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Volume booster for Android

If you are looking for the best volume booster app for Android devices, try to find it at Google Play Store. You will get many results with an excellent rating of volume booster app with the same name, and all of them get a large number of downloads.

Note: Boosting up the volume of your Android smartphone might permanently damage the phone speaker or harm your ear (if you are using earphones with all of the below-mentioned apps). Install these apps on your phone at your own risk.

If you search for an excellent volume booster app for your Android device, try to search it over the Google Play Store. You will get several results about the best volume booster for Android having high ratings and a large number of downloads.

Best Volume Booster Apps for Android


Volume booster for Android

The equalizer volume booster app is an excellent choice to improve sound quality of your Android device. It will increase the volume of your device and allows you to use the frequency slider to manage any distortion if it occurs. The app is simple and easy to operate. Using the Equalizer app, you can select any sound profile from available 11 preset sound profiles. The paid version allows you to create your own sound equalizer. To start the Sound Amplifier, click on the Power button present at the top-right corner. Its Base Boost feature gives excellent sound experience if you have a quality headphone.

Download the Equalizer app from Google Play Store.

Volume Booster - Speaker Booster

Volume booster for Android

Volume Booster is an Android app that increases the volume of your phone's speaker more than the native system provides. It allows you to increase the speaker's full volume connecting your headphone jack to your phone. Whatever you are listening to music, watching movies using other apps, or playing any games, this app increases all the sound features. The app also included music player controls that allow playing, pausing, seeing song info like artist and title, and allows to skip songs. This app is free to use but contains ads.

Download the Volume Booster app from Google Play Store.

Volume Booster Pro

Volume booster for Android

Volume Booster Pro is another volume booster app for Android devices that boosts the overall audio output of your device. It has a clean and clear user interface containing numerous of volume knob in the center, which controls the main volume. The app offers a toggle button to enable boost sound amplifies. It also included there dedicated buttons, which allows increasing the volume of calls, alarms, and media playback.

The settings you select for Volume Booster Pro are applied to the entire system and increase or decrease the sound output of any app that you use to play. It contains a toggle button that boosts the sound amplifiers as well as three dedicated buttons that control the volume of calls, alarm, and media playback. However, the app displays annoying full-screen ads and pop-ups, causing disturbing to most of the users. Volume Booster Pro boosts all three types of volume: media player volume, phone ringing volume, and alarm volume.

Download the Volume Booster Pro app from Google Play Store.


Volume booster for Android

Boom is basically a music player that also acts as a 3D surround sound and EQ (equalizer). It offers a powerful Bass and an advanced Equalizer to your Android. It allows you to customize and improve the overall sound profile of your Android device. The app also supports direct streaming from the online radio station, podcasts, Tidal, and Spotify. Boom volume booster also gives features of 3D surrounded sound settings through which you can do more granular control over the audio output.

Download the Boom volume booster app from Google Play Store.

Precise Volume (+EQ/Booster)

Volume booster for Android

Precise Volume is another excellent volume booster and equalizer that facilitate to improve the audio sound of your Android device. This app contains a five-band equalizer that gives more precise control over the audio output. Some of its equalizer presets and boost feature allows users to add surrounded sound effects to audio, raise the bass, and increase the overall volume of the device. The setting of this volume booster app is applied to the entire device, which means the volume boost will work with the entire app that plays audio. In addition to its feature, it also allows you to create and save your equalizer presets.

Download the Precise Volume from Google Play Store.

Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume booster for Android

Volume Booster GOODEV is simple, having a small interface, and free volume booster app that boosts your device speaker or headphone sound. This app contains a single boost slider that facilitates amplifying sound up to 60% by default and provides the option to increase volume further from the settings. However, playing audio at high volumes continuously for a long time may destroy your speakers and/or damage your ear. Users should use it with their own risk. The sound setting that you choose is applied to music, movies, and apps but not to speakerphone volume of phone calls. Setting the volume booster to zero will off it.

Download the Volume Booster GOODEV app from Google Play Store.

BlackPlayer Music Player

Volume booster for Android

BlackPlayer Music Player is another option that can be used as a volume booster for your Android device. It has a clean, consistent user-interface, which looks beautiful. The app included five-channel equalizer features and sound effects, which will allow you to customize the audio output of the device. The amplifier of the app boosts the sound up to 4dB as well as boosts the bass, which increase your listening experience. It also offers a virtualizer that controls the sound effect when you are using external speakers or headphones.


  • It supports music player files like MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG.
  • It contains a bass booster, five-band equalizer, 3D surround virtualizer, and amplifier.
  • It gives features to customize themes, colors, fonts, and animations.
  • Support Wear OS and Android Auto.
  • It included a sleep timer.

Download the BlackPlayer Music Player from Google Play Store.

Super Loud Phone Volume (Speakers, Volume Booster)

Volume booster for Android

Super Loud Phone Volume app is another volume booster for Android devices that works well. It allows you to adjust the sound effect levels of your device to enjoy the best audio or music quality. This app improves your audio experience of different music sources such as listening to podcasts, streaming music, and audiobooks or watching movies. It also contains a built-in music player that allows you to play music songs by setting different equalizer and music spectrum. The app boosts phone speaker as well as headphones. The app promises to increase the sound output of your phone by 30-40%. You can control your phone's sound effects, such as alarm, music, voice, and system.

Download the Super Loud Phone Volume app from Google Play Store.

Super Volume Booster

Volume booster for Android

Super Volume Booster is another app that boosts the volume of Android devices. This app is for those users that love to listen to super loud volumes. Its user interface is really nice and clean. The app also provides different themes that can change the looks of app. It doesn't take more system resources due to its lightweight. This app supports all different sounds, such as audio sound, video sound, and games, and boosts the sound without compromising the audio quality of the device. One of its features is that, it increases the stereo sound volume without distorting the stereo effect. The app also gives the facility to control audio while playing a song so that you can play/pause or easily change songs.


  • Gives live sound spectrum when you will play music.
  • The app contains a bass booster for headphones, Bluetooth, and an external speaker.
  • It supports audio, video, and game sound volume boom.
  • Volume booster is applied to ringtone volume, alarm volume, and notification volume.

Download the Super Volume Booster app from Google Play Store.

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