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Reddit app for Android

Reddit is a big website containing lots of topics and several threads on each topic. You will find the best content posted each day on Reddit. It contains Android news, discussions about rooting, tips, reviews, tutorials and apps. You will be do a general discussion about phones/tablets, app recommendations, technical support, and carrier-related questions. Using your favorite subreddits, you get answers on your issues pretty quickly. You will enjoy the thousand of posts, videos, and images without getting bored. In this article, we will discuss some best Reddit apps for Android.

List of some best Reddit app for Android device

Reddit (official app)

Reddit app for Android

The official Reddit app provides various topics and ideas which are arranged in communities. It offers a good range of features and works for casual viewers. Joining the Reddit community, you will be able to create your personalized feed of content, access news headlines, sport talks, games, fun stories, viral pictures, and videos. You will also allow browsing what millions of other users are posting and talking about on this website and more.

However, it has a few bugs, but these bugs are not so serious. Reddit app is not much powerful as other third-party apps. You can also go for Reddit Premium only at $6.99 per month. You will enjoy an ad-free experience in the paid version. You can also manage your subscription, cancel any time, and turn off auto-renewal.

Download the Reddit app from Google Play Store.


Reddit app for Android

RedReader is another free and open-source Reddit app, which has no ads and tracking. It supports multi-account, including a dark theme (night mode) that is easier for eyes. The app offers advanced cache management to automatically stores the past posts and comments. If you need, it also supports two-column table mode (on big enough screen). RedReader contains a built-in GIF player and image viewer and also supports gifv files and imgur albums.

Download the RedReader app from Google Play Store.


Reddit app for Android

BaconReader is a full-featured popular Reddit app that allows browsing Reddit more easily. Its user-interface is designed by Material Design, background themes, and color-coded comment sections that look good and easier to read. You will find posted links, pics and comments, news and entertainment. You can also upvote and downvote the content right from your smartphone and tablet. The app contains features such as advanced filtering, search tool, multi-account support, and moderator tools. BaconReader is available in both free and paid ($1.99) version. Its free version contains ads, while the pro version is ad-free with outstanding features.


  • The app allows uploading images in the comment section.
  • It offers different themes like dark, light, and black background.
  • The app allows to view content in different font sizes from extra small to large.
  • Filter the content based on keyword, domain, subreddit, NSFW.
  • Format toolbar (italic, bold, etc.).

Download the BaconReader app from Google Play Store.

Relay for Reddit

Reddit app for Android

Relay for Reddit app is another way to browse news, games, technical contents, fun stories and entertainment over the Reddit website. It contains several features, including multi-account support, moderator features, subreddit filters, inline media previews, customization features, etc. Every type of user can go through Relay to use Reddit. The app's user interface is designed using Material Design and a card-based interface, which makes it easier to read. The app is available in both free and paid ($2.99 one-time).


  • Beautiful and intuitive interface design using Material Design.
  • Multi-account support.
  • The app offers inline previewing of pictures, gifs, html 5 videos, and YouTube.
  • Theme containing light and night mode.
  • It also filters out the subreddits which you dislike.

Download the Relay for Reddit app from Google Play Store.

Infinity for Reddit

Reddit app for Android

Infinity for Reddit is an excellent looking, feature-rich and open source app that allows smooth browsing experience of Reddit. It contains all the necessary features, including a dark theme, multi-account support, and also performs other activities like comment on other posts and links. The app is entirely free and offers uninterrupted Reddit browsing. Infinity for Reddit is not much perfect, but you will get a feature-rich and functional without annoying.


  • Multi-account support: you can switch to a different account whenever you want.
  • Dark theme: offers a well designed night (dark) theme.
  • Lazy mode: it automatically scrolls the post to enjoy exciting content without moving your thumb.

Download the Infinity for Reddit app from Google Play Store.

Removed for Reddit

Reddit app for Android

Removed for Reddit is not a full Reddit app. It is open-source with no ads and completely free. This app uses the site for its services to show comments which were removed from moderators. The app is easy to use. Removed for Reddit offers to share your comment, tap not to removed, and read your unremoved comment.

Download the Removed for Reddit app from Google Play Store.

Now for Reddit

Reddit app for Android

Now for Reddit app is a well-designed user-interface and simple-to-use for browsing Reddit contents. You will find current news stories, the latest viral videos from social media. It provides features that support various types of file, imgur support, and Reddit Gold. If you have any specific interests and hobbies such as your favorite sports team, TV series, you can engage on them. The app also includes popular content and trending subreddits. Now for Reddit app is available in free as well as paid ($3.99) version.


  • Provide feature to watch trending videos on Reddit TV.
  • Comment, share, save, hide and vote (upvote or downvote) Reddit content.
  • It has a beautiful interface and easy to use.
  • Sync read contents between smartphone and desktop.
  • You can also follow your friends and their posts.

Download the Now for Reddit app from Google Play Store.

Sync for Reddit

Reddit app for Android

Sync for Reddit has previously termed as Reddit Sync, which is a full-feature app that allows you to browse the popular website Reddit. It has a fully Material Design user-interface along with customizable options. The aim of Sync for Reddit app is to provide the best and up-to-date Reddit contents. This app includes features such as multi-account support, night mode, multi-window support, etc. You can perform activities such as comments, swipe back from messaging, search and subreddits without using the back button.


  • This app support image viewer for images, GIFs, GIFV and galleries.
  • It offers a color-coded comment for fast scanning.
  • You will see the top 5 trending subreddits on Reddit.
  • You can even change the font size according to your requirement.
  • You can also send messages to other users.

Download the Sync for Reddit app from Google Play Store.

Boost for reddit

Reddit app for Android

Boost for reddit app offers you to boost your Reddit browsing experience. However, this app is not much popular than other Reddit apps in this list. Its user-interface is designed by Material Design and also offers thousands of theme color combinations for customization. This app provides several features such as filtering contents, media previews (images, gifs, gifv, album, and video), and even widget support. It also gives an option to change font size, its type, and color if you want. You can switch the different view modes for contents based on cards and big pictures, mini cards and thumbnails, slide show to swipe between posts.

Other Features

  • It offers advanced theme customization, including dark, light, and AMOLED themes.
  • It contains an image gallery for image-based subreddits.
  • Search tool for searching posts and subreddits.
  • Split-screen mode for tablets.
  • You can also upload an image in comment, posts or messages.
  • And much more!

Download the Boost for reddit app from Google Play Store.

rif is fun for Reddit

Reddit app for Android

Another popular app for Android is fun for Reddit. It offers a modern design to experience a standard Reddit. That means you will see a bunch of text. It also contains features like themes, moderator tools, support for any file type, widget support. It also provides a classic set of features that you will find in most of the Reddit apps.

Download the fun for Reddit app from Google Play Store.

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