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Android Final Year Project Ideas for Computer Science

Every student is well versed with the term android these days. It is in our hands every time and is used for our classes, lectures, notes, gaming, etc. Android is a Linux-based operating system that is used in mobiles and smartphones. Following the current trend, the demand for android applications will increase in the coming years. It is going to occupy our lives. With the advancement in features of smartphones, we need projects that are based on real-life problems. The central plus point of creating android applications is the developer mode in our systems helps to create a variety of spectacular applications.

Android Final Year Project Ideas for Computer Science

Looking to do a project in android for the final year. Let us not wait and start with the coolest projects in android development that will give you the best experience.

Driver Sleepiness detection application using DNN

Driving a car a whole day can make a driver's state crucial because of the sleepiness. Drowsiness or sleep detector applications can be a great help on a car, truck, etc., and can reduce numerous accidents. Around 1 lakh accidents per year occur due to drivers' drowsiness. We can use the idea of machine learning techniques and make it compatible with the android system to detect the drowsiness of a driver in real-time and create an alert to avoid future accidents. The pattern to drive and moving the steering, staying in our lane will do the whole work here. There are different scenarios of the car are genuine for keeping the car in a given lane. The parameters can be:

  • The pattern in which the vehicle is driven
  • The physical characteristics of drivers
  • Implementation of computer vision techniques for monitoring

IOT Monitoring Applications

In this modern era, security and privacy have become the major priority because everyone is out of their home on jobs, vacations, parties, etc. The rise in population is inviting more criminal offenses like robbery, theft in houses. People now need to go without having any tensions in mind about their locked home. For this Nobel reason, IOT projects integrated with android are in high demand. The IOT enabled devices integrated with applications to respond to the owner if there is any robber or burglar in the house trying to enter. The project can monitor his/her house using cameras, sensor alarms, motion detectors, etc., to guard the house.

Raspberry Pi is acting as a perfect base for this type of project. It can be integrated with a pushover app that sends messages, emails, etc., to any part of the world.

Supply Chain Applications

You might have ordered food from zomato, swiggy and also might have ordered packages from amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, Alibaba, etc. All these things have one thing in common that is the tracking of your order. Even in eatable orders, we can track real-time where the delivery person is. This is known as the supply chain, and it is using IOT applications. It also helps suppliers to track goods for their security purposes too. Therefore, a supply application with the help of IOT can better communicate between suppliers and delivery person, customers, and delivery person for their immediate feedback. Thus this project can help us to optimize the workflow.

Smart Home and Car Applications

With the advancement and evolution of computer science, people are a slave of smart appliances such as electric bulbs, fans, ACs, refrigerators, etc. Whether you are sitting in the world still with one-touch, we can on our car AC, dim our lights, and much more.

There can be made many android applications that can be customized with these smart devices to operate using one command. We can make a customized application in which we can give the portion's image to be cleaned, and with one touch, the vacuum cleaner will clean up that specific area. The IOT based application can lock our car too with one touch.

Online Examination System

We all know about the hard timings of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the colleges found it hard to conduct online hassle-free examinations and practicals. This can be the best opportunity for students to create a portal application for the campus in which there can be two panels - Admin and student. When students will log in to the app, the exam details will be shared, and the procured examination can start at the decided time. After the exam has finished, the admin panel (professors) can log in and check the respective student's copies and update the results.

Bluetooth Chat Application

Imagine when you are in a hurry or some emergency, and the internet connection fails, or you are in danger in college, and you need the help of your friends. This project can turn out as an appropriate option. This application will help you create an account and chat with your mates. It will also maintain the chat history for the past chats. The students can add friends via contact and also make groups. For using this application, Bluetooth should be ON all the time.

The Currency Detector App Visually Impaired

People with vision problems face many difficulties in daily life. A lot of intricacies happen to them when it comes to monetary transactions. It becomes hectic for them to distinguish in currencies and papers. This application will open a camera and ask the impaired to click a photo of the currency. The camera will detect the type and the value of the currency. Using the text-to-speech converter, the speaker of the phone says what the currency is. The application implements the Azure custom vision API using a Machine learning classification technique to detect currency based on images or paper using a mobile camera.

Vehicle Number Plate Detecting Application

A number plate is a unique number of vehicles assigned to an owner. For maintaining the traffic rules and law enforcement, this plate recognition is a necessary application. The wide areas in which it can be used are toll plaza, border areas, red lights, etc. so to avoid any confusion before charging any innocent person. This project will identify the number plate of a moving vehicle once opened the scanner of the application. It will use two recognition techniques: number plate extraction and OCR. Once the numbers are recognized and extracted, the OCR algorithm will convert them into text, giving us the vehicle's report.

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