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Python unofficial libraries

This tutorial is a store of many unofficial libraries, wheels, binaries, and libraries of popular applications, including Python, which is an interesting subject.

This tutorial gives 64-and 32-cycle Windows version of numerous logical open-source expansion Libraries and wheels for the authority CPython version of the Python programming language. A couple of parallels are accessible for the PyPy conveyance.

Even though the libraries documents are informal (casual, unnoticed, individual, unsupported, no guarantee, no responsibility, if "with no guarantees"), the vast majority of these accessible programming distributed are steady delivery renditions where 90% of bugs are fixed. It could deal with the vast majority of your necessities and activities.

The libraries are available here are the latest authority of CPython conveyances on Windows. Odds are they don't work with custom Python frameworks included with Blender, Maya, ArcGIS, OSGeo4W, ABAQUS, Cygwin, Pythonxy, Canopy, EPD, Anaconda, WinPython, and so on. Numerous pairs are not viable with Windows XP or other versions.


Key Features

  • Upholds both client and server-side of HTTP convention.
  • Upholds both client and server Web-Sockets out-of-the-crate and evades Callback Hell.
  • Gives Web-server middlewares and pluggable steering.


Blits is a list-like sort with better execution for enormous records.

The blist is a drop-in data type for the Python list that gives better execution while adjusting huge records. The blist bundle additionally gives sorted list, sorted set, weaksortedlist, weaksortedset, sorteddict, and btuple types.


Blosc is a superior exhibition blower improved for 2D data.

  • Blosc ( is a superior exhibition blower improved for twofold information. It has been intended to send information to the processor reserve quicker than the conventional, non-compacted, direct memory get approach employing a memcpy() OS call.
  • Blosc functions admirably for packing mathematical exhibits containing information with generally low entropy, such as meager information, time series, networks with customary dispersed values, etc.
  • python-blosc is a Python bundle that wraps Blosc. python-blosc upholds Python 3.7 or higher variants.


BLZ is a lumped, packed information compartment (for memory and plate).

  • BLZ is a lumped holder for mathematical information. Lumping takes into account effective expanding/contracting of the information holder. Moreover, it can likewise be packed for decreasing memory/plate needs. The pressure interaction is completed inside by Blosc, an elite exhibition blower that is upgraded for paired information.
  • BLZ utilizes Blosc ( for information pressure and numexpr ( in order to speed up numerous vector and question activities. Blosc can pack paired information proficiently, improving memory access, while the numexpr center decreases memory utilization and utilizes a few centers for doing the calculations. The medium-term objective is to use the high-level registering capacities in Blaze (, notwithstanding numexpr.

Boost python

Boost python empowers consistent interoperability among C++ and Python.

Welcome to Boost.Python is a C++ library that empowers consistent interoperability among C++ and the Python programming language. The library incorporates support for:

  • References and Pointers
  • C++ to Python Exception Translation
  • All around the world, Registered Type Coercions
  • Programmed Cross-Module Type Conversions
  • Productive Function Overloading
  • Default Arguments
  • Catchphrase Arguments
  • Controlling Python objects in C++
  • Trading C++ Iterators as Python Iterators
  • Documentation Strings


PyCUDA gives admittance to Nvidia's equal processing API. Requires py tools, matching CUDA Toolkit, viable Nvidia driver, and MSVC compiler

PyCUDA allows you to get to Nvidia's CUDA equal calculation API from Python. A few coverings of the CUDA API exist, so why is PyCUDA so extraordinary?

  • Object cleanup is attached to a lifetime of items. This maxim, frequently called RAII in C++, makes composing right, release, and sans crash code more straightforward. PyCUDA is familiar with conditions, so (for instance) it will not separate from a setting before all memory dispensed in it is additionally liberated.
  • Reflections like pycuda.driver.SourceModule and pycuda.gpuarray.GPUArray makes CUDA programming much more advantageous than Nvidia's C-based runtime.
  • PyCUDA puts the full force of CUDA's driver API available to you in the event that you wish. It additionally incorporates code for interoperability with OpenGL.
  • Programmed Error Checking. All CUDA mistakes are naturally converted into Python special cases.
  • PyCUDA's base layer is written in C++, so every one of the amenities above is free.
  • Accommodating Documentation and a Wiki.
  • Relatedly, similar registering goodness for OpenCL is given by PyCUDA's sister project PyOpenCL.

PycURL -- A Python Interface To The cURL library

PycURL is a Python connection point to libcurl, the multiprotocol record move library. Also, to the urllib Python module, PycURL can be utilized to bring objects recognized by a URL from a Python program. Past basic gets anyway PycURL uncovered the greater part of the usefulness of libcurl, including:

  • Speed - libcurl is exceptionally quick and PycURL, being a flimsy covering above libcurl, is extremely quick too. PycURL was benchmarked to be a few times quicker than demands.
  • Highlights include various convention support, SSL, validation, and intermediary choices. PycURL upholds a large portion of libcurl's callbacks.
  • Multi and share interfaces.
  • Attachments are utilized for network activities, allowing the joining of PycURL into the application's I/O circle (e.g., utilizing Tornado).


  • Python 3.5-3.10.
  • libcurl 7.19.0 or better.


PyEDA is a Python library for electronic design automation.


  • Emblematic Boolean polynomial math with a determination of capacity portrayals:
  • Logic articulations
  • Truth tables, with three result states (0, 1, "couldn't care less")
  • Reduced, requested twofold choice graphs (ROBDDs)
  • SAT solvers:
  • Backtracking
  • PicoSAT
  • Coffee rationale minimization
  • Formal identicalness
  • Multi-layered piece vectors
  • DIMACS CNF/SAT parsers
  • Rationale articulation parser


PyMedia is a module of python for media file manipulations.

  • PyMedia is a Python module for wav, mp3, Ogg, avi, divx, dvd, cdda, and documents controls.
  • It permits you to parse, demultiplex, multiplex, translate and encode every upheld design.
  • It very well may be aggregated for Windows, Linux, and cygwin.
  • PyMedia was worked to be truly basic and adaptable simultaneously.
  • See instructional exercise, for instance. It permits you to make your multimedia applications right away and change them to your necessities utilizing different parts.
  • Python language is chosen because of its basic semantics and completeness and arrives at a set of highlights.
  • Investigate the PyCar application, which exploits the PyMedia library extensively and can transform your PC into a strong vehicle media focus.


Python- Cison implements a very fast JSON encoder/decoder.

  • This module executes an exceptionally quick JSON encoder/decoder for Python.
  • JSON represents JavaScript Object Notation and is a message-based lightweight information trade design that is simple for people to peruse/compose and for machines to parse/produce. JSON is language autonomous and has various executions in the majority of the programming dialects, making it ideal for information trade and capacity.
  • The module is written in C, and it depends on multiple times quicker when contrasted with the other python JSON executions, which are composed straightforwardly in Python. This speed gain differs with the intricacy of the information and the activity. It is within the scope of 10-200 times for encoding tasks and in the scope of 100-250 times for deciphering activities.

PyX - Python graphics package


PyX is a Python bundle for making PostScript, PDF, and SVG documents. It consolidates a deliberation of the PostScript drawing model with a TeX/LaTeX interface. Complex errands like 2d and 3d plots in distribution prepared quality are worked out of these natives.


  • PostScript, PDF, and SVG yield gadget autonomous, openly adaptable figures
  • consistent TeX/LaTeX full combination
  • admittance to PostScript highlights like ways, lifestyles, fill designs, changes, cutting, bitmap consideration, etc.
  • High-level mathematical procedure on ways like crossing points, changes, parting, smoothing, etc.
  • Refined chart age: secluded plan, pluggable tomahawks, tomahawks are parceling in light of sane number mathematics, adaptable diagram styles, and so forth.

Status and Availability

PyX is an inconsistent turn of events. Arranged highlights are recorded on the guide. The ongoing delivery, PyX 0.15, is accessible on the PyPI project page.


Scipy is software for fields like science, mathematics, and engineering.

SciPy is worked to work with NumPy exhibits and gives numerous easy-to-use and productive mathematical schedules, like schedules for mathematical joining and enhancement. Together, they run on all famous working frameworks, rush to introduce, and are for nothing. NumPy and SciPy are not difficult to utilize yet strong enough to be relied on by a portion of the world's driving researchers and specialists. Assuming you want to control numbers on a PC and show or distribute the outcomes, check SciPy out!

Call for Contributions

We appreciate and invite commitments. Little enhancements or fixes are generally valued; issues named as "great first issue" might be a decent beginning stage. Examine our contributing aide.

Composing code isn't the best way to add to SciPy. You can likewise:

  • survey pull demands
  • emergency issues
  • foster instructional exercises, introductions, and other instructive materials
  • keep up with and work on our site
  • foster visual depiction for our image resources and special materials
  • assist with outreach and locally available new givers
  • compose award recommendations and help with other raising money endeavors

Assuming you're uncertain where to begin or how your abilities fit in, connect! You can ask on the mailing rundown or here, on GitHub, by leaving a remark on an important issue that is now open.

In the event that you are new to adding to open source, this guide makes sense of why, what, and how to reach out.

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