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Fastest Android Emulators

Android Emulator is an Android Virtual Device, i.e., AVD, designed to represent any Android device.

Windows Emulator can be used as a platform or environment to run and execute the Android application on the computer. Emulators' usage depends on our needs. It is helpful to deploy the applications developed in users IDE without actually installing them in your system.

Working of Android Emulator

Android Emulators work on the principle of platform virtualization for both hardware and software. The AVD manager helps the user to set up and do the configurations for virtual Android devices. It has information on device type, system image, or Application Binary Interface (ABI) and verifies the structures.

Android Emulator can be used to mimic the device's hardware. Now, post that. It helps in translating the ABI to match the host device. Then the user integrates it with the operating system and runs it like a program or application on their computers.

The translation of CPU configurations is complicated and can be slow, so it is better to have the same guest and host CPU configurations.

Android Emulators are becoming more popular as they provide a good workaround for people who don't have high-end Android devices with exemplary configuration. They also offer access to all mobile applications from PC. Users can play multiple games at a time with good performance.

Many fastest android emulators are available for different purposes, like playing Android games on them and testing & debugging Android applications. Here, we have listed the top fastest android emulators for PC and laptops.

Top fastest android emulators for PC and laptop

  1. Android Studio Emulator
  2. BlueStacks Emulator
  3. Remix OS Player Emulator
  4. Nox Player Emulator (Recommended for Gamer)
  5. MEmu Emulator
  6. Genymotion Emulator
  7. ARChon Emulator
  8. Ko Player
  9. Bliss Emulator
  10. Amiduos Emulator
  11. LDPlayer
  12. Droid4X
  13. GameLoop (previously Tencent Gaming Buddy)

1: Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio is Android's official IDE for the Android operating system of Google. It comes with highly flexible features and can start user's applications way faster than real devices.

Fastest Android Emulators

Users can get the advanced performance and view of its mobile applications in a system with more freedom and a bigger picture. It supports high definition games consuming low memory on the system. With Google's brand, excellent reliability also comes with this emulator.


  • Android Studio is a multi-functional emulator that comes with an excellent graphical user interface and features.
  • It allows the user to set the emulator window theme as per their choice for a better user experience.
  • It allows users to use multiple applications simultaneously and to take screenshots while using applications in the system.
  • Based on Java language, this emulator comes with high performance and work functions.

Supported Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS.

Advantages of Android Studio Emulator:

  • Android Studio is an official emulator by Google, so it comes with solid reliability and good features.
  • It provides several options for accessing mobile applications on the desktop like testing apps, high definition gaming experience, etc.

Disadvantages of Android Studio Emulator:

  • The premium version of the Android Studio emulator comes with a high price compared to other emulators in the market.
  • The visual interface needs to be improved for a better gaming experience for the user.

2: BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks is an American company that produces BlueStacks Android Emulator. BlueStacks was introduced in the market to push the mobile gaming boundaries.

Fastest Android Emulators

It allows you to run Android apps and high-definition games on the user's system. It offers a unique platform that combines traditional and digital advertising channels to maximize their capacity in a manner never done previously.

BlueStacks Facts:

In 2013, BlueStacks had a user application install base of 10 million, which provided access to around 1.5 million Android applications and games. It is continually growing and now has approximately 130 million users using it. BlueStacks raised around $30 million in funds from companies like Samsung, Qualcomm Ventures, Andreessen-Horowitz, Intel, and others.

Recommended Reading=>BlueStacks


  • BlueStacks is one of the fastest mobile gaming platforms with the most comprehensive range of experience-enhancing options.
  • It offers support for Android N on user's systems with better graphics and saves many phone batteries.
  • It does not capture a lot of RAM, and the installation process is relatively user-friendly.
  • It offers customizable gaming controls, a clean and straightforward interface, allows the user to run multiple applications or games at a time.

Supported Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS.

Advantages of Bluestack:

  • It supports almost all games and does not require a lot of RAM for processing.
  • It offers custom key mapping to play mobile games with a keyboard setup and shows an impressive performance ratio.
  • It is free of cost, can run multiple games simultaneously, sleek design and interface.

Disadvantages of Bluestack:

  • BlueStacks offers no control over home screen applications.
  • The features it offers are reluctantly buggy in nature.

3: Remix OS Player Emulator

Remix OS Player is an Android emulator for the Windows system known to offer the most immersive Android experience on the system. It also includes an essential mapping tool phenomenon that helps the Android games with touch controlling schemes to play more efficiently with mouse and keyboard.

Fastest Android Emulators

The user needs only a .exe file for installing this emulator and directly runs the Remix OS Player.


  • Remix OS Player is a powerful emulator built for AndroidPC system integration and provides good usability of Android apps in desktop view.
  • It comes with marshmallow Android and supports high definition gaming systems.
  • It can allow Android developers for app optimization of AndroidPC or chrome environment as it has multi-window support.
  • Users can map any number of keyboard buttons to provide access control in gaming applications.

Supported Platforms: Android and Microsoft Windows.

Advantages of Remix OS Player Emulator:

  • Remix OS Player emulator is highly recommended for productivity apps.
  • It runs all the Android games in the latest versions of Android OS available in the market.
  • Multi-functional as it supports simultaneously like using chat apps, internet browsers, office software, etc.

Disadvantages of Remix OS Player Emulator:

  • Remix OS Player emulator does not support all the games available in the market.
  • It does not provide customizable themes for the user.

4: Nox Player Emulator

Nox Player is one of the famous Android emulators on PC. It is free and entirely safe for use. It has compliance with GDPR and cares about the personal information of the user, and protects it. It is fully optimized and is very stable for both gaming and applications. It also makes the use smoother.

Fastest Android Emulators

Using Nox, users will have the same gaming experience as a system. It supports a gamepad, keyboard, multiple instances running simultaneously, script recording, etc.

Facts about Nox Player:

Gamers and users around the world have highly recognized nox Player since it is launched in the market. Currently, Nox Player has been found in more than 200 countries and areas around the globe. It has more than 150 million users now and is in one of the top positions of the Asian market share.

It is believed that after the successful running of Nox Player, Company is planning to release its upgraded version with more premium features for the users.


  • Nox Player emulator has open keyboard mapping running with a single click, all gaming controls on gamepad, mouse, and keyboard.
  • It allows running multiple functions to run at a time to enjoy more games at one time.
  • It comes with a macro recorder to record the complex operations and execute the script in one click.
  • As it supports Android 7, which gives the ultimate user experience and superior performance.

Advantages of Nox Player Emulator:

  • It is open-source and comes with upgraded Android version support for the best gaming experience.
  • It is effortless to root and allows multiple Windows on a single device.

Disadvantages of Nox Player Emulator:

  • Nox Player sometimes lags when too many windows are open simultaneously on a device.
  • The user interface needs to be enhanced for a better user experience.

5: MEmu Emulator

MEmu is one of the famous Android emulators. It is among the fastest open-source Android emulator for playing mobile games on a desktop. It is known to provide excellent performance and an extreme user experience.

Fastest Android Emulators

MEmu allows one to level multiple accounts for the same game, or the user can play many games on one account simultaneously. It has more than 20 million users in over 200 countries and approximately 20 languages with continuous progress.


  • MEmu allows users to play free Android games and comes with many optimized graphics.
  • It has a simple installation process supporting a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad to perfectly play mobile games.
  • It provides an option to develop a custom Android emulator or application distribution to meet the business requirements.
  • It allows file sharing between the Android and Windows platforms. It also has a fast APK installation by drag and drops feature.

Advantage of MEmu Emulator:

It has the option of passing through sensor data like an accelerometer to Android, so high-definition games like Pubg or car racing can be played intuitively.

Disadvantages of MEmu Emulator:

  • The UI can be improved for a better user experience, like adding specific custom themes or so.
  • It does not support all the games, so games lag when running on the MEmu emulator.

6: Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion is a powerful and very easy-to-use Android emulator. It is specifically designed for supporting the application developers to test the products in a secure virtual environment.

Fastest Android Emulators

It provides a lot of custom features for users to meet their requirements. It is capable of emulating 3000 plus virtual Android device configurations like screen size or Android versions. It has robust sensors, like GPS, multi-touch, etc.


  • Genymotion is a multi-support Android emulator that speeds up testing, sharing live demos, and monitoring performance across all devices.
  • It has high definition pixel compatibility, which shows your mobile app with great clarity on systems.
  • It allows the user to forward gyroscope and multi-touch events from any Android device connected to their desktop.
  • It uses the desktop webcam as the video source to record screencasts of the user's virtual device.

Advantages of KO Player Emulator:

  • It supports multiple operating systems.
  • It can emulate devices with prolonged internal storage.

Disadvantages of KO Player Emulator:

  • The combined features of the Genymotion emulator sometimes make lag in Android application execution.
  • It is not open source and comes with a high price per user.

7: ARChon Emulator

ARChon Android emulator is a famous emulator known for its flexibility. It is the first Android emulator that is capable of working in the Google Chrome browser. It is different from another Android emulator, which is used to play games. It also works on chrome books.

Fastest Android Emulators

It handles Android gaming very well on a desktop. It is robust and efficient in executing mobile applications. Users need a chrome extension to run this emulator on their system.


  • ARChon is highly secured and comes with Google's reliability.
  • As it supports a chrome browser, so it makes it different from other emulators.
  • ARChon runtime lets the user run an unlimited number of Android APK created with chromes APK.
  • It supports multiple Android applications in a single browser simultaneously.

Advantage of ARChon Emulator:

  • ARChon emulator does not require any tool installation and works perfectly on chrome browsers with an internet connection.

Disadvantages of ARChon Emulator:

  • The Android APK default files do not work directly as they first need to be converted into chrome-compatible APK files.
  • Installation is not easy, and users have to follow specific guidelines to install it in chrome extension.

8: Ko Player

Ko Player is one of the best Android emulators, allowing the user to experience a quality Android playing experience on the desktop. This robust and powerful emulator mainly focuses on providing a smooth and lag-free gaming experience for users.

Fastest Android Emulators

If you don't have an Android device, it still allows enjoying features of Android on desktop. Any app present in the Google play store can be run on this emulator.


  • Ko Player supports all the peripheral devices like keyboard, gamepad, mouse, microphone, camera to enjoy mobile-based games on desktop.
  • It comes along with a built-in video recording feature that enables you to record any video and can watch back later at any time.
  • It allows all the Android apps to run on a big desktop screen to enjoy a better gaming experience.
  • Users can capture and share the gameplay with anyone they want.
  • It has one key feature of the toolbar: quick access to features like screen capturing, volume adjustment, resolution, etc.

Advantages of Ko Player Emulator:

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Easy and quick download.
  • Avoids compatibility challenges.

Disadvantage of Ko Player Emulator:

  • Ko Player does not provide custom options for the user to enhance usability as per their requirements.

9: Bliss Emulator

Bliss Emulator is an open-source and non-profit organization that works to maintain open-source projects. It works mainly on the open-source OS, based on Android, which will have many customizations, security features, and user options.

Fastest Android Emulators

It also allows users to integrate Android applications on the desktop with a smooth experience. The most compatible Bliss variant as of now is Bliss ROM.


  • Bliss Android Emulator mainly focuses on the design, which includes many options for customizations and themes.
  • It comes along with excellent execution performance and works hassle-free.
  • It has some power-saving options to reduce battery consumption, thus increasing battery life.
  • High-security features are added to the tool, and updates are provided regularly.

Advantages of Bliss Emulator:

  • Bliss Emulator now comes with Vulkan support present in the advanced menu, which partially supports the sleep state means, CPU will be active during this period, but the activity drops down to null.

Disadvantages of Bliss Emulator:

  • The taskbar is not functioning correctly. As such, the navbar issue still exists.
  • Sleep state is not working correctly for the default options, and many are UI can get restarted at the same time.

10: Amiduos Emulator

AMIDuOS is an American Android Emulator developed in the United States. It offers seamless integration between an Android device and a system.

Fastest Android Emulators

It comes with the full-screen regime. If the user runs any game or application in extraordinary power, the user will not identify any difference between using an Android mobile or system. It is so great in use. It allows the user to shar any files between the mobile and the computer device smoothly.


  • AMIDuOS has a rapid setup of any application from Gmail, play store, or Google plus.
  • It comes with high performance and a lack of any limitations.
  • It is compatible with all the new versions of Windows.
  • It takes some space on a user's hard disk but does not slow down the system.
  • It only requires 2 GB of space on the system to run freely.

Advantage of AMIDuOS Emulator:

  • AMIDuOS allows the user to run multiple applications at one instance without lag and supports most of the games in the play store.

Disadvantages of AMIDuOS Emulator:

  • AMIDuOS Emulator is based on an outdated version of Android.
  • The application list to install the software is not available.
  • It is only compatible with the Intel x86 processor.

11: LDPlayer

LDPlayer emulator is mainly designed to focus on the need of Android game lovers who love to play games on a big screen. However, you can also perform other activities. Playing online games on it makes you feel like you are playing a native PC game. The LDPlayer emulator is a popular gaming emulator among Android users like NOX Player.

Fastest Android Emulators

One of the best features of the LDPlayer emulator is its high-speed performance and stability. You can play games smoothly as possible; the only condition is how big and complex the game is and the configuration of your PC. It also supports multitasking features that allow you to open more than one window on the same screen while playing a game. It is a lightweight emulator with low CPU & GPU usage and better performance.

LDPlayer emulator provides a toolbar on the right side of the screen where you will get features like taking screenshots, recording videos, and many other tools.

To use LDPlayer on your PC, download its executable file, install it, set it up, and it is ready to go. It is free and safe to use on your device, doesn't contain many ads, and is free from spyware.

12: Droid4X

Droid4X is another lightweight and fast Android emulator which works nicely on the Windows operating system. You can use the Droid4X emulator to play your favorite Android game and run apps on a big screen. The unique thing about the Droid4X emulator is the support of add-ons, which allows you to control games on a PC with your smartphone.

Fastest Android Emulators

Compared to other emulators such as BlueStacks and NoxPlayer, the Droid4X offers great emulation compatibility even on lower-configured computers. There is also a feature to record the running device screen. On this emulator, you can customize a keyboard and gamepads to make your game playing easier.

Some other primary features of the Droid4X emulator include:

  • You will find several apps and games to run.
  • It is fully compatible with touchscreen devices.
  • You can download apps directly from the emulator.
  • Allows to create custom controls like keyboard and gamepads.

13: GameLoop (previously Tencent Gaming Buddy)

GameLoop is an emulator developed for game lovers who want to play Android games on a bigger screen. This emulator was previously termed Tencent Gaming Buddy. It lets you play and run even high configures and resolution games easily. The emulator is also easy to install. Once you install it on your PC, you will find a wide range of fun games here, including PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and lots more.

Fastest Android Emulators

GameLoop emulator doesn't come with a pre-installed Google Play Store. You can install apps manually from APK files. The emulator is highly responsive and runs games and apps smoothly and easily. You will get a wide range of settings and configurations to adjust as you want, like screen rendering mode, resolution, memory & processor settings, etc.

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