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Mobile Application Automation using Python


In this article, we are discussing Mobile Application Automation using Python. As there is a knowledge amongst testers that getting commenced with mobile automation is hard. We strongly believe that a tester should possess a wide variety of abilities. You are not required to be an expert in them all, but it's far a long way very critical to have pondered a spectrum of principles and explored a variety of gadgets. The context under which you verify will notify you of your preference for the trying-out system and look at the gear to choose. The more selections you are acquainted with, the higher your context-particular alternative goes to be.

In this view, we commenced because cell checking out has emerged as quite a spot amongst testers. Testers are unwilling, to begin with, cell trying out, perhaps because they think getting started involves a ton of time and movement. This weblog will look at the Python Appium framework, mobile automation, and the usage of Python. We can also focus on Appium trying out the usage of Python as a programming language and Appium cell automation testing from basics to the framework. Moreover, we are concentrating best on the "getting begun" stage. The gear your look-at team uses to resolve unique and specific troubles can vary considerably. Let us study the records of the Python Appium framework.

As investing in hardware and software to test programs will become increasingly more unfeasible because of the massive volume of android devices and versions released every 12 months, cloud-primarily based utility checking out offers a greater efficient alternative. When trying out on actual gadgets without a cloud-based platform, there may be a tedious procedure that involves putting in place the android studio, surroundings, or course variables, configuring a simple tool, and numerous different intricacies. All of those are negated through a cloud-primarily based platform along with BrowserStack. A cloud-based totally platform is appreciably positive because it permits testing on an extensive range of OS and actual device combos. Additionally, such platforms make utility development low-price and especially scalable for any software development group.

How is Appium Testing using Python?

This section is a quick start for basic mobile app automation testing using Appium Python tests. This is a sample project developed for Pycharm IDE and Android devices. The requirements include the following:

  1. Android Studio requires the latest version of Java. Install Android Studio using the SDK. This is necessary because ADB is installed as part of the Android SDK.
  2. An ADB application is supplied to get a list of gadgets linked to your laptop.
  3. Download the Android sample app called.
  4. Eribank from
  5. I am installing apk latest version of PyCharm. Connect your mobile device to your PC with the USB cable and facilitate developer mode or USB debugging on your Android device.

What is the history of the Appium Framework in Python?

On Christmas Eve 2013, Selenium officially retired AndroidDriver and iPhoneDriver in favor of drivers Selendroid and Appium. Appium and Python are super aggregates for mobile automation. Python, a high-level interpreted programming language, provides faster development times. Appium is an open-source tool that may automate cell internet, cellular local, and hybrid cellular apps on iOS and Android. Appium is "cross-platform" because you can use the same API to write tests on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, etc. This makes it easier to reuse code multiple times between iOS and Android test suites.

Setup the Appium:

Here are the subsequent steps to installing Appium on windows 7 and using it with the Android Emulator.

Download the latest version of Appium -

  1. The first step is to download the latest version of Appium; then, you can run the executable to install the Appium desktop application.

Download and Install Android Studio -

  1. After checking Android Studio, AVD Manager is additionally installed while testing in the emulator. Set ANDROID_HOME to the direction of your Android SDK and place the equipment and platform-equipment folders in your course variable.

Install Java JDK -

  1. Now install Java JDK and set JAVA_HOME to the JDK folder.

Install the Python customer library -

There are purchaser libraries in Java, Python, php, Ruby, C#, and JavaScript that support Appium's additions to the WebDriver approach. Even using Appium, you want to use those patron libraries instead of your regular WebDriver purchaser. You are now set up.

a. Begin the Android virtual device (AVD) manager -

Begin the Android Studio and launch the Android virtual tool (AVD) manager by clicking. Also, study: mobile trying out Appium on Android

Build an emulator with the picks you require and release it the use of the start button

b. Start the Appium Server Console -

Begin the Appium server console by double-clicking on the Appium file.

c. Launch the Appium Node Server -

You need to click on the 'rocket' icon to release the Appium node server

Test use the Appium:

We recommend the Chess Free app by British AI Factory for this test. In this post, the look simulates starting the application and clicking the PLAY button.

1. Get the .apk for the utility underneath check:

I purchased the .apk for chess loss from here. Copies the chess application to a directory of your desire.

Look at AndroidManifest.xml:

Writing tests requires two pieces of data specific to your application. The Java package of the Android application you want to manage.

The action name of the Android task to execute. package

1. You can get these records by running the subsequent command: The source listing of every Android utility includes the necessary records. You can find the AndroidManifest.xml file using Android Studio. Go to Build/Analyse APK and select your APK. You can then view AndroidManifest's content.

1. Writing the Test:

Construct a look at the script in $Directory_Of_My_Choice installed on the snippet. You must provide unique interest in the setup manner.

Take a look at will:

  • At first, I launched the application.
  • Then click the "play" button.

Program code:

1. Running the test:

Run the script The chess utility is released in the take a look at emulator.

2. Outcome checking:

Have fun a bit because your simplest upgrade your skills with the aid of a bit in a small length. There you own it as you just run your first mobile automated check with Appium and Python. We now dwell within the international cellular extra than ever. In addition, industries are focused on constructing cellular apps for their organizations. customers currently spend the maximum of their virtual time on their cell devices, using a collection of apps. When the person is interacting with those apps, they can need a particular stage of high quality. However, with an ever-growing mobile global, this will not be easy.

What's Appium Mobile Testing?

Appium is an open-supply check automation Python Appium framework for native, hybrid, and cellular network applications. It uses the WebDriver protocol to force iOS, Android, and home windows packages.

What are the Restrictions of Appium?

Currently, Appium does not guide it, so the second check is broken. Appium needs a queuing system, which is a significant challenge. You may put it into effect if you want to manually a couple of periods. If you are interested in even extra software testing-related articles and facts from us right here at Devstringx, then we have lots to pick from you.


So, in this article, we are discussing Mobile Application Automation using Python. This is in which test automation comes into play. Because I only use it to automate web applications using Selenium. In this view, we commenced because cell checking out has emerged as quite a spot amongst testers. Testers are unwilling, to begin with, cell trying out, perhaps because they think getting started involves a ton of time and movement. This weblog will look at the Python Appium framework, mobile automation, and the usage of Python. But now you can bring this knowledge to your mobile device with Appium because you learned all about the Python Appium framework from this tutorial.

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