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NOOK for Android

NOOK app is officially an eBooks and magazines app for Android phones and tablets. This app provides thousands of different types of eBooks, novel content, comics, newspapers, audiobooks, and lots more. eBook readers will get their favorite and lots of digital content to explore here. NOOK app for Android is a digital eBook store like Google Play Books and Amazon Kindle. The reader can also read a short sample or content overview before purchasing.

NOOK app for Android is an excellent alternative to popular ebook stores like Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books that fulfill digital content needs. The Barner & Noble NOOK App is free to download from Play Store. The app lets you access a vast section of online library offering over 4 million eBooks, graphic novels, and comics, along with over 3-lack audiobooks.

NOOK for Android

The content you purchase using this app is also customizable with multiple fonts, page styles, in-app dictionaries, and cloud syncing through all the devices connected to the same account you purchase content. All the contents will be synced, including content you buy, the last page you read, bookmarks, notes, etc., to other devices you log in with your account.

Reading in the NOOK Android app becomes easy because of its customizable feature; however, the comic's content still has problems because of the format. On this app, the eBooks are easy to read, even on a small screen, allowing you to customize and format everything to your taste.

Barnes & Noble at Your Fingertips

Barnes, Nobles, and several other online contents are at your fingertips. You can access the followings contents in the NOOK app on your Android device:

  • The app lets you browse the latest eBook and audiobook releases, best digital content sellers, expert suggestions, and promotions just for you.
  • Discover books for all age groups of users, every subject and title, romance, mystery and thriller, fiction and non-fiction, and much more.
  • Explore a massive collection of free and paid eBooks and over 3 million audiobooks.
  • It allows syncing all your digital contents, bookmarks, and highlights across your entire device for an uninterrupted reading experience.
  • Support Android Auto to listen while driving a car.

Rich, Customizable Reading and Listening

The NOOK app is rich with customizable reading and listening features, which make it easy to read eBooks and other things.

  • The app facilitates adjusting font styles, line spacing, margin, page animation, background color, and screen brightness for comfortable reading.
  • It lets you add notes and bookmarks and highlights the content you read or listen to. You can also share your favorite highlights with your friend over social media platforms.
  • Schedule your audiobook listening and set a sleep timer.
  • You can read, listen, or download the free eBook and audiobook samples to your device.
  • It lets you save and store content on your device and in the cloud.
  • It is accessible to blind and low-vision users via Android assistive technology, which includes screen magnification and TalkBack.

Download the NOOK app for Android

To download and install the Barnes & Noble NOOK app for Android devices, follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Search for the NOOK in the apps section.
  3. Download and install the Barnes & Noble NOOK app from the search result. You can also directly visit the app link to download and install it on Android.
  4. When installation gets finished, open the app.

If you are new to the NOOK app, you must create a Barnes & Noble account. Enter your username and password if you already have a Nook account when launching the Nook app.

Using the Nook App

Once your account is created and set up, you are taken to the main app screen. Now, you can access eBooks and other library content from the main screen. The NOOK app offers to shop for new books, access the content you saved, and read the book you are currently reading. While reading eBook content, tap on the screen to display various options interface.

Additional settings are available to customize your reading experiences, like adjusting brightness, viewing pages in a grid layout, setting the language, and other accessibility options. Creating a bookmark in the app is simple: just by pressing the upper-right corner of the page. You will see a tab appears which indicates the page is bookmarked. To remove the bookmark, tap on the same area again.

Browsing the Barnes & Noble NOOK app store

From the app's home screen, tap on the "Bookstore" tab at the bottom of the screen to browse available NOOK eBooks. Also, you will see recommended books based on your past download and other activities. You can browse books by your recent activity, by genre, or also you can search books by title, author, or keyword.


  • The app is easy to use.
  • All the content cloud syncs with your devices.
  • Access and read your entire Nook library.
  • View the full Barnes & Noble online store.
  • You can quickly download the purchased content to your device.


  • Limited display customization options.
  • The search option is unreliable.

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