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Best email apps for Android

Email (or electronic mail) is one of the oldest, famous, and important forms of online communication. It may be used for personal or for official purposes. There are lots of email service providers, and email apps are available. People can create their email account on some popular email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

Seeing the importance of email communication, an email application (mostly Gmail) comes with pre-installed on most of the Android smartphones and tablets. There are also several other third-party Android email apps available on Google Play Store, which gives better features as compared to stock or pre-installed email app.

List of best email apps for Android

If you are looking for the best email apps for Android devices, we compiled some best email apps that you may want to try on your phone.

Blue Mail

Best email apps for Android

Blue Mail is a popular and excellent choice email app for Android. It supports various clients, including Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and several other clients such as IMAP, POP3. The app offers several notification settings for your different email accounts. You can also sync multiple mailboxes from various email providers. The app also supports some fun activities like configurable menus, Android wear, and time lock screen to protect your private emailsand dark theme.

Download the Blue Mail app from Google Play Store.


Best email apps for Android

Gmail is the most popular email app from Google, which comes as pre-installed on most of the Android phones. Gmail has a user-friendly interface that organized your emails in various categories like social, updates, and promotional emails. It allows you tomanage multiple Gmail accounts as well as email services from other email providers such as Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, and others. The app provides features like bookmarking of emails, group discussions, hangout, etc. Gmail app is simple and offers 15GB of free storage space. Google has also added a feature that can self-destruct emails as well. The shortcoming of the Gmail app is that it displays sponsored emails, which makes it difficult to differentiatethese emails from original ones.

Download the Gmail app from Google Play Store.


Best email apps for Android

ProtonMail is agreat email app for security-minded users for their Android devices. The ProtonMail app provides end-to-end email encryption to secure your communication. It means your sent email can only read by you and the person whom you are mailing. The app also provides self-destructing emails feature by setting timers on it, essential labels, and organization. The emails are stored over the server, which is fully encrypted, and no one can able to read them, not even the ProtonMail.

Download the ProtonMail app from Google Play Store.

Newton Mail

Best email apps for Android

Newton Mail is a well-featured and powerful email app that can be a better option to replace the regular Gmail app. This email is also compatible with macOS, iOS, and Chrome operating systems. The app is popular for its cross-platform support, smart searching capabilities, and its user interface.

The app has a clean, clear, and useful user-interface. It provides functionality to send an email later, two-factor authentication, a single-click unsubscribe features, and lots more.

Newton Mail supports all standard email providers and integrates several work tools like Pocket, OneNote, Zendesk, Evernote, and Trello. The Android email app has a regular inbox, which can be protected using a passcode.

Download the Newton Mail app from Google Play Store.


Best email apps for Android

The Outlook is one of the popular Android client emails, which helps millions of user to manage all their email account and files at a single place. This email is powered by Microsoft. It allows you to manage your email account easily. The app ranks among the best Android email apps and gets millions of downloads from Google Play Store.

Outlook app includes an attractive inbox which keeps the important messages on the top of the list and allows user to switch between the emails and Microsoft calendar with only few taps. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and allows syncing of several email accounts. This app supports standard mail services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, as well as integrates cloud storage services.

Download the Outlook email app from Google Play Store.

K-9 Mail

Best email apps for Android

K-9 Mail is an open-source email app that is available at free of cost. Lots of users enjoy it for its simple interface and unified inbox. This app supports most POP3, IMAP, and Exchange 2003/2007 accounts.

The app is lightweight and comes with some excellent functionality. This app is simple but contains all the essential features. K-9 Mail includes IMAP push email, flagging, multi-folder sync, BCC-self, PGP/MIME, and lots more. Even, you can create this email yourself or contribute to the community via Github.

Download the K-9 Mail email app from Google Play Store.


Best email apps for Android

If you are concerned about the security, the "Nine" email app becomes one of the better choice email apps. The app is specially designed for entrepreneurs who efficiently need to communicate with their clients and co-worker anywhere and anytime. Nine email app include hybrid email searches, multiple account searches, SSL, and more. The Nineemail is not a cloud-based application, and it stores all the email data on the device itself.

Download the Nine email app from Google Play Store.

TypeApp Email

Best email apps for Android

TypeApp is a well-designed email app which performs the entire task which you expect. It manages multiple accounts from one complete customize email app. It gives the support for push notifications, email services, a unified inbox, rich text emails, wireless printing support, and lots more. It also offers Wear OS support, dark mode themes, and other customization features. The app has also a Material Design user interface and a relatively simple method for switching accounts.

Download the TypeApp email app from Google Play Store.


Best email apps for Android

myMail is another popular email app for Android devices, whichgot millions of downloads on Google Play Store. This app easily manages all your email accounts at once. It supports the standard email providers, and other POP3 or IMAP enabled mailbox services. The best thing about this email application is that it gives unlimited storage space, which is helpful for business activities.

The app gives real-time customize notifications, smart search functionalities, and data compression for sending and receiving an email. This app doesn't contain advanced features but offers all necessary features which are required for an email app.

Download the myMail email app from Google Play Store.

Edison Mail

Best email apps for Android

Edison mail is gracefully designed as one of the best email apps for Android devices. The app supports several email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and more. It contains a built-in intelligent assistant that provides unparalleled speed. The app gives real-time travel notifications, auto sorting of email into different categories, etc. Edison mail can also be used over the Google Wear OS smartwatches.

Download the Edison Mail app from Google Play Store.

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