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Android Animation Example

Android provides a large number of classes and interface for the animation development. Most of the classes and interfaces are given in android.animation package.

Android Animation enables you to change the object property and behavior at run time. There are various ways to do animation in android.

The AnimationDrawable class provides methods to start and end the animation. Even, you can use time based animation.

Let's have a look at the simple example of android animation.


You need to have a view only.

File: activity_main.xml
File: logo.xml

Have a image view only.

MainActivity class


You need to create animation.xml file inside res/drawable-hdpi directory.

You need to have many images. Here, we are using 14 images and all the 14 images are located inside res/drawable-mdpi directory.

File: animation.xml


android animation example output 1 android animation example output 2

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