shader called FadeTransition
  • To clear the screens off of right to left, utilize the shader WipeTransition.
  • The old screen "falls" and turns straightforward in the FallOutTransition shader, uncovering the enhanced one taking cover behind it.
  • RiseInTransition is a shader that makes a screen ascend from the focal point of the screen as it changes from straightforward to misty.

By altering the ScreenManager.transition property, you can quickly change transitions:

Note: The code is the same, but there are some new points; do not be confused.


Screen Manager in Kivy using. kv file in Python Screen Manager in Kivy using. kv file in Python Screen Manager in Kivy using. kv file in Python

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