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How to Video Call on Android

In today's busy life, people don't have enough time to sit with friends and family and spend some quality time with them. We are living in an era where fast internet connections and smartphones allow us not only to talk with people far and wide, but we can also see them while talking.

Making a video call is a good option for meetings when we are far from the people we want to talk to. Android smartphones and tablets may already come with a built-in video call feature and give pre-installed apps that allow this.

In this blog, we will discuss how to make video calls on Android using various possibilities, including built-in options and apps like Google Duo and third-party chat apps.

How to use Android's Built-in Video Calling

Based on the device model and carrier you used, it may be possible that making a video call using the built-in Android feature may vary. However, some devices make it easy and straightforward to do video calls from your phone app directly.

  1. Launch the Phone or Contacts app on your smartphone.
    How to Video Call on Android
  2. Go to the Contacts tab and select the person you wish to make a video call.
    How to Video Call on Android
  3. Now, tap on the video icon under the person's name to make a video call.
    How to Video Call on Android
  4. Wait for your contact to reply to your call. If your contact's smartphone or tablet doesn't support video chat, your call is automatically converted to an audio call.

The only drawback of Android's built-in video calling feature is that you will only be able to initiate a video call with someone else if the other person you are calling has this same functionality. For example, if the person you are calling is using an iPhone, the video call doesn't work because the Android device doesn't support FaceTime.

How to Make a Video Call with Google Duo

Google Duo is a video or audio calling app published by Google LLC, which also comes as pre-installed in most Android smartphones and tablets. It means you can use Google Duo apps straight from your Phone and Contacts apps. Duo app is fully integrated with some phones, including first and second-generation Nexus, Pixel, and Android One devices.

How to Video Call on Android

Instead, the Duo app is not integrated with all Android smartphones and tablets, making it less flawless than Apple's FaceTime feature. However, it is still simple to use even if you have any device other than the mentioned above.

To make a video call with Duo, make sure you have installed the latest version of the Google Duo app and Android device running on 7.0 and above OS.

  1. If the Duo app is pre-installed on your device, search it to locate and open it on your Android device. If it is not present, you can download Google Duo app from Google Play Store.
  2. Allow the permission that Duo asks for (that includes access to your contacts, microphone and camera). The app will also access your existing phone number for making calls.
  3. Choose a contact number to call. Duo helps all your contacts who have Duo.
  4. Now, tap on the video call icon to make a video call. Duo also facilitates a Knock-Knock feature that sends to a person you are trying to make a live video call. So that before picking up the call, they can know from whom they are receiving the call. Duo also offers a variety of filters and effects.
  5. If a contact doesn't have the Duo app yet, you can invite them to download by clicking the Invite button next to a contact number.
How to Video Call on Android

Tip: You can also sign in to your Google Account on Duo, making it easy to make a video call with your email contacts.

How to Video Call on Android using Third-Party Apps

Other than the Google Duo app, many third-party video calling apps let you make a video call on Android.

Some of the best and widely used apps for making video calls are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Imo, Skype, Google Hangouts etc. Most of these apps also act as text messaging apps.

How to use WhatsApp for Video Calling on Android

WhatsApp is a widely popular messaging app, so it is possible that your contacts have already installed it on their smartphone.

Open the WhatsApp app and click on the contact you want to speak with and make a video call. You will see two icons on the next screen, one with a video camera and another with a phone call, representing video calling and audio calling respectively. Tap on the video camera icon, and your call begin.

How to Video Call on Android

To involve more people in the same video call, click on add + icon and select the contact to make the call. In this way, you can make a conference video call with multiple people at the same time.

How to use Facebook Messenger for Video Calling on Android

Making a call with Facebook Messenger is mostly similar to WhatsApp video calling. Making a video call with a single person is simple. Launch the app, find the person you want to speak to, tap on the name, and click on the video icon present at the top-right corner of the screen. Now your call gets connected.

How to Video Call on Android

Once your contact person answers, you can also add extra people to the same chat. To add more people on chat, tap on the person with a + sign available at the bottom of the screen. If it does not appear, tap on the screen once to bring up the controls.

How to Video Call on Android

If you regularly do a group chat with some people, it is useful to create a group. To do so, click on the pencil icon at the top of the main screen and create a new group.

How to video call with Zoom on Android

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that the Zoom application has become the de facto video calling platform for everyone. It works a little differently than most other apps, in which you create a meeting and then invite people to it instead of calling them directly. It also means you don't have to keep them as a contact on your phone or as a friend on Facebook.

To make a video call on Zoom for Android users, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Zoom app and tap on the New Meeting button.
  2. On the next screen, click on the Start a Meeting button.
  3. Select Participants at the bottom of the screen to add people to your meeting.
  4. To start inviting people to your meeting, tap the Invite button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

You will also see a list of your emails and messaging apps. Find the person(s) you want from one of these, and the Zoom application will send an invitation link so that they can join your video call via that link.

The Zoom app offers a wide range of features, including group calls, scheduled meetings and chats.

How to Video call using Skype on Android

No doubt Skype is one of the leading video calling apps for cross platforms. The Skype app can fulfil all your needs, from making video calls to voice chats or sending text messages with photos. Skype allows connecting with people on multiple platforms, if you want to make video calls between an Android-based device with Windows or an iPhone, you can easily connect with them.

For making video calls on Android, be sure your device has a front-facing camera in addition to the regular camera. To make a video call using Skype app on Android, follow the steps below:

  1. Download: Download the app either by visiting the Skype website or from the Google Play Store.
  2. Register: Register the app with your mobile phone number.
  3. Open the app: Launch the Skype app on your Android smartphone.
  4. Select a contact: Tap on the "People" tab that appears on the top of the screen. Now select the person to whom you want to make a call.
  5. Start video calling: Tap on the video camera icon that appears at the bottom left of the screen; it will make a video call to your contact.
  6. End the call: When your call gets complete, end the call by tapping the red button on the screen.

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