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12. Python program to search an element in a Circular Linked List

In this program, we create a circular linked list and search a node in the list.

Consider, above example. Suppose we need to search for node 5. To solve this problem, we will iterate through the list and compare each node with 5. If a match is found, we will set the flag to true and prints out the position of the node 5. In this example, node 5 is present at position 2.


  1. Define a Node class which represents a node in the list. It has two properties data and next which will point to the next node.
  2. Define another class for creating a circular linked list, and it has two nodes: head and tail.
  3. search() will search for a node in the list:
  • Variable i will keep track of the position of the searched node.
  • The variable flag will store boolean value false.
  • Current will point to head node.
  • Iterate through the loop by incrementing current to and i to i + 1.
  • Compare each node's data with the searched node if a match is found, set the flag to true.
  • If the flag is true, prints the position of the searched node.
  • Else, print the message "Element is not present in the list".



Element is present in the list at the position: 2
Element is not present in the list
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