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Python Tkinter Menubutton

The Menubutton widget can be defined as the drop-down menu that is shown to the user all the time. It is used to provide the user a option to select the appropriate choice exist within the application.

The Menubutton is used to implement various types of menus in the python application. A Menu is associated with the Menubutton that can display the choices of the Menubutton when clicked by the user.

The syntax to use the python tkinter Menubutton is given below.


A list of various options is given below.

SN Option Description
1 activebackground The background color of the widget when the widget is under focus.
2 activeforeground The font color of the widget text when the widget is under focus.
3 anchor It specifies the exact position of the widget content when the widget is assigned more space than needed.
4 bg It specifies the background color of the widget.
5 bitmap It is set to the graphical content which is to be displayed to the widget.
6 bd It represents the size of the border. The default value is 2 pixels.
7 cursor The mouse pointer will be changed to the cursor type specified when the widget is under the focus. The possible value of the cursor type is arrow, or dot etc.
8 direction It direction can be specified so that menu can be displayed to the specified direction of the button. Use LEFT, RIGHT, or ABOVE to place the widget accordingly.
9 disabledforeground The text color of the widget when the widget is disabled.
10 fg The normal foreground color of the widget.
11 height The vertical dimension of the Menubutton. It is specified as the number of lines.
12 highlightcolor The highlight color shown to the widget under focus.
13 image The image displayed on the widget.
14 justify This specified the exact position of the text under the widget when the text is unable to fill the width of the widget. We can use the LEFT for the left justification, RIGHT for the right justification, CENTER for the centre justification.
15 menu It represents the menu specified with the Menubutton.
16 padx The horizontal padding of the widget.
17 pady The vertical padding of the widget.
18 relief This option specifies the type of the border. The default value is RAISED.
19 state The normal state of the Mousebutton is enabled. We can set it to DISABLED to make it unresponsive.
20 text The text shown with the widget.
21 textvariable We can set the control variable of string type to the text variable so that we can control the text of the widget at runtime.
22 underline The text of the widget is not underlined by default but we can set this option to make the text of the widget underlined.
23 width It represents the width of the widget in characters. The default value is 20.
24 wraplength We can break the text of the widget in the number of lines so that the text contains the number of lines not greater than the specified value.



Python Tkinter Menubutton

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