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Android TabLayout

TabLayout is used to implement horizontal tabs. TabLayout is released by Android after the deprecation of ActionBar.TabListener (API level 21).

TabLayout is introduced in design support library to implement tabs.

Tabs are created using newTab() method of TabLayout class. The title and icon of Tabs are set through setText(int) and setIcon(int) methods of TabListener interface respectively. Tabs of layout are attached over TabLayout using the method addTab(Tab) method.

We can also add tab item to TabLayout using TabItem of android design widget.

Example of TabLayout using ViewPager

Let's create an example of TabLayout using ViewPager and Fragment.

File: activity.xml

Create an activity.xml file with TabLayout and ViewPager view components.

File: build.gradle

Now gave the dependency library of TabLayout in build.gradle file.


In this file, we implement two additional listener addOnPageChangeListener(listener) of ViewPager which makes slides the different fragments of tabs and addOnTabSelectedListener(listener) of TabLayout which select the current tab on tab selection.


Now create different fragment files for all different tabs.


File: fragment_home.xml


File: fragment_sport.xml


File: fragment_movie.xml

File: strings.xml


android tablayout 1
android tablayout 2

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