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Python String Casefold() Method

Python Casefold() method returns a lowercase copy of the string. It is more simillar to lowercase method except it revomes all case distinctions present in the string.

For example in German, 'β' is equivelent to "ss". Since it is already in lowercase, lowercase do nothing and prints 'β' whereas casefold converts it to "ss".



No parameter is required.

Return Type

It returns lowercase string.

Python Version

This function was introduced in Python 3.3.

Python String Casefold() Method Example 1


New value: javatpoint

Python String Casefold() Method Example 2

The strength of casefold, it not only converts into lowercase but also converts strictly. See an example below 'β' is converted into "ss".


Old value: JAVATPOINT - β
New value: javatpoint ? ss

Python String Casefold() Method Example 3

If string is in camelcase, it still converts whole string into lowercase.


Old value: JaVaTpOiNt
New value: javatpoint

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